10 Best Healing Crystals for Libra

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If you’re looking for a little bit of zen in your life, you might want to consider trying out healing crystals. Crystals can be used for a variety of purposes, including restoring balance and promoting relaxation. And if you’re a Libra, there are certain crystals that are said to be particularly beneficial for you.

The 10 best Libra crystals

There are certain crystals that align perfectly to the energetic frequency of Libra, giving it numerous benefits in different areas of life.

Lapis Lazuli

Blue gemstone
Lapis Lazuli

The ideal crystal for Libra is the Lapis Lazuli. This mineral aligns with Libra’s energy because it harmonizes the mind, body, spirit and emotions of the individual.

Lapis Lazuli brings serenity, peace and calm, eliminating accumulated stress. Thanks to this stone, Libra acquires a greater self-awareness and a better understanding of the world around them. This mineral elevates the spirit of Libra, who is constantly seeking to evolve as a human being.

Lapis Lazuli also helps mental concentration and is a wonderful stone for those who study for long periods of time and need help concentrating.

As it helps with concentration, it makes sense that this stone also calms the mind and helps you solve problems faster.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is one of the most powerful Libra crystals that exists to eliminate negative energy from individuals and different environments. The function of this crystal is primarily to protect, cleanse and transmute all the negative into positive.

This mineral is very beneficial for the mental health of Libra, since the Black Tourmaline eliminates the negative thoughts that usually harm this sign due to its extreme sensitivity.

Because Libras are sensitive, they also tend to be anxious. Black Tourmaline relaxes both the mind and the body so you feel less stressed and anxious. As it works on your mind, you’ll also feel your negative emotions—like anger, jealously, and resentment—dissipate and dissolve away.


Purple polished stone

Amethyst is one of the most powerful, effective, and beneficial healing crystals for Libras that exist to improve the quality of life. Its effects positively impact the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of Libra.

This stone is relaxing, as it eliminates the tensions accumulated during the day.

The is one of the best crystals for Libras who struggle to make good decisions. Amethyst stimulates your intellectual ability and will give you the strength to face changes and make good decisions, something that is always difficult for Libra.

This Libra crystal is considered a gemstone of spiritual protection that purifies the energetic field of negative vibrations, enveloping the individual through a powerful shield of light. Amethyst can also be a suitable crystal for Libras who are grieving, as it helps stabilize emotions during loss.

Amethyst has a very high vibratory frequency, which is very useful during meditative practice. This gem stimulates the Third Eye, which favors the Libra native to develop a deep understanding of their feelings.

Tiger’s Eye

Orange and brown stone

Tiger Eye is a crystal that promotes balance, strength, and creativity. These virtues are perfectly suited to the Libra personality, who seek harmony in all areas of life. This gemstone is able to keep the individual calm even in the worst circumstances.

Sensitive Libras can also use Tiger’s Eye to fight anxiety and anger. It strengthens logical thinking and clarifies the ideas you have floating around in your head.

Besides being a powerful healing crystal, Tiger’s Eye is also an amulet that attracts wealth and good fortune.

Rose Quartz

Pink quartz stone
Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz are essential crystals for Libras as they attract love, beauty, and romance. The energy of this crystal is in tune with Libra. Rose Quartz favors harmony in friendships and family relationships. This gemstone strengthens the romantic relationship between the members of a couple, forging a lasting bond. This crystal also serves to attract a romantic relationship.

This stone will eliminate any negative energy surrounding you and replace it with high vibrational loving energy. Even if you are alone, you’ll feel loved with Rose Quartz by your side.

In particular, Rose Quartz is a great crystal for Libras going through a breakup. It helps restore emotional balance, promotes self-esteem, and helps Libras develop unconditional love for themselves and others.


White crystal slab

Selenite is characterized by promoting mental lucidity, the generation of ideas, and even the development of telepathic powers.

These virtues are in sync with the needs of Libra, as this zodiac sign is very mental and of high intellectual development. This gem is also a powerful transmuter of negative energies. Selenite cleanses negatively charged environments and also removes negative energy from individuals. This gem communicates with other existential planes favoring mediumship.

Selenite can also help bring couples together, so if your relationship needs a little TLC, use Selenite to strengthen the love between you and your partner.


White crystal rock

Opal influences the innate artistic talent of Libras. All the colors of the rainbow are reflected in this crystal, which is why it is so powerful and can help improve creativity.

This gemstone is especially useful for Libras, as it works on the emotional imbalances that this sign usually goes through in difficult circumstances.

As a Libra looking for love, turn to Opal. Opal can help attract love into a Libra’s life.

It also gives Libras a great sense of confidence by helping Libras discover their own potential without questioning their ability. The Opal helps Libra have the strength to move forward without questioning. If you lack self-esteem, this is the crystal for you.


Orange and white polished gemstone

Citrine is a Libra crystal that has a lot to do with the essence of this zodiac sign. This crystal is conducive to happiness, joy and good life. The main goal in Libra’s life is to have a good time, enjoying every moment to the fullest. This quartz makes Libra feel better about themself, stimulating their creativity and artistic talent.

Citrine also promotes success and good fortune in business, providing a high standard of living.

It’s very effective in removing negativity from people and environments. It drives away bad thoughts and favors a positive mentality. Because it drives away negative thoughts, Citrine also makes a wonderful stone to meditate, especially for Libras who struggle to turn their active minds off.

And with a clear mind, you’ll find it easier to learn about new things. Citrine supports Libra during the process of any learning process, as it stimulates good memory and logical reasoning.

Citrine is very useful for the energetic balance of Libra. This zodiac sign often suffers from fluctuations in their personal energy. This gemstone is able to balance Libra natives internally.

Lastly, Citrine successfully combats anxiety and nervousness, allowing Libra to be at peace at all times.

Blue Lace Agate

Light blue crystal

Blue Lace Agate is one of the most beautiful crystals in nature. That extraordinary beauty has a lot to do with Libra, as this zodiac sign has high aesthetic standards.

The main function of this gemstone is to balance the emotions, something that Libras need help with on an ongoing basis.

This mineral conveys strength, security and stability, virtues that Libra values greatly.

The color blue is related to virtues such as calm, peace and serenity. Libras needs these qualities to feel good about themselves and relate harmoniously with others


Blue stone.

Aquamarine is a Libra crystal that favors the intellect and balances emotions. As a Throat chakra crystal, it helps Libras open up and express themselves. So, if you are a shy Libra, use Aquarmarine to find your inner voice. Aquarmarine will help you communicate effectively with others.

This crystal promotes empathy, which means that it favors understanding and good coexistence. Aquamarine is a powerful gemstone that awakens psychic powers, allowing Libras to perceive other realities. It also promotes spiritual purity, making the individual be true to themself.

Libras are very forgiving, but when someone wrongs them they can hold grudges. Because Libras are generally so forgiving, holding grudges can throw them off balance. To free yourself from past grudges, use Aquamarine. Aquamarine lets you release any emotions you are holding onto from the past so you can properly forgive people in your life.

How to choose your healing crystals

All of the above crystals will bring positive energy and healing into the life of a Libra. Read our detailed guide If you are interested to know about the crystals you should avoid.

To choose your crystals, think back to which ones stood out to you while going through this list. Often, that is your subconscious spirit trying to tell you which crystals you need in your life!

Crystal healing for Libras

Crystals for Libra benefit the emotional balance, intellectual development, and good interpersonal communication that characterize this zodiac sign.

The crystals mentioned above are intended to improve Libra’s quality of life. The key is to determine which area of life you wish to improve and therefore choose the most appropriate gemstone.

Libra crystals will always promote harmony, beauty, and good interpersonal relationships. This zodiac sign deserves to live according to its ideals. These crystals will help Libra reach all the goals it sets for itself.

Nothing we provide for you here is intended to replace any form of competent professional advice in any form. Please read our Terms & Condition for more information.

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