The Best Crystals for Meditation and Relaxation

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There are so many science-backed benefits of meditation, from reduced anxiety and stress to longer attention spans and focus. If meditation isn’t something you’ve begun to incorporate into your daily routine, now is the perfect time to start.

There are many gemstones for meditation that will raise your vibrations and help you achieve that zen-like state, and today, I’m going to be sharing my top crystals for meditation and relaxation with you.

Why Use Stones for Meditating?

Even though meditation can be done without the use of crystals, adding stones to your meditation routine can elevate and transform your experience into something truly phenomenal.

The added benefits that crystals unleash within your meditation will make you wonder why you ever meditated without them.

Incorporating crystals into your meditation routine is also very simple, as you will learn by going through this guide.

How to Meditatate

Before we unveil the best crystals for meditation, let’s talk about how you can meditate.

I think a lot of people envision meditation to be a complex spiritual process and it scares them away from trying it out.

But it’s not. Meditation is a form of self-love and it’s actually quite easy, and you don’t need any special tools to get started.

When I first was introduced to the concept of meditation, I believed it to be long, complicated and something I didn’t have time for.

But then, I had a therapist tell me that if I could afford three minutes each day, I’d be able to meditate daily.

For three minutes, I would sit with my eyes closed and try my best to focus on my breath.

I’d imagine my breath as a colorful stream of steam coming in and out of my body. If my mind happened to wander (which it did, still does and always will) I would gently bring myself back to the awareness of my breath.

It was very simple and relaxing and didn’t take hours of my time!

Eventually, I began to love this three-minute ritual so much that I started lengthening it. First to five minutes, then ten, then 15, and then I found myself going on 30 minute walking meditations.

But all I needed to start with was three simple minutes. If you’re someone who is scared of the commitment of meditation, try starting small, as I did, and see how quickly you’ll be able to benefit from it.

I would also like to add that meditation can be as simple or as intricate as you’d like. You can search for free guided meditations online (I like ones on YouTube) that take you through an entire visualization, or you can simply sit with your feelings and breath and quietly take it all in.

It’s completely up to you.

Now that you know how to meditate, let’s dig into the best crystals for meditation.

The Best Crystals For Meditation

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Clear Quartz | Balance, Clearing & Revitalization

White clear stone

How to use this stone: Hold in your left hand while meditating or lay down and place on your Crown chakra


Stone summary: Clear Quartz is an incredibly versatile healing stone. A suitable crystal for beginners, it’s able to heal many ailments. You can use Clear Quartz to connect you with your higher self, which is something many try to achieve during their meditation sessions.

Clear Quartz will amplify your emotions. If you are in a positive mood, take advantage of it and meditate with Clear Quartz. However, if you aren’t in a good mood, hold Clear Quartz in your left hand and imagine yourself being enveloped in high vibrational energy as the negative energy leaves down your arm and through your fingers.

Clear Quartz will balance and revitalize your energy, align your chakras and enhance your psychic abilities by opening your Crown chakra.

Desert Rose | Calm & Clarity

Rock that looks like a white rose

How to use this stone: Hold Desert Rose in your left hand during your meditation


Stone summary: Desert Roses are powerful Heart chakra stones. A stone that looks like a beautifully carved rose, Desert Rose can provide you with an emotional meditative experience. If you are holding onto any emotions or trauma, be prepared for Desert Rose to bring them to the surface, release them into the world and begin to heal you.

Oftentimes, we store our negative energy away because we don’t want to deal with it. Desert Rose can help release that energy, purify and clean and wrap you up in a warm hug afterward. After pulling your negative energy out, Desert Rose will send it back to Mother Earth for healing.

Hematite | Balance, Grounding & Stability

grey shiny stone

How to use this stone: Hold Hematite in your hand when you need to ground yourself. Additionally, wear Hematite near on your ankle to keep yourself grounded throughout the day


Stone summary: Meditation is great for calming and overactive mind, as is Hematite. I often recommend Hematite for those who want a crystal for focus and concentration, as it works with your mind to produce a calming effect, which will allow you to process your thoughts and focus more intently.

When stress consumes you, reach for your Hemetite stone and dive into a deep meditation. Hematite will shift your thinking and help you see the good in things around you. You’ll be able to develop positive habits when you reguarly incorporate Hematite into your life. Hematite’s dense energy will ground you and allow you to feel peace during your meditation practice.

Selenite | Healing, Cleansing & Clearing

White crystal slab

How to use this stone: Begin meditating with Selenite in your hands on your lap. When it feels right, slowly raise Selenite to your Third Eye (forehead) and rest there to connect with your higher self. Hold here for several moments. Before opening your eyes and concluding your meditation, slowly move the Selenite back to your lap and ground yourself in reality for a couple of minutes.

ChakraCrownThird Eye

Stone summary: Selenite is a powerful cleansing stone, which is why it has been nicknamed the Master Cleanser. It will clear any energy blockages you have during your meditation, as well as protect and shield you for any negative energy trying to attack you.

Selenite will aid your psychic abilities and encourage you to make connections with your guides. Meditating with Selentie is a truly transformative experience!

Amethyst | Stability, Balance & Protection

Purple polished stone

How to use this stone: Start by holding Amethyst in your hands. Meditate here for several minutes. Slowly raise Amethyst and hold it to your Third Eye and continue your meditation for as long as you’d like. Before finishing, lower your hands back to your lap and ground yourself.

ChakraCrownThird Eye

Stone summary: Using this purple crystal for meditating will melt away any stress you may be carrying, while also allowing you to access your higher-self.

Amethyst is a healer for sleeping problems and makes a great crystal to meditate with before you go to bed. It will release any anger, resentment and negative feelings you have so you feel calm and relaxed.

Amethyst is a popular meditating crystal that can be used with many other crystals at the same time. Placing other stones near an Amethyst geode will amplify their abilities to heal and work on the areas you need the most help.

Fluorite | Clarity & Balance

Green gemstone

How to use this stone: Hold and meditate with this stone in your left hand

ChakraThird EyeHeartThroat

Stone summary: If you suffer from swirling thoughts and a confused mind, invite Fluorite into your life and meditation practice. Fluorite’s gentle cleansing will balance your energy and give you mental clarity.

Fluorite comes in different colors, but when it concerns meditation, reach for your purple Fluorite. Purple Fluorite has one of the most peaceful energies of all stones.

Your intuition will be strengthened as you meditate with Fluorite, which will give you psychic powers and the ability to think critically during everyday situations.

Other Tips for Meditating with Crystals

  • It’s best to hold crystals in your left hand. Our left hands are our receiving hands, therefore, holding the stone in your left hand will allow you to open your mind and body up to receive good energy!
  • If you prefer to lay down, you can place each stone on the chakra listed above.
  • Imagine white light beaming from your stones and entering through your chakras as you go through your meditation. You may also envision yourself breathing in the pure white light and exhaling any negative dark light.
  • Consider doing monthly spiritual cleansing baths with your crystals for the ultimate cleanse + meditation session.

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