About Divine Twist

My name is Dee, short for Dimitra. I started Divine Twist to help beginners find easy-to-understand information on crystals and chakras. I began my journey into crystals when I was only eight years old. I was gifted a geode and was mesmerized with how a seemingly plain rock could be filled with such beautiful crystals.

After that, I sought out all the different crystals I could get my hands on and would intently study the powers they held.

I still have all my crystals from when I was a child and I use them to this day. They’ve been around more energy than you can imagine and I wanted to start Divine Twist to share my experience with crystals with you.

If you aren’t sure where to start, here are my top three recommendations:

  1. Crystals for Beginners
  2. Chakras for Beginners
  3. The Top Crystals and Their Uses