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The Throat chakra seems to be easily influenced in many people, along with the Solar Plexus, and often these two chakras need more attention to keep them healthy and balanced than the other chakras within the system.

The reason for the sensitivity of the Throat chakra could simply be because it performs many functions, both in the physical body and the etheric or subtle body.

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Our different chakras

The Throat chakra is the voice of the body, meaning that other chakras often find their expression through the throat, and of course, many of us engage in an almost perpetual internal dialogue throughout our waking hours.

Unfortunately, many of us are not particularly kind to ourselves in our self-talk, often berating ourselves unfairly for the smallest mistake or perceived shortcomings.

All of these factors can take their toll on the Throat chakra so it is essential to take some time to work on bringing it back into balance and harmony with the benevolent energy flow of Universal healing.


Properties of the Throat Chakra

The Throat chakra is responsible for our communications with the world, and when there is a blockage or imbalance in this area, we may find that we talk too little or too much.

We may also find ourselves holding back from saying the things we need to say to those around us.

Sometimes this is the result of having been silenced by others either through ridicule of our spiritual beliefs or simply through bullying.

It is vital for your emotional health that you recognize the indicators of a blocked or imbalanced Throat chakra and these often manifest in the area of the neck, throat, ears and upper chest.

Conditions such as thyroid problems, earache, frequent sore throats or mouth ulcers can all indicate an imbalanced Throat chakra.

Taking steps to alleviate these symptoms will help to clear and harmonize the energies of the Throat chakra, allowing you to speak your truth, feel empathy for others and make sound decisions.

Throat Chakra Stones

The easiest way to keep your throat chakra in balance is to wear a necklace or choker made from blue and blue-green stones.

The following stones all make beautiful jewelry and have different vibrational frequencies, which have slightly different effects.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is usually found is shades of deep vibrant blue.

Blue gemstone

It is a semi-precious stone and is credited with the ability to open, balance and stimulate the Throat chakra, restoring your ability to communicate effectively.


Amazonite is also a semi-precious stone but tends towards green and turquoise hues rather than deep blue.

Green stone

It can help to restore emotional balance and dispel negativity.

Amazonite has a soothing vibration that tends to calm is an excellent choice to work with if you feel that you are talking too much but saying too little.


Turquoise is also used to restore balance and can help to bolster self-confidence and guard against damaging self-criticism.

Turquoise crystal stone

This crystal is often found in larger pieces and can be used as a rubbing stone. Use tumbled stones in pretty containers near to your workspace if you work at a desk.


Aquamarine is a gentler stone, often occurring in shades of pale blue and light green. It is said to offer courage, dispel fear and promote tolerance.

This stone is known as truth stone and encourages you to have confidence when speaking your truth and in standing up for yourself and others.

It is a cheerful crystal that has an uplifting effect on the spirits and makes an excellent gift for anyone who is recovering from a long illness.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is a popular choice for neck jewelry as it carries a comforting, soothing, nurturing vibration that helps to calm anxiety, dispel negativity and restore self-belief.

Light blue crystal

It occurs in delicate shades of pale blue reminiscent of the color of the sky on a summer’s day.

When used on the Throat chakra the effect can be subtle but powerful. It may help those who are shy or who struggle to be heard by others.

How to use Throat Chakra Stones

As well as wearing any of the above stones as jewelry, you can carry pieces of these beautiful crystals in your pocket or purse.

Meditation with Throat chakra stones are especially effective if you combine them with visualizations of running water.

A particularly helpful meditation for anyone experiencing low self-esteem is to imagine the waves of the sea washing into the chakra and bringing cleansing, positive energies to clear away unwanted thoughts and behaviors.

Imagine the waves crashing onto the beach and taking away all the debris so that it can be transmuted by Source.

As with working on the Third eye it is important to have patience and be gentle with yourself as results are not always immediate.

Imbalances in the Throat chakra often manifest in non-physical ways such as compulsive talking, timidity or shyness.

If you feel that you are prone to dishonesty, or are insensitive to the needs of others, this may indicate that you would benefit from working on your Throat chakra.

It is a common misconception that anyone who tells lies is doing so deliberately and intending to cause damage or distress to others.

Using chakra stones in conjunction with meditations and visualizations can often bring up emotional issues that we are not aware of.

Set a clear intention and call in any Angels or guides that you like to work with. Archangel Michael is one of the best angels to work with on these issues. Ask that any lies you may have told, or be telling now to protect yourself are released from your Throat chakra.

You may feel a little discomfort and a choking sensation when this happens, but it is important to stay with the process as the cleansing and clearing takes place. Request that Michael allows you his protection so that you can let go of the lies or untruths you feel are necessary.

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