Crystals and Their Uses

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Crystals have been around for thousands of years and have been used in different cultures for medicinal and spiritual purposes. And nowadays, even thousands of years later, people still appreciate the magical uses that these beautiful stones possess.

If you find yourself wondering about crystals and their uses, you aren’t alone. The use of crystals is growing as people look to find new ways to tune into Mother Nature, themselves and explore their spirituality.

In this post, we are going to be discussing a list of crystals and their uses. I’m also going to link to popular resources where you’ll be able to read about even more crystals specific to different areas of your life.


Crystals for Prosperity & Wealth

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Crystals for Happiness

People use crystals all the time to find inner happiness, balance and contentment. These articles will list different crystals that can help you achieve happiness.

Crystals for Your Mind

There are many different crystals you can use for your mind. The following articles will help you understand what those crystals are and how to use them properly.

Crystals for Your Chakras

These list of crystals work to unblock each individual chakra. You can learn all about chakras in our Chakras for Beginners post.

List of Crystals and Their Uses

Did you know that there are over 200 different types of crystals? Whatever area you need help with in your life, there is almost certainly going to be a crystal for it! You can even use crystals for your plants!

In our list of crystals below, we’re going to be covering 50 popular crystals to get you up to speed with the many different stones Mother Earth has to offer you.


Agate can come in many different colors, with each color working on different areas in your life. Overall, Agate will protect you from negative energy with its soothing vibrations and provide you with stress relief.

This stone is great for beginners since it works on all your chakras.


Alexandrite is one of the world’s rarest stones. It changes color in the light, so you may know Alexandrite as being purple, as it is when in artificial light, or green, as it will be in natural light.

Alexandrite inspires imagination and helps you find joy in the little things. It will balance both your mind and emotions, preventing mood swings and keeping you calm. With Alexandrite in your life, you’ll open yourself up to the vibrations surrounding you and you’ll feel a boost of self-confidence.


Amazonite will help you move beyond the fear of judgement and fix any past emotional distress you may be holding on to. Your intuition will be sharpened and guided with Amazonite in your life.

If you need a clear mind that is free from negative energy, this stone is perfect for you.


Amethyst is a stone many are familiar with and are drawn to when first getting into crystals. It’s a powerfully protective stone that packs a punch. Amethyst will encourage positive transformation in your life by alleviating stress and anger, giving you balance, calming/healing your mind and providing you with positivity.

If you aren’t sure which stone to start with, Amethyst is a wonderful stone for beginners.

Amethyst can also open your Crown chakra to connect you with your highest self.

Tip: you should try to align your lower chakras before using Amethyst on your Crown. A good stone for aligning all your chakras is Selenite.


Ametrine is a mixture of Amethyst and Citrine, and pulls on the properties of both stones to provide you with a unique hybrid.

You’ll obtain sharp focus and good luck from the Citrine, while the Amethyst will provide you with the energy to transform you in a positive way.

If you feel stuck, Ametrine will remove old, dormant energy and replace it with positive energy to inspire growth.


Angelite, also known as Blue Anhydrite, is a protective stone that will connect you to your higher self, where you will be able to communicate with angels and guides.

This stone will equip you with a deep sense of peace and tranquility. If you are feeling negative energy flow through you, such as anger, you can use Angelite to help ground you and grant you a sense of calm and inner peace.


Colored like the sea, this stone has calming vibrations, just like a calm sea provides to us.

Aquamarine is the stone of courage and protection. It will calm your fears and insecurities. The clarity it brings to your mind will allow you to learn new things, which is why Aquamarine is often a favorite stone for students and learners.

With a clear mind you’ll also be able to see all sides to a situation, which can help you become more empathetic to those around you.

Aura Quartz

Aura Quartz comes in many different colors and is a very unique crystal. Aura Quartz starts as Clear Quartz, but is then altered with different colors and properties.

It’s preferable that most stones are not man-made, but Aura Quartz is the exception. The colors added to Aura Quartz intensifies its purpose. Different kinds of Aura Quartz include (but are not limited to):

  • Champagne Aura Quartz
  • Rainbow Aura Quartz
  • Golden Apple Aura Quartz


This stone is wonderful for sensitive people as it will dispel your fear and anxiety and help you to calm sudden feelings of anger or irritability that are triggered by an emotional response.

Aventurine is the stone of opportunity and is powerful for manifesting prosperity. This stone will bring you joy and increase your creativity, while helping its wearer embrace any changes they may be faced with.

Black Tourmaline

If fear stands in your way of reaching your goals, let Black Tourmaline into your life. This crystal will abolish fear, raise your self-confidence and turn you into an inspiration-magnet.

By removing any energy blockages you may have, new ideas will flow effortlessly to you.

Black Tourmaline will remove any stagnant energy that surrounds you and convert it into high vibrational energy you can use to your advantage. And with all those new ideas flowing in, you’ll need as much energy you can to take action and turn those ideas into reality.

It will also help you become more compassionate as it will balance your masculine and feminine energy and balance your yin and yang, giving you the ability to see the world around you from a different perspective.


Bismuth is a gorgeous stone that has no chakral limits! You can use Bismith on any chakra to cleanse or align, making this stone another great one for beginners who are just starting to understand the chakras.

Bismuth will transform you by filling you with positive energy and encouraging you to surround yourself with the right people. By surrounding yourself with people who will raise your vibrations, you’ll be able to squash any feelings of loneliness you may have.

You can also use Bismuth to achieve astral travel.


Bloodstone is said to be a magical stone that can heighten your intuition in order to help you predict the future and avoid dangerous situations.

It’s grounding and will teach you how to live in the present so that you are not tied to toxic elements of your past.

Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite can help improve intellect and heighten psychic ability. If lucid dreaming and astral travel sound like something you’d like to do, you should use Blue Apatite.

On top of having powerful psychic abilities, Blue Apatite encourages humanitarian efforts and would be a great crystal to include in not-for-profit businesses as it will provide positive vibrations to volunteers.

Blue Lace Agate

Known as the stone of communication, Blue Lace Agate is good for helping people improve their communication skills. It’s the perfect stone for caregivers (think nurses, nannies, cooks, etc), as it stimulates loyalty and effective communication.

It can also be an effective stone for those who need help “thinking before they speak” or need help learning how to speak up for themselves.

And if you are a new mother, Blue Lace Agate is the stone you need to help avoid the baby blues, as it’s communicative abilities will help you learn to use your voice to ask for help and speak your concerns.

Blue Goldstone

This powerful crystal has been used for centuries in various cultures around the world to increase positivity and wellbeing. It’s said to be an amazing healing tool that helps us reach our goals faster by sending out positive energy into the universe. It’s said to attract good luck and success! Blue Goldstone is also believed to bring inner strength and courage in difficult times, allowing us to make decisions from an enlightened perspective.

Blue Quartz

Blue Quartz is a wonderful meditation stone that will bring calmness and clarity to your mind. If you are a student, you will benefit from having Blue Quartz in your life as it aids concentration and will help you remember what you are studying.

The calmness that Blue Quartz offers to your mind is an excellent tool for meditation, so if you struggle to get into a meditative state, you will want to consider adding Blue Quartz into your routine.


Carnelian is known as the singer’s stone because it provides an immense amount of confidence to those who need to perform on stage. Whether you are presenting in a board room or have to perform in front of an audience, Carnelian will provide you with confidence and high self-esteem.

Carnelian’s courageous nature will also spill into other areas of your life, by giving you the confidence you need to overcome difficulties and teaching you how to trust your intuition.


Celestite will help those who have low confidence and wish for the ability to speak up. Celestite is a great communication stone, particularly when negotiating, and it will turn you into a fierce and fearless negotiator.

Celestite is also very spiritual and will empower you to develop your spiritual abilities by increasing your spiritual senses and your inner vision.

You can use Celestite to help clear any chaotic energy in your environment.


Citrine is known for bringing light to dark places and eliminating any stagnant energy to make way for whatever your heart desires.

This powerful stone is one of the luckiest stones and has been nicknamed the merchant’s stone for it’s ability to bring great success to entrepreneurs and career-minded people. Citrine will supercharge your manifestations and help you reach your goals.

Clear Calcite

Clear Calcite is a wonderful all-rounded stone as it will balance all of your Chakras and remove any energy blockages. Many stones only work for specific chakras and for beginners, who aren’t familiar with all the chakras yet, this can be overwhelming. Clear Calcite is a favorite stone for beginners since it works on all of them.

It is also a powerful energy-cleansing stone and by being placed in a room, it will rid the space of its negative energy.

You’ll also be able to heighten your spiritual abilities with Clear Calcite, so if clairvoyance, lucid dreaming and spiritual communication is something you’ve wanted to tune into, you’ll definitely want to incorporate Clear Calcite into your crystal collection.

Overall, Clear Calcite is a great stone if you need an overall cleanse or would like to develop your psychic ability.

Desert Rose

This beautiful stone, full of rivets and dips that resembles a cluster of roses, will provide any room its placed in with serenity. Negative energy will be removed and sent back to Mother Earth for healing and rejuvenation.

If you struggle to commit to projects with far-out completion dates, Desert Rose will help you stay dedicated and enthusiastic about new projects and help you “keep your eye on the prize” when you start something new.

Desert Rose will also help you find love, whether it’s romantic love or self-love. You’ll recognize your inner strengths and improve your confidence with Desert Rose.


If you are feeling particularly happy, you might not think to reach for your crystals, but think again. Epidote is an amplifier, and is very good at amplifying any positive vibrations you have. When you already feel good, reach for Epidote to experience euphoria.

But be careful; Epidote will also amplify any negative feelings you have. So if you aren’t feeling particularly happy, save Epidote for another day as it will just magnify your negative feelings.

Fire Opal

If you need to light a fire under your feet, Fire Opal will help you move towards a goal you might have. It will ignite your inner fire, helping you feel renewed and motivated to reach your dreams.

It will also provide you with an increased sense of self-love, strong supportive energy and an improved memory.

You’ll love Fire Opal if you are shy and want to become more charismatic, need to resolve past-issues or move past unsavory memories.


Fluorite is a superb stone for your mind. Not only will it clear a cluttered mind, giving your clarity and peace, but it will also improve your concentration and enhance your decision-making skills.

Students and those who need to learn quickly would highly benefit from Fluorite.

If you have an active mind that prevents you from sleeping or falling asleep, Fluorite’s soothing vibrations and ability to give you peace-of-mind will be extra helpful for nights when you can’t stop tossing and turning.

Fluorite is a soothing stone and it will consume any negative energy you may have.

Green Agate

Green Agate is a layered crystal formed in volcanic rocks. It’s main healing benefits are to help calm your mind for better sleep and decrease stress.

It influences the Heart and Sacral Chakras and brings balance to the mind, body, and spirit.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is the stone of opportunity and is said to be the luckiest of all crystals and stones. This little luck charm will help you manifest prosperity and wealth.

On top of attracting riches, the peaceful vibrations emitted from Green Aventurine will comfort you and gently push you to move forward and venture into new territory, all while protecting your heart and keeping you guarded along the way.

This stone is suitable for anybody, but can be especially useful to someone who is seeking new opportunity in their life.


If something is holding you back, Hematite is the stone you want to incorporate in your life. Often times, we aren’t moving forward due to some type of stressor in our lives.

If you feel held back because of stress, Hematite will help you see the good in your current situation, ease your stress and gently encourage you to move forward.


Jade is a good stone to place near your front door so good luck flows in a steady stream into your home.

This lucky crystal promotes harmony with yourself and others by improving your communication skills.

With the extra harmony you’ll have in your life as a result of Jade’s powers, any guilt you are harboring will be set free, allowing you to feel content.

Labradorite (Rainbow Moonstone)

Moonstone is a wonderful stone for new beginnings as it will provide optimistic vibrations, ward off negative energy and comfort you as you embark on your journey.

This stone is most powerful when used on a full moon and can heighten your psychic abilities, sharpen your intuition and help connect you to a higher power.

If you are going through difficult times and need a nurturing force in your life, let Rainbow Moonstone comfort and guide you. It is particularly useful for those traveling or moving away from home.


This deep green stone will offer you protection by absorbing negative energy from your mind, body and soul. You will want to make sure you know how to cleanse Malachite and do it every so often, as it becomes full of the negative energy around you.

Malachite helps to encourage positive change in your life, and if you have any negativity, simply leave Malachite (covered) outdoors where it will carry the negative energy away.


Moldavite is an interesting and powerful green stone that helps bring rapid change to people’s lives. Because this stone is so powerful, many people warn of Moldavite dangers.


Moonstone is widely known for helping you grow spiritually. It will connect you to the Infinite, Divine and Divine Feminine.

If you need to access your higher wisdom, you can use Moonstone to open up your Crown chakra. Moonstone will help you be more confident when learning to trust your instinct.

Moss Agate

Known as the stone of new beginnings, Moss Agate is perfect for those embarking on a new journey. Whether it’s spiritual, a big move or a new relationship, if you have some change in your life, Moss Agate will provide you with an inner calm so you can move forward with courage and confidence.

Moss Agate will also attract wealth and prosperity, so if you are entering into a new job/career, Moss Agate is the stone you will want to have on your side.

Orange Calcite

When you need to remove creative blocks, turn to Orange Calcite. The perfect crystal for creativity, Calcite will balance your emotions and gently guide you towards achieving your goals. With Calcite by your side, you aren’t going to feel the fear of failure because this crystal will give you a nice little boost to your intuition, helping you feel confident in your decision making.

If you struggle with laziness (and we all do from time to time) you should make sure Calcite is in your life. The energizing vibrations are a better pick-me-up than your daily cup of coffee.


Peridot works with your Heart chakra, helping your heart heal and thrive. It’s a good stone to heal any past traumas and helps guide you in your relationships.

It will keep your good energy in balance and can attract wealth and money.


Famously nicknamed “Fool’s Gold”, Pyrite is a well-known stone (it’s one of our top crystals for confidence!). But if you’ve always passed this stone off because you’ve dubbed it as “fake gold”, you’re going to want to give it another chance.

Incredibly powerful, this stone is packed with masculine energy that will allow you to excel in whatever you put your mind to. Especially good for entrepreneurs, having this stone by your side will help you manifest major dreams and goals, all while shielding you against negative energies.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper will support you in times of high stress. It’s a nurturing stone that will calm your body and mind, and allow you to tackle any project, no matter how big or small it may be.

Red Jasper is the stone of endurance and promotes a long-lasting stable energy. In other words, Red Jasper is the Duracell Bunny of crystals – it just keeps going and going and going…

If you have any project in your life with a date of completion far out in the future, use Red Jasper to keep you focused and determined.

Red Phantom Quartz

Red Phantom Quartz is a combination of Hematite and Quartz and combines the powers of the two stones together. It’s incredibly rare and very powerful.

Essentially, Red Phantom is a “master healer” and can help with your intelligence, creativity, intuition, courage and self-esteem.


This stone of compassion will allow you to remove negative energies from your past that are preventing you from taking the leaps and bounds you need to move forward.

Rhodonite will activate your Heart chakra and keep you calm, cool and collected. Any hurt or pain you are hiding away in your heart will begin to heal when you incorporate Rhodonite in your life as you learn to love yourself.

Rhodonite will soothe your soul so that forgiveness comes easy and it will remove any feelings of anger or jealousy that are holding you back.

Rose Quartz

Also known as the stone of love, Rose Quartz is a must if you want to attract any type of love in your life.

Whether it be self-love, romantic love or love between family and friends, Rose Quartz will provide you with soothing vibrations and attract the love your soul needs.

Aside from attracting love, this stone also helps to rid the heart of jealousy, anger and any other negative emotions that are affecting your relationships.

Ruby Zoisite

Rubies are very expensive and powerful crystals. Many people want to add Rubies to their collection but the price point is too high. Enter Ruby Zoisite: a combination of Ruby crystals and green Zoisite. It works on your Heart Chakra and will improve confidence and help you with astral travel and shifting realities.


Sapphire is a royal blue stone that has been used for healings ever since biblical times. It is said that even looking at Sapphire will bring you wealth, prosperity and an abundance of Divine Favor.

With Sapphire, you’ll be granted the ability to see the truth more clearly, gain sharp focus and acquire the strength to reach whatever goals you may have been dreaming of lately.


A must for every beginner, Selenite is an excellent tool to cleanse your crystals and get them ready to activate and program.

This master cleanser will give you good luck and clear any negative energy blockages that are preventing you from reaching feelings of positivity. Selenite activates your Crown chakra, opening you up to your higher self and giving you the ability to connect with your spiritual guides.

Septarian (Dragonstone)

Septarian is an emotionally healing stone that will rid you of negative energy and hurt you might be holding onto (either consciously or unconsciously).

An activator of the Heart chakra, this stone is especially good for speedy healing of heartbreak and will strengthen your heart so that you become less affected by emotional turmoil in the future.

This stone is an Epidote, which means it amplifies the energy surrounding it. You must be careful when wearing Septarian on a bad day, as it will amplify that negative energy. You should take special care to tune into your feelings and keep Septarian by your side when you are feeling uplifted and positive so that those good feelings become magnified and stronger!

Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingam is the stone you want if you wish to improve your visionary abilities, connect with your higher self and tune into your intuition.

You’ll be able to observe the uniqueness you possess which will help improve your self-confidence.


The grounding energy of Shungite will revive balance in your life, connect you to Mother Earth and encourage positive growth and transformation.

Shungite is a great stone to protect you against electromagnetic frequencies that are found in phones, tablets and other electronics. You can place a Shungite stone beside your computer for a purifying effect.

Smoky Quartz

When your mind is clouded and filled with negative energy, Smoky Quartz will help you find the clarity you desire.

This crystal is essential if you find yourself unable to concentrate and complete tasks. Smoky Quartz will protect your mind against negative energy, and allow you to see clearly and stay focused.


Sometimes we struggle to think with our head instead of our heart. It’s not that following your heart is a bad thing, but there’s a time and a place for everything.

Rational thinking is a skill that can take years to master, but Sodalite can speed up that process.

When you need to make objective comparisons, Sodalite will help bring order to your mind so that critical thinking comes easy to you.

Your intuition will be sharpened and you’ll be able to put your thoughts into eloquent words.

If you struggle standing up for yourself, articulating your feelings or approaching tasks from a logical perspective, Sodalite, the stone of logic, will help you.

Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz is a very interesting stone. Picture your average quartz, but on the main crystal there are hundreds of mico crystals jutting out from every which way.

Because Spirit Quartz has so many smaller crystals on the main one, its energy is compounded, big time.

A master healer with high vibrations, Spirit Quartz will connect you to a spiritual realm, help you achieve spiritual growth and provide you with the balance you need to feel content and fulfilled.

Spirit Quartz comes in many different colors, each with its own unique properties.

Tibetan Quartz

Tibetan Quartz is a powerful crystal with a strong energy that will open you up to spiritual communication and enhance your psychic ability.

This crystal will affect all your chakras by aligning them and making you feel more centered and grounded.

As a cleansing stone, Tibetan Quartz is powerful for cleaning your aura and opening you up to your higher self.

Tiger Iron

As a grounding stone, Tiger Iron is perfect for those who consider themselves a “scatterbrain” and desire mental clarity.

After your thoughts are organized and less scattered, Tiger Iron will elevate your thinking to a new creative level, helping you think outside the box.

If you’re an empath who tends to deeply feel the world around you, Tiger Iron will help keep you grounded and shield everyone’s feelings so you don’t become overwhelmed.

Tiger’s Eye

The “all-seeing, all-knowing” Tiger’s Eye is a masculine stone with powerful energies and properties. When you incorporate Tiger’s Eye into your life, you’ll be able to process large amounts of information and make informed decisions. Essentially, Tiger’s eye will allow you the ability to observe everything going on around you.

Sharpen your mind, stabilize your moods and open your mind to a finely-attuned problem-solving state of being.


Turquoise is one of the oldest stones in the world and has been used for centuries. It eases anxiety and helps protect you from evil energy.

It will help you find your inner voice so you’re able to speak your feelings with confidence. Turquoise is also a good stone for relationships, both friendship and romantic, and it will protect you during travel and transit.

Zebra Marble

This marbled crystal will rejuvinate your youth by restoring imaginative thinking, just like you possessed as a child. A great stone for creatives, Zebra Marble will ground you and connect you with Mother Earth.

It will balance your masculine and feminine energies and help you solve complex problems. Zebra Marble will intensify your tuition, helping you to see the truth in all aspects of your life, protecting you from being lied to and deceived.

How to Start Using Stones and Crystals

Now that you know the different crystals and their uses, it’s time to choose a crystal that would best suit where you are in life right now.

You can head to our beginner’s guide to crystals and read on some conflicting crystals, or you can take our quick and simple quiz below to see which stone is best for you.

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