Blue Goldstone: Healing Properties & Benefits

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Blue Goldstone is a magical stone that many people aren’t familiar with.

The reason it flies under the radar? It’s man-made, and people often look to natural crystals instead. However, just because it’s man-made doesn’t make it less powerful.

As you’ll soon discover, the Blue Goldstone is among one of the most unique healing crystals there is.

What Is Blue Goldstone?

One blue polished gemstone.

Blue goldstone is a sparkling glass stone. Manufacturers add copper flecks during manufacturing that add the glittering effect.

This stone is quite popular in Jewelry stores for its color and glitter. The stone is cut and polished in different shapes to make different pieces of jewelry.

Currently, China, Canada, Russia, the US, and Norway are the main manufacturers of Blue Goldstones.

You’ll see this stone in different variations of the blue color, from dark blue to blackish blue. With the sparkles, the stone resembles the night sky.

The stone is made by heating molten glass in a vat with low oxygen. Then cobalt is added to maintain the dark blue color of the glass.

Next, makers add copper oxide granules, mix them properly and let the glass cool. It’s essential to let the mixture cool down slowly as it makes the copper flecks or the copper crystals more prominent.

Apart from the blue stone, Goldstones come in variant colors like green goldstone, red goldstone, and purple goldstone.

History Of The Blue Goldstone

Blue goldstone was first discovered around the 16th century. It’s believed that Italian monks discovered the stone during their alchemy, which is conducted in very high temperatures.

After that, during the 17th century, Miotto, a Venetian family, started manufacturing Blue Goldstones for commercial purposes.

However, there are some disagreements regarding the discovery of the Blue Goldstone. Some experts say that the 11th-century Iranian amulet was made from Blue Goldstone, while others say that people from the Roman and Middle Ages also used similar stones of Blue Goldstone.

However, the real evidence of the stone production was recorded when Vincenzo Miotto, the Venetian glassmaker, started making the Blue Goldstone.

Blue Goldstone Meaning

Three blue stones on a white background.

The Blue Goldstone is known as the stone of ambition. Other names of the stone are Gold Star Glass, Monk’s Gold or Monk Stone, Stellaria, and Adventuring Glass.

The healing properties of Blue Goldstone provide protection, uplifts your mood, and gives you the power and confidence to be your true self.

The stone induces revitalizing energy, increases self acceptance and confidence, and develops an overall positive attitude.

This stone is best for hyper-sensitive people. It calms you and induces the capacity to consider situations with patience and peace of mind.

Blue Goldstone is associated with the zodiac sign Sagittarius and is related to the crown chakras, heart, third eye, and throat chakra.

Blue Goldstone Healing Properties: Does It Really Provide Healing Energies?

Because Blue Goldstone is a man-made stone, people often question its healing properties. Even though Goldstones are artificial, they transmit healing energies.

People have been using Blue Goldstone for years and have seen prominent improvement. The crystal helps you get rid of negative energies so that you can move ahead without fear.

Loaded with water energy, Blue goldstone helps you connect with your spiritual side and helps you establish a deep connection with the higher powers.

The following are the special healing properties of Blue Goldstone-

Emotional Healing

Blue Goldstone can help you heal from any emotional or mental pain you’re going through. Its emotional healing powers increase self acceptance, self love and provide emotional support.

Emotional instability is a common issue for us. If you, too, are suffering from mental and emotional imbalance, the Blue Goldstone will help you find peace, patience, and generosity.

It helps get rid of frustration, and anxiety, by helping you find emotional balance. Once the stone comes in close proximity to you, you’ll feel a sense of ambition.

By allowing us to avoid negative thoughts and procrastinations, the metaphysical properties of Blue Goldstone increase our self-esteem and help us develop a positive attitude.

Eases Hypersensitivity

Blue Goldstone is especially beneficial for overly sensitive people. Being empathic is good, but extremely emotional people find it difficult to create a barrier to not letting every little thing affect them.

The healing energy of Blue Goldstone helps us understand every emotion in a better way so that we don’t feel overwhelmed by every little thing.

Instead, it lets us combine our empathic self with the stone’s courageous energy to understand the world around us.

Spiritual Healing Properties Of Blue Goldstone

Because the Blue Goldstone is a man made stone, people think it does not have any spiritual significance, which is not true.

Blue Goldstone has strong spiritual healing properties. The stone opens ways for psychic awareness and intuition. Moreover, it’s also seen as the stone of good luck.

It also offers protection. If your child fears going to bed alone, you can keep this stone near their bed. The stone instills a feeling of protective energy allowing your child to sleep in peace.

Moreover, the sparkly stone works as a light source, keeping away fearful thoughts.

Physical Healing Properties Of Blue Goldstone

Blue Goldstone is highly regarded for its physical healing benefits. You will get the healing benefits by either wearing it, keeping it near you, or using the stone for meditation.

The following the some of the Blue Goldstone’s main healing properties:

  • The stone is said to improve eyesight. It soothes your eyes and relieves eye pain. Spiritually the stone helps you see the bigger perspective of everything.
  • People suffering from constant migraine should keep the Blue Goldstone with them as when the stone touches your skin, it provides cooling effects helping your get relief from headaches.
  • It is said to help aid stomach issues and inflammation. As the stone relaxes our bodies, it relieves stress and anxiety, allowing our bodies to feel better.

Apart from these, Blue Goldstone is said to help stress and anxiety, provides relief from joint issues, detoxes our bodies, and boosts our bodies’ self-healing abilities.

Remember: crystals aren’t a substitution for medical advice.

Blue Goldstone & The Chakras

Chakras for Beginners- Chakras Explained-Cover image

Blue Goldstone is associated with various chakras: Throat chakra, Third Eye, Crown Chakras, and Heart Chakra.

The Throat Chakra is the center of communication. The strong connection between the Throat Chakra and the Blue Goldstone helps you get rid of the fear of speaking in public or voicing your opinions. This is especially beneficial for introverts or shy people.

Also, it connects the Throat Chakra to the Third Eye and the Crown Chakra while we meditate.

Further, the stone stimulates the Third Eye, which improves our intuition, vision, and knowledge of the bigger truths of the world.

The Third Eye also protects our psychic sensitivities to keep unwanted thoughts away and help us become emotionally stronger.

Zodiac Signs And The Blue Goldstone

While the Blue Goldstone is beneficial for all people, it establishes a stronger connection with a few specific zodiac signs:

  • Scorpio: Scorpio is the most intuitive zodiac sign, and when scorpions wear Blue Goldstone, they develop a higher understanding of the world, understand signs from the universe, and develop a better clarity of life.
  • Sagittarius: The stone connects with Sagittarians because of its compassionate nature. It helps with their entrepreneurial and leadership skills.
  • Pisces: The Blue Goldstone is a great healing and protective stone for Pisces. It supports the intuitive side and the sensitive side of Pisces and helps them feel confident about their decisions.
  • Pisces are also very sensitive people and easily feel overwhelmed. The Blue Goldstone keeps such people protected and helps them not to get overly emotional.

How To Use The Blue Goldstone

The following are a few ways of using the Blue Goldstone:

  • Since the Blue Goldstone is associated with the Throat Chakra and the Third Eye, you can place it in your throat or brow during meditation to transmit healing energy.
  • You can place the stone in your kid’s room. The light from the stone will make your child feel protected.
  • Blue Goldstone is also a stunning piece of jewelry. The stone looks good in necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc.
  • You can place the stone around your house and workplace as it radiates positive energy. You can also hold blue goldstone at the start of the day. The calming and motivational properties of the stone will give a perfect boost to your heart.

How To Clean The Blue Goldstone

You can wash the Blue Goldstone with warm soapy water to remove dust. After washing the stone, wrap it in a soft cloth if you are keeping it with other crystals.

Blue Goldstone is a very hard crystal, so it may scratch softer crystals like Selenite and Calcite. And it may get scratched by harder stones like Quartz.

Crystals often absorb negative energies; hence it’s crucial to cleanse them once in a while. Since the Blue Goldstone is water safe, you can cleanse with normal water.

But there are other ways for more powerful cleaning as well:

  • Get a crystal singing bowl or a bronze or brass bowl. Place a cushion on a flat surface and keep the bowl on it. Put the crystal around the bowl.
  • Now hit the side of the bowl with the baton. You can also circle the rim of the singing bowl with a mallet to create an even more peaceful sound. Repeat the process four to five times. Make sure you concentrate on removing the negative vibes.

Like all crystals, Blue Goldstone also needs periodic charging to improve its healing properties. To charge your stone, hold it under the sunlight for some time. Alternatively, you can wash it under running water or use Selenite to recharge the stone.

What Other Crystals Pair With The Blue Goldstone?

The Blue Goldstone connects well with the following stones:

  • Amber: Amber is known for taking away the negativity around you. When combined with the protective powers of the Blue Goldstone, Amber’s powers are enhanced even more.
  • Lapis Lazuli: If you want to dive deeper into spirituality and increase your intuitive powers, the Blue Goldstone and Lapis Lazuli is the perfect combination.
  • Azurite: Azurite & Blue Goldstone are associated with the Third Eye chakras. They both contain copper, and together the stones strengthen meditative practices.

Final Thoughts

Even though the Blue Goldstone is man made, it’s no less powerful than other natural crystals. The stone contains minerals that instill in it strong protective and healing powers.

The stone is the best companion, especially for those who are constantly bothered by feelings of stress, fear, self-doubt, procrastination, and insecurity.

Nothing we provide for you here is intended to replace any form of competent professional advice in any form. Please read our Terms & Condition for more information.

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