The Best Healing Crystals for Scorpio

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Scorpios are often mysterious people. They hold their cards close and you’ll never find a Scorpio who spills their deepest secrets to just anyone. This privacy is what makes Scorpios so interesting. If you’re a Scorpio yourself, you’ll be able to relate.

Scorpios have many great qualities. But like any zodiac sign, they also have weaknesses. Healing crystals specific to Scorpios can help amplify those great qualities while improving any weaknesses you may have.

Today, we’re going over 10 essential healing crystals for Scorpios. But before we dive into the list, let’s learn a little big about the Scorpio zodiac sign.

About the Scorpio zodiac sign

Scorpio is the middle water sign of the zodiac. It is the eight-star sign based on the sequence.

People celebrating their birthdays from October 23 to November 21 fall under this astrological sign.

Scorpio is represented by the constellation Scorpius. Scorpios are described to be mysterious as they are secretive, avoids public attention, are deep thinkers, and are very passionate. These individuals can also be very persistent when they want something.

Despite their tendency to keep a low profile, if it is something they aim for, the Scorpio has no reservations about moving forward.

They tend to be possessive, but it is often caused by the deep affections that they feel. Due to their secretive nature, it is difficult to know when the Scorpio needs support. However, even if they won’t usually share their concerns, you can gift them with the appropriate charms.

In this article, we have listed 10 crystals for Scorpio. Each item will provide comfort and bring positive energy to these elusive individuals.

10 best crystals for Scorpio

Blue Topaz or Golden Yellow Topaz

A blue crystal.

Both Blue Topaz and Golden Yellow Topaz are excellent crystals for Scorpios.

Scorpio tends to have conflicting personalities. It lies in their affinity to Mars which is the god of war and Pluto the god of the underworld. Scorpios tend to be very private but flips a switch if what they considered important is threatened. That is why it is ideal to gift them with Golden Yellow Topaz to enhance their touch with serenity and empathy.

Topaz is associated with the Throat chakra. Having this on hand, the emotional Scorpio can get an of themselves before speaking out loud. Since they tend to not communicate often, Scorpios can be easily misunderstood when they initially speak their mind. Blue Topaz in particular can aid in making sure that they will not say something that will be regretted later on, which is why it’s one of the best crystals for Scorpio.

Since communication is difficult for Scorpios, when they are in a relationship the possibility to get jealous is high. To counter this negative emotion, Yellow Topaz is advisable to keep on hand.

Smoky Quartz

Brown stone
Smoky Quartz

Scorpios like to keep things to themselves. This trait of theirs is very unhealthy and can attract negative energy. Usually, built-up feelings can result in remorse and pessimism. To prevent the Scorpios from falling into this spiral, keeping Smoky Quartz at bay is essential.

This precious stone can expel negative energy. When keeping things bottled up fear, depression, and other negativities thrive. This will result in anxiety and extreme emotional stress. The Smoky Quartz is affiliated with the Root Chakra that is located in the spine. Having this close will serve as an anchor to the user. It will help the Scorpio to bear all the weight they are dealing with.

As the Smoky Quartz enables the Scorpios to be more confident, they can see things in a more positive light. The optimism can also ward off nightmares that can disturb a calm night of sleep. The grounding energy of this crystal makes the wielder inspired to go forward with their goals. It can also support them to improve their current relationships.


Blue stone.

Another one of the best crystals for Scorpio is Aquamarine. Scorpios are natural deep thinkers. That is why it is no surprise if they will not let see things as it is. These individuals could tend to overthink before reacting. To loosen up a Scorpio, keeping Aquamarine nearby is a good idea. This crystal promotes easy-flowing energy, positive vibes, and a more gentle way of communicating.

This crystal’s cool blue color represents free-flowing bodies of water.

This is a trait that needs to be incorporated into serious Scorpios. It is also complementary to Scorpio’s sensitive emotion since this stone can bring calm.

In effect, the wielder will not be stressed about their disposition. This crystal also overcomes the judgmental tendencies of other people. Scorpios are often receivers of this bias due to their mysterious characteristics.


Green gemstone

Scorpios are intense and serious. That is why if something goes wrong they often take responsibility for it. Though owning up is a good thing, holding on to it for too long is not. This is one of the weaknesses of Scorpios, they tend to be a bit harder on themselves. To overcome this dilemma having Malachite.

This crystal for Scorpio is protective and transformative at the same time. It can be quite intense and a bit overwhelming to other star signs. However, the Scorpios energy level is the best match for this intensity. The energy of this stone can trigger the Heart Chakra. This action will help the Scorpio to forgive themselves for the past mishaps they were involved in.

If a person is in emotional turmoil, it is said that their physical body suffers also. Wearing Malachite enhances the body’s immune system to prevent it from collapsing due to stress. It is also helpful to the respiratory system since breathing can be hard if anxious. The liver is also another benefactor as the stress goes down, the body’s chemical level will also stabilize.


A peach striped gemstone

Scorpios can be very possessive with the people that are dear to them. This makes them susceptible to jealousy. Not only is the feeling burdensome, but it can also hurt the feelings of their partners. This weakness of the Scorpios can lead to broken relationships and unnecessary arguments. To avoid this daunting scenario, wearing or having Rhodochrosite within arms reach is ideal.

This crystal is associated with the Heart Chakra and is known as a meditative stone. It is said that if an individual is beginning to harbor negative feelings towards another person, this stone can ward off the negative emotion.

Rhodochrosite is known to be a powerful stone that enhances the feeling of love. If positive emotions are more dominant, the negative thoughts can be melted away. There will be fewer temper tantrums and stubborn behavior that will fuels arguments. This will result in happier and more satisfying relationships.


Orange and white polished gemstone

This bright stone is like the sunshine. Like the sun that showers the world with light, Citrine also serves the same purpose. This pastel yellow to reddish dark orange gives a citrus vibe that represents the warmth of summer.

Due to its natural brightness, Citrine attracts tons of positive energy. This precious stone is related to the Solar Plexus Chakra, an energy source located in the stomach area.

It influences a person’s confidence level and self-esteem. This material when kept close can enhance determination and creativity. It is like the carefree feeling of playing out under the Summer sun.

Citrine eases a person off phobias and depression. Aside from its spiritual healing properties, this crystal is also a good charm. Since Citrine increases the Scorpio’s motivation it helps them attract prosperity, wealth, and success in different fields.

It will also make them exude a more relaxing demeanor. This will help them be more approachable and people can understand them better.


Purple polished stone

Scorpios as explained earlier are secretive, private, and deep thinkers. They tend to rely a lot on their intuition. But what are the chances it is always correct? To complement this instinct of theirs, keeping Amethyst at close range will be helpful.

This crystal for Scoprio can remove negative energy that can trigger psychic attacks. This is important to Scorpios since they tend to think a lot. They need more support in the aspect of spiritual awareness. It can keep their mind balanced while keeping certain things to themselves. It will give them peace of mind and aid in making them comfortable enough to share their thoughts.

The Amethyst can help the Scorpio judge for themselves if they are still being reasonable or not. Keeping this as a charm will also make them more carefree and spontaneous once their minds are cleared. It also prevents them from being too obsessive and fights the possibility of mood swings.


Dark brown/black stone.

Scorpios may be the silent type of people but they have excessive energy. This over-the-limit aura when not directed properly be catastrophic. That is why to keep this star sign grounded, it is necessary to have Obsidian around.

This dark stone possesses a certain softness within it. In ancient times this crystal is frequently used for spiritual rituals and other shamanic practices. It is believed to dissolve excessive stagnant energy and tension. As a grounding stone, Obsidian allows its user to dig deep within themselves. It is a great help to use when conducting self-evaluation.

In truth since Scorpios are deep thinkers and secretive, they can confuse also themselves. To keep their mind clear and understand why they behaved as such, having Obsidian can aid with that. It will help them have a clear insight of themselves and relate it to the situation. It will also help in defining possible triggers of things that completely bother them. It will help keep the Scorpio’s mind in a good balance.

Obsidian can also serve as a form of shield to protect the Scorpio. Since this sign tends to flip the switch, it will be like a cloak that can cover them from harm. Traumas, phobias, and physical pain are among others which this crystal can ward off. As for excessive energy, this stone can also release psychological roadblocks within the mind. This can also bring relief from emotional pain.

Lapis Lazuli

Blue gemstone
Lapis Lazuli

This attractive stone is in deep blue with a dash of gold hues making it look like the sky decorated with stars. Lapis Lazuli is a famous stone since ancient times. As proof, the lovely sarcophagus of King Tut contains a lot of these stones. This crystal is meant to strengthen the mind and promote emotional stability.

This precious stone is known for being an aid to battle extreme emotional turmoil. The list includes emotional abuse, depression, grief, and trauma. This crystal eases it by helping the individual to open up. Scorpios are known to be reluctant in doing this. Having this on hand can make them more comfortable in doing it. When this is achieved better communication and a sense of security will follow.

Lapis Lazuli as it enables a person to be more open about the situation can enhance the feeling of acceptance. If this is achieved, it is the first step of moving forward from an unpleasant experience. Sharing sensitive details is a feat hard to do. But when it is overcome existing friendships and relationships will become stronger.


Scorpios are passion-filled that they could be compared to a scorching flame despite being a water sign. To manage this flaming energy Ruby will be handy. This crystal can regulate a person’s inner chi to keep things in balance. Passion is a good thing to possess but if not directed properly, it can lead to an obsession that is not advisable to have.

Ruby is associated with the Root and Heart Chakra. This combination is effective in balancing the emotions that are related to the heart and the confidence to act upon them. When this is achieved, the wearer can have a more spontaneous attitude. To which a stuck-up Scorpio deserves to break out.

Scorpios are people who need understanding and patience. As it is hard for them to speak out, spiritual support is needed. However, if at first, they refuse to open up, gifting them these crystals will aid the processing of their openness.

How to choose your Scorpio crystals

Choosing the best crystals for the Scorpio zodiac sign is simple. First, pay attention to which areas of your life you struggle with most. If you struggle to open up, you might want to grab Lapid Lazuli. However, if you want to attract prosperity, Citrine is a great crystal!

There are certain crystals that Scorpios should avoid as they can have a negative effect on their personality. To find out which crystals to steer clear of, please read more here.

You can also add multiple crystals to your Scorpio gemstone collection. There’s no harm in getting more than one stone and seeing which works best for you.

Are you a Scorpio? Drop a comment below!

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