11 Amazing Crystals for Confidence

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Are you ready to channel your inner confidence? Use these crystals for confidence to help.

Whether you suffer from low self esteem (hi, we’ve all been there), self doubt or your lack of confidence prevents you from reaching your goals, we’ve got 11 different crystals to improve your self confidence.

Let’s talk about which crystals for confidence you need in your life to help you come out of your shell and become the best version of yourself.

11 of the Best Crystals for Confidence and Reduced Anxiety

The 11 best healing crystals to improve your confidence and reduce your anxiety are:

  1. Tiger’s Eye
  2. Spirit Quartz
  3. Sunstone
  4. Tangerine Quartz
  5. Blue Lace Agate
  6. Pyrite
  7. Amazonite
  8. Orange Calcite
  9. Moonstone
  10. Citrine
  11. Rose Quartz

Let’s learn about each crystal to understand how you can use them to improve your life.

1. Tiger’s Eye | Confidence & Courage

Orange and brown gemstone

How to use this stone: Wear Tiger’s Eye as a ring or bracelet on your right side, so it’s kept close to your body and lower chakras throughout the day

ChakraSacralBaseSolar Plexus

Stone summary: When you think of a tiger, what do you think of? If you said courage and confidence, you’re right. The tiger’s powerful energy translates to the Tiger’s Eye stone.

If you need a change of pace in your life and want to live boldly without any regrets, then the Tiger’s Eye is for you.

Tiger’s Eye will take feelings of self-doubt and worthlessness and transform that negative energy into high-powered fierce energy. No more negative self talk with Tiger’s eye! You’ll feel driven, motivated and fearless with Tiger’s Eye by your side.

2. Spirit Quartz | Harmony & Alignment

A spirit quartz crystal.

How to use this stone: Place Spirit Quartz in your pocket or near you when you are in buildings with large groups of people (such as on your office desk)


Stone summary: Crystals upon crystals! It may be hard to see in the photo, but Spirit Quartz has tiny micro-crystals jutting off of the main piece.

Spirit Quartz is a magical stone and truly unique. Because Spirit Quartz is one crystal made up of thousands of tiny crystal points, its power is compounded. It encourages harmony among large groups and can be perfect for those who suffer from social anxiety.

If you’re someone who wants to come out of their shell and feel confident around people, Spirit Quartz is the ideal stone for you.

3. Sunstone | Strength & Revival

Sunstone gemstone

How to use this stone: Wear as a ring or do a sunrise meditation with it


Stone summary: Sunstone carries the energy of Ra, the Sun God, which is why we recommend meditating with Sunstone during sunrise.

If you’re worn out and your shine has dulled, let Sunstone revive you. On top of filling up your tank, Sunstone will transform your leadership qualities.

If you want a promotion at work or want to start your own business, Sunstone can help you turn from a meek follower to a trusted leader by supercharging your confidence.

It will also get rid of feelings of fear, anxiety and ruminating thoughts. Your mind will be clear and no longer racing!

4. Tangerine Quartz | Imagination & Fearlessness

How to use this stone: Place Tangerine Quartz on your work desk or carry around with you throughout the day


Stone summary: Children are fearless. They are creative, ambitious and don’t hold back. Tangerine Quartz will allow you to access your inner child and give you the confidence you once had.

If you feel imposter syndrome, you can use Tangerine Quartz to help you recognize your true potential and feel confident and fearless with your work.

Tangerine Quartz is also a crystal for creativity and will spark your imagination so you never run out of good ideas.

5. Blue Lace Agate | Communication & Calmness

Light blue crystal

How to use this stone: Meditate or carry with you during periods of high stress (such as work meetings)

Chakra: Throat

Stone summary: Blue Lace Agate is a nice contrast to the above Sunstone. Whereas Sunstone embodies vibrant energy, Blue Lace Agate is peaceful and soothing.

Are you someone who gets anxious and easily worked up? You’ll want Blue Lace Agate. Blue Lace Agate will instill tranquility and allow you to remain cool, calm and collected in stressful situations.

If you’re an anxious person and you want the benefits of the Sunstone, we recommend pairing it with Blue Lace Agate. Sunstone may provide too much energy and for someone with anxiety, all the additional energy might be hard to handle. Use Blue Lace Agate to balance the two.

And because Blue Lace Agates are Throat chakra stones, they will help you communicate your truth when you feel like you can’t.

6. Pyrite | Persistence, Power & Confidence

Gold stone

How to use this stone: Meditate with Pyrite and envision a life of power

ChakraSacralSolar Plexus

Stone summary: You likely know this stone as Fool’s Gold, but don’t let the name turn you away from this powerful stone.

Pyrite is nothing close to a “fool”. It has very masculine energy and will give you the courage to persist through challenging situations.

If you feel like life is an uphill battle, you need Pyrite’s energy to push you up the hill and make the climb easier. You’ll be able to reach your goals faster with Pyrite. Whether you want a promotion, are starting a new business or are facing a challenge that seems to hard to overcome, Pyrite will help.

7. Amazonite | Confidence & Communication

Green stone

How to use this stone: Wear an Amazonite necklace so it remains close to your Throat and Heart chakras.


Stone summary: Think about someone you know who is fully confident and comfortable in their own skin.

These types of people are usually powerful, they love and trust themselves fully and they don’t back down from challenges.

If you want that to be you, use Amazonite.

Amazonite is a stone to improve self-love and communication so you can clearly communicate your amazing ideas and move forward in life. It will also provide you with immense inner-strength; getting through challenging situations will be easy with Amazonite on your side.

8. Orange Calcite | Courage

Orange and white crystal stone

How to use this stone: Wear this stone when you need an increase in creative energies and protection from laziness

ChakraSacralSolar Plexus

Stone summary: Orange Calcite is another confidence-boosting crystal to help you bring your ideas to fruition.

With Orange Calcite, new ideas will flow freely to you, but not only that, this gemstone will give you the confidence and willpower needed to act upon all your wonderful ideas.

If you’re an entrepreneur or in a field of work where you need to constantly come up with new ideas, Orange Calcite is the perfect stone for you.

Orange Calcite is also a healing stone good for those who feel emotional shame from their past and lack confidence because of it.

9. Moonstone | Grounding, Healing & Self Belief

Cream colored polished stone

How to use this stone: Wear Moonstone on days when you’re feeling emotionally drained or are around negative people

ChakraThird EyeCrown

Stone summary: Moonstone is one of the best crystals for empaths because of its ability to protect you from negative energy. If your lack of confidence stems from external forces (such as someone constantly putting you down) you can use Moonstone as a source of protection.

When we think of confidence, we often think of masculine energy, but what’s unique about Moonstone is that it brings a feminine energy to the wearer, bestowing gentleness, improving intuition and creating a sense of calmness.

All of these qualities will improve your self-confidence, so just because Moonstone holds more feminine powers, doesn’t mean you should look past it.

As Moonstone works with your Third Eye and Crown chakras, it’s also going to give you a vision of what your confident self looks like. This is important because anyone who has low confidence knows how hard it can be to visualize themselves as a high-vibing person.

But with Moonstone, the moment you begin using it in your life you’ll be able to visualize what you’re life as a highly confident person looks like. When you can do this, you’ll be able to transform your life much quicker. This is one reason why we like to use Moonstone in conjunction with another one of the crystals for confidence on this list; they are incredibly powerful when used together!

10. Citrine | Willpower, Positivity & Manifestation

Orange and white polished gemstone

How to use this stone: Repeat a mantra while holding Citrine in your palms

ChakraSolar Plexus

Stone summary: Known as being one of the best stones for money, Citrine is favored by entrepreneurs and those who want confidence to go after their financial goals.

Citrine will bring a positive light to your life and give you protection from negative energy.

Our favorite part about Citrine is it doesn’t hold negative energy, rather, it sends it to the Earth for healing.

11. Rose Quartz | Self Empowerment & Confidence

Pink quartz stone

How to use this stone: Keep Rose Quartz near your Heart throughout the day for increased confidence and self worth


Stone summary: If you’re searching for confidence crystals to also heal your anxiety, attract romantic love, improve your self-worth and a whole lot more, you need Rose Quartz crystals. The versatility of Rose Quartz makes them one of our favorite healing crystals.

This gentle pink healing crystal will work on your Heart chakra so you can improve your sense of self and surround yourself with loving vibrations throughout the day.

If you find your lack of confidence and self worth comes from low confidence, use Rose Quartz to improve your self-love. You’ll be radiating with self-love in no time.

How to Use Crystals for Confidence

When choosing your crystals for confidence ask yourself these questions:

  1. What aspects of my life, aside from increased self confidence and self worth, do I also need help with?
  2. What does my lack of self confidence stem from?

Because crystals are multi-purpose and rarely serve one need, you can often solve multiple problems with one or two crystals. For example, if you want more confidence AND want more money, Citrine would be a perfect choice.

Or if your lack of confidence stems from someone who is always bringing you down, you may want Moonstone for its protection against negative energy (and you may want to consider ditching that negative nelly)! These confidence boosting crystals will help you see the good you possess so that your self worth and self esteem sky rockets to new heights.

After choosing your confidence crystals, you can use them in many different ways. With each crystal above, I’ve left recommendations but it’s important to note that you should use your crystals for confidence however you are most comfortable.

If you want to meditate with your crystals, meditate! If you prefer wearing them as rings, wear them as rings.

Crystals are powerful and flexible; you don’t need to follow a specific way to use your crystals to reap their rewards.

One thing we recommend doing once a month is having a spiritual cleansing bath with your crystals. Cleansing baths are powerful ways to cleanse and attract.

Which of the above crystals do you think you’ll choose to improve your confidence? Drop a comment below!

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