Crystals for Creativity, Energy & Imagination

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If you find yourself lacking momentum and creativity to move forward in life, you may benefit from using some of the below crystals for creativity.

Dorothy Parker said that “creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye.” Creativity and discipline go hand in hand, which is why the below stones are perfect for enhancing your creativity as they will also provide you with motivation and discipline to follow through on your goals.

Who should use Crystals to enhance creativity?

Everyone can benefit from crystals, but if you are looking at it from a purely creative perspective, the following people may find an additional benefit to using the stones listed:

  • writers
  • musicians
  • entrepreneurs
  • students
  • architects and builders
  • those who work with numbers (analysts, etc)
  • artists

But this isn’t an exhaustive list, and virtually anyone who wishes to boost their imagination, inspiration and creativity will benefit from these stones.

The Best Stones for Creativity

1. Tiger’s Eye | Creativity, Willpower & Sharpness

Orange and brown gemstone

How to use this stone: Wear Tiger’s Eye as a necklace or bracelet so it’s kept close to your body throughout the day

ChakraSacralBaseSolar Plexus

Stone summary: The Tiger’s Eye is the perfect stone for when you need to ignite your inner fire. If you are lacking creativity and inspiration, Tiger’s Eye will stimulate you emotionally and help increase your energy levels. Helpful for those who feel stuck and in a rut, Tiger’s Eye is ideal if you need clarity and sharpness for your mind. If you have to make important decisions, you’ll want Tiger’s Eye by your side as it helps to increase mental clarity and brings a sharp focus to the mind.

It will stabilize your mood so you will be able to make informed decisions. The “all-seeing, all-knowing” Tiger’s Eye stone will provide you with the same insight, allowing you to bring together lots of information and make valuable decisions from the information you are given.

This stone is great for those who have busy, fast-paced careers and need a little extra support to manage a team and make decisions. If you need help completing a project or having the mental clarity to solve a problem in a creative fashion, Tiger’s Eye is the stone you need. While this powerful stone provides intense energy, it complements all that extra energy by providing the wearer with additional calmness.

2. Carnelian | Creativity, Courage & Self-Esteem

Orange crystal stone

How to use this stone: Meditate with these crystals in your hand or resting on the Sacral Chakra


Stone summary: Carnelian is a beautiful red/orange gemstone that provides courage, improves self-esteem and encourages creativity. For those lacking the courage to pursue creative endeavors, this stone will help. Carnelian will provide you the courage you need to overcome a difficult situation.

As this crystal will sharpen your concentration, you’ll feel confident in any decision-making process you’re involved in. Carnelian is known as the Singer’s Stone, as it gives a boost of confidence and eliminates self-doubt; perfect for those who need to go onstage.

Whether you are a performance artist or you need to give a presentation, you can use Carnelian to provide you with the support, courage and creativity you need to excel. With Carnelian, your intuition will remain sharp and any projects or tasks you need to complete will come easily to you.

3. Orange Calcite | Creativity, Motivation & Courage

Orange and white crystal stone

How to use this stone: Wear this gemstone when you need an increase in creative energies and protection from laziness

ChakraSacralSolar Plexus

Stone summary: If your lack of creativity stems from a polluted mind, Orange Calcite is here to help. This powerful orange crystal is incredibly cleansing and will remove any creative blocks that are stopping you from reaching your full creative potential. If you are lacking creativity due to feeling emotionally off-balance, Orange Calcite will balance you emotionally and bring energy to your life.

Often, fear can be a major creative blockage and this gemstone is perfect for removing fear from your mind. Orange Calcite also gives a slight boost to your intuition and sharpens your mind, allowing you to tap into your creative energies.

When you feel sluggish or low-energy, Orange Calcite will be there for you, helping you to take the first steps you need to achieve any goals you might have. It is the perfect crystal for motivation and creativity.

4. Citrine | Imagination, Success & Manifestation

Orange and white polished gemstone

How to use this stone: Repeat a mantra while holding Citrine in your palms

ChakraSolar Plexus

Stone summary: Citrine is a yellow quartz stone that carries the healing powers of the sun. Just like the sun awakens the world from a cold slumber when spring arrives, Citrine will do the same for your creativity, hopes and dreams. Your creativity will be ignited when Citrine is in your presence and you’ll feel a renewed sense of passion towards your dreams and deepest wishes.

The clarity that Citrine gemstones bring to your mind will help you reach those dreams. Citrine is also known as the Merchant Stone, and provides entrepreneurs success for their business. Citrine will also help remove any negative energy that may be blocking your creativity.

5. Blue Apatite | Motivation & Ambitiousness

Light blue and white crystal stone

How to use this stone: Wear close to your chakras, such as in a necklace

ChakraThird EyeThroat

Stone summary: Blue Apatite is a great crystal for manifesting your desires, dreams and goals. It will help you unlock a new level of your creativity and expand your knowledge. The vibrations of Blue Apatite will cleanse your aura which is perfect if you feel like you’re in a creative rut or have negative energies clouding your creative mind.

Blue Apatite can help you to experience lucid dreaming, astral travel and is a powerful crystal to help you tune into your psychic ability. Your imagination will be both revived and strengthened with this stone, and you’ll feel ambitious and confident to tackle projects, goals and reach your dreams.

6. Pyrite | Intelligence, Creativity & Memory

Gold stone

How to use this stone: Meditate with Pyrite and envision what it is you are hoping to manifest

ChakraSacralSolar Plexus

Stone summary: Popularly known as “Fool’s Gold,” this glimmery stone emits masculine energy but is anything but foolish. Pyrite is an Earth element, and “pyr” comes from the Greek word meaning “fire.”

Pyrite will connect you to Mother Nature as it draws the energy from the Earth and into your body, shielding and protecting you from any negative energy that you may face throughout the day.

This crystal will enhance your memory, energize your surroundings and stimulate your intelligence. Pyrite is the ultimate symbol of wealth and status and is a favorite crystal for entrepreneurs and business owners. Which shouldn’t be surprising, considering Pyrite is also one of the top crystals for confidence. Specifically, Pyrite provides creativity in art, math and science-type fields.

7. Lapis Lazuli | Self-expression, Intuition & Truth

Blue gemstone

How to use this stone: Keep your Lapis Lazuli crystals near the chakra you’d like it to work on

ChakraThird EyeThroat

Stone summary: Lapis Lazuli gemstones will wash you with calmness and peace, perfect for those who can’t think of new ideas because their head is swimming with anxiety.

Because Lapis Lazuli is a throat chakra stone, it will help you with self-expression so you can recite lines with ease. This can be particularly useful for actors and stage performers.

How to Use Crystals for Creativity

Whether you need help with creative writing or musical inspiration, the above crystals will help you remove any creative blocks you may have and give you soaring creativity.

There are many different ways that you can use crystals for creativity. If your creativity is suffering from a lack of focus, you might want to pair one of the above crystals with some of our recommended crystals for focus.

Pro tip: Your Sacral chakra or Root chakra could be misaligned if you’re lacking creativity. The following articles will help you find the best crystals to balance these two chakras:

It can be effective to meditate with these crystals and envision what you wish to achieve. You may also wear them close to their respective chakras to reap the benefits all day.

What is your favorite crystal for creativity? Let us know below.

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