The Best Crystals for Success

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What does the fast-track to success look like? For some, that means earning enough money to go on an annual family trip.

For others it means loving yourself (flaws and all).

And some people want career success where they can climb the corporate ladder!

Success looks different for each and every person, and lucky, there are many different healing crystals to help you reach your success.

What is crystal healing?

Crystal healing is a way to manifest your dreams through powerful crystals. For each crystal listed below, you’ll learn what it’s good for, why it helps with success, and how to use its crystal healing powers to achieve success!

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12 crystals for success

Smoky Quartz

Brown stone


Tips for using Smoky Quartz crystals: Place Smoky Quartz near your front door of an area you spend lots of time in (like your office or your home).

Stone summary: If you feel scared to make a big change in your life (or even nervous to tackle smaller tasks) grab some Smoky Quartz. This healing stone removes fear and gives you the courage to tackle your wildest dreams, bringing your success in the process! It’s also one of the best crystals for stress and anxiety.

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Rose Quartz

Pink quartz stone

Tips for using Rose Quartz crystals: Wear Rose Quartz in a pendant that falls near your Heart chakra.


Stone summary: Rose Quartz are powerful healing crystals that do more than just attract romantic love, it will also improve your self-love so you feel confident. When you feel confident, success is more likely to flow your way.

This pink stone sharpens your intelligence to help you become more successful with executing your ideas. Rose Quartz also keeps you grounded which helps you navigate through stressful situations with ease.

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Clear Quartz

White clear stone

Tips for using Clear Quartz crystals: Hold in your left hand while meditating or lay down and place on your Crown chakra.


Stone summary: Clear Quartz is a versatile stone many use for things like meditation and relaxation, new beginnings, and focus.

This stone will gift you with a clear mind and calming energy. And when you have a clear mind, you’ll be able to see the path to success.

Clear Quartz healing crystals are perfect for busy students who need to study or entrepreneurs trying to come up with new business ideas.

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Orange and white polished gemstone

Tips for using Citrine crystals: Repeat a mantra while holding Citrine in your palms

ChakraSolar Plexus

Stone summary: These vibrant orange healing crystals bring high energy, vitality, and balance. If you feel as if you’re in a rut, Citrine will raise your vibrations as well as increase your self-esteem.

As Citrine stimulates the brain, they also make excellent crystals for creativity! For those who need to constantly come up with ideas (such as entrepreneurs or artists), Citrine healing stones are a must.

Citrine crystals also encourage positivity and give energy boosts to those who need more energy.

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Gold stone

Tips for using Pyrite crystals: Meditate with Pyrite and envision career success.

ChakraSacralSolar Plexus

Stone summary: If you want success crystals that attract money and abundance, Pyrite is for you. Pyrite (also known as Fool’s Gold) is a popular abundance stone. This gold stone is one of the best wealth and money crystals.

Pyrite increases intuition and helps the ideas flow, which is necessary for career success.

And as for money, Pyrite is a powerful manifestation stone that can be used to attract money and riches.

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Orange crystal stone

Tips for using Carnelian stones: Keep Carnelian on your (in your pocket or worn as jewelry) on days when you need an additional boost.


Stone summary: Another stone for career success is Carnelian. Carnelian grounds you, making it easy to think clearly. For business negotiations, Carnelian is a must. And if you find yourself constantly flustered and jumping from task to task, try using Carnelian as it helps stabilize you.

Carnelian will also motivate and energize you. Ideas will flow when you keep Carnelian by your side!

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Tiger’s Eye

Orange and brown gemstone

Tips for using Tiger’s Eye crystals: Wear Tiger’s Eye as a ring or bracelet on your right side, so it’s kept close to your body and lower chakras throughout the day

ChakraSacralBaseSolar Plexus

Stone summary: Tiger’s Eyes are protective success crystals that bring luck, confidence, and courage. Tiger’s Eye stones will give you the power of a stealth tiger: you’ll feel calm and confident as you tackle your daily tasks.

If you feel meek and quiet, Tiger’s Eye will raise your vibrations to a place of high confidence and success. You’ll attack your goals with a fierceness of a Tiger.

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Green Aventurine

Green polished stone

Tips for using Green Aventurine crystals: Wear Green Aventurine near your heart.


Stone summary: Lots of money crystals are green in color and Green Aventurine is no exception! Green Aventurine will encourage financial and career success.

Many people even bring Green Aventurine with them in high-stake situations where they need a bit of luck: think important business presentations or negotiations. Green Aventurine’s ability to attract luck and money is one of the reasons it makes the perfect crystal for success.

Green Aventurine will also transform negative energy into positive energy, give you a boost and uplifting your spirits.



White crystal slab

Tips for using Selenite crystals: Meditate with Selenite resting on your Third Eye chakra.

ChakraCrownThird Eye

Stone summary: Selenite is a white translucent healing crystal that promotes purity while allowing us to connect with higher realms. Selenite is a fantastic crystal to increase your psychic abilities, but it also sharpens your intuition. When your mind feels sharp, you’ll be better at making decisions and strategizing.

And it will also help you see which tasks need your attention the most. This is particularly helpful for entrepreneurs trying to start a business or someone who has big projects to complete at work. Selenite will help you figure out what tasks are most important so you can complete those first.

Selenite also attracts good luck, fortune, and success.

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Tips for using Ruby crystals: When goal-setting, meditate with Ruby before and after you write down your goals.

Chakra: Base

Stone summary: If you feel slightly sluggish, Ruby will revitalize your energy and give you the strength you need to carry forward. Ruby crystals motivate people and help them set realistic and achievable goals.

This is perfect for someone who struggles to set attainable goals, and ends up feeling overwhelmed and disappointed when they don’t reach their lofty goals. Ruby helps you understand what your goals should be and then gives you the necessary energy to complete those goals.

And when you complete your goals, you’ll be more successful.

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Sunstone gemstone

Tips for using Sunstone crystals: Keep Sunstone on you on days where you need help saying “no” or feel sluggish.


Stone summary: Sunstone healing crystals clear away self-doubt, worry, and anxiety and helps you feel

If you constantly find yourself unable to be yourself and speak your mind, Sunstone will help you stay true to your core. Sunstone crystals also help people say “no” to things they don’t want to do.

If you’re constantly saying “yes” to everything, you won’t have the energy to spend on the tasks that need the most attention. By learning to say no, Sunstone crystals are helping you open yourself up to the right opportunities where you’ll be able to see great success.

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Fire Agate

Red stone.

Tips for using Fire Agate crystals: Meditate with Fire Agate daily.


Stone summary: Do you need to light a fire under your butt? Fire Agate crystals are here to (metaphorically) do that. These crystals empower you and give you the confidence to achieve your goals.

If you feel stuck in a rut, use Fire Agate crystals to give you the courage to wave goodbye to a mundane life!

Fire Agate crystals also help you build a shield around yourself, protecting you from the negative thoughts of others. If you are particularly sensitive to criticism, Fire Agate crystals are a must.

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How to use crystals for success

First, you need to set your intentions. Every crystal is capable of improve many different areas of your life. For example, Rose Quartz attracts love but it also works to bring you success.

However, if the stone doesn’t know what you want, it will be confused as to how it should help you.

Setting your intentions with your stones is the quickest way to let them know what you want. To set your intentions, hold your stone and think clearly about what you are after. If you are after career success, you’ll likely picture yourself getting a promotion or a raise.

After your intentions are set, you can use your stones however you’d like. Here are a few tips for using success crystals:

  • Meditate with your crystal on the chakra that’s listed for it. Feel free to use multiple crystals. As long as you set your intentions, you won’t have conflicting crystals.
  • Place crystals around your home and workspace to cleanse the areas you spend the most time.
  • Have a spiritual cleansing bath.

And there you have it! As a quick summary, here are the best 12 crystals to help you succeed:

  1. Smoky Quartz
  2. Clear Quartz
  3. Rose Quartz
  4. Citrine
  5. Pyrite
  6. Carnelian
  7. Tiger’s Eye
  8. Green Aventurine
  9. Selenite
  10. Ruby
  11. Sunstone
  12. Fire Agate

What crystal do you like to use for success? Comment below and let us know!

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