Moldavite and Relationships

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Moldavite and relationships *sigh*. If you’re here, it’s likely one of three reasons:

  1. You want to see how using Moldavite will affect your relationship
  2. Your relationship has changed since using Moldavite and you want to know whether Moldavite was the reason
  3. You’re wondering if Moldavite can attract love

I’ve been interested in Moldavite’s powers for a little over a year now. I’ve used Moldavite in very brief sessions, and although it’s not a crystal I use often, I’ve had major life changes from it.

But in terms of my relationships, Moldavite hasn’t had any major affects. But here’s the thing: Moldavite works differently for everyone and I know for many people, it turns their relationships upside down.

I decided to reach out to friends to ask them if they could share their stories about the effects Moldavite had on their relationships.

But first, here’s a brief overview of what Moldavite is and how it works.

Overview of Moldavite

Moldavite is often touted as a dangerous crystal. But is Moldavite dangerous?

The short answer is: no (to learn more about the dangers of Moldavite, click the above link).

Here’s how Moldavite works:

Moldavite is an incredibly fast-acting stone. It can completely rearrange your life in the blink of an eye.

For many, the changes from Moldavite come too soon and too fast.

But here’s what you need to keep in mind.

Moldavite only brings changes that you need to move forward.

Moldavite doesn’t bring changes into your life that are going to cause you ANY kind of harm.

Moldavite and Relationships: 5 Crazy Stories

These five stories come from people who have used Moldavite specifically for their relationships. They will give you some perspective of how Moldavite and relationships work together.

“Moldavite turned my relationship upside-down”

“I picked up some Moldavite from a local crystal shop in my home city. The person who sold it to me gave me very specific instructions (because he knew I was more of a beginner with crystals) and told me to only use Moldavite for a few minutes per day when I was first starting out.

My biggest weakness is how impatient I am so I ignored his advice and decided to wear Moldavite ALL day. I took it off at night because I didn’t want it to affect my sleep, but otherwise, I had my necklace on all day long.

I could definitely feel its powers. When I first wore it, it felt warm and almost like it was vibrating ever so slightly. I was also ALWAYS drained while wearing it. I’ve spoken to a lot of people who say the same thing. It completely wears you out.

But back to my relationship. I had been dating my boyfriend for 3 years at the time. We had started talking about me moving in with him and it was really serious between us.

Part of me thought that if I wore Moldavite, it would speed things up. Like I’d move in with him, he’d propose, and we could start a family together.

I was fully convinced that is what was going to happen, but two weeks after I bought Moldavite, my boyfriend broke up with me. It felt like it came out of the blue and was absolutely soul-crushing. For months, I was SO mad at myself for buying the Moldavite. I felt like Moldavite turned my relationship upside down.

But about 6 months later, I got offered a job opportunity and was asked to move overseas. I know my ex-boyfriend would have never wanted to move overseas because he had a job he loved in the city. I took the job and am now loving my life abroad. If Moldavite hadn’t ended my relationship with my boyfriend, I truly don’t think I would have accepted this position abroad. I would have turned it down in order to stay in our relationship.

So looking back, although Moldavite ended my relationship, it was the best thing to ever happen to me. Now I get to live in a really cool place, I have a job I love, I’ve met so many new friends, and I’m enjoying the single life. I wouldn’t change a thing.” – Natasha P.

“I lost all of my friends”

“How do I succinctly describe what happened after I got Moldavite? Oh right, I lost all of my friends.

Let’s back up a bit. Here’s a bit of backstory…

In college, I was in a school club (photography) and had met a few people. Quickly, four of us became really good friends. The three of them had already previously known one another (they were in the photography club together the previous year, whereas I had just joined), but they hadn’t known eachother all that long yet for some reason, I always felt like I was intruding on some kind of special friendship. I tried to brush it off, though.

Since we all loved to take pictures, we would often get together and have fun photo days. Basically, we’d pick a new activity (like bowling or hiking) and bring our cameras, and spend time trying to get cool shots.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that growing up I never had tons of friends, so this was the first time in my life that I had a group of friends where we’d all do things together.

Anyways, for one of our fun photo days we decided to get some crystals. Crystals are gorgeous to photograph and you can do cool things with them, like play with the light, set up beautiful shots…

At the time, I didn’t know anything about crystals and their healing powers. We went to this shop and decided to buy really cheap crystals for our photos (there was a bin with crystals for a couple of bucks a piece that we picked up).

One of my friends overhead the lady working telling this other customer about this stone that brings instant change and will improve your life. We ended up asking the sales lady what she was talking about and she told us that she was referring to a stone called “Moldavite”.

The stone was around $200 but she had us hooked. We decided to each pitch in and buy one piece of Moldavite that we could all share. The lady warned us that we’d need to cleanse it before using it if we intended to pass it along to another person, but otherwise, she said it would be fine if we wanted to share it.

I was the first person to get the Moldavite, and because I didn’t really know much about crystals, I had no idea what to do with it. It was a chunk so I put it in my backpack since I always had my backpack near me.

First, it started when one of my friends expressed how she felt it was unfair that I got to get Moldavite first. She told me she was desperate for change in her life and that I was being selfish for using Moldavite when she clearly needed it more than I did.

I told her that she doesn’t know of everything in my life, and that she has no way of knowing whether or not I need the Moldavite.

After that, she began talking to the others behind my back about how “rude” I was to her when she told me she wanted the Moldavite.

Everything moved fast from there. My so-called friends began to ignore me during our photography club meet-ups, but the worst was when I saw them all post photos to Facebook from a fun photo day that they didn’t invite me to.

I was super hurt. I didn’t know how to react. I’m not a confrontational person but something inside of me was telling me to say something, so during our next photography club meetup, I confronted them all and asked what was going on. Long story short, they all began saying how I had changed and how it was selfish of me to keep the Moldavite for so long (we hadn’t really planned how long each person should have it for, but I had only had it for two weeks so I wasn’t sure where this was all coming from).

I decided to give them the Moldavite but the damage had already been done. I wasn’t willing to remain friends with people who were going to treat me like this. It also made me realize that when I had those feelings that I was intruding on a group of friends, it was because they truly weren’t 100% open to letting me in.

I am so thankful that Moldavite opened my eyes and showed me how these people were not meant to be in my life. I also started using crystals more often since then, and have since found new friends who share my passions of crystals and spirituality! (Like Dee :))” – Amelia B.

“We’ve been married for 10 years now”

“I had read a lot about Moldavite before using it, so I knew exactly what could happen. But I was ready. I was in a place in my life where things were going amazing.

Don’t ask why I got Moldavite! Most people who get Moldavite are wanting some kind of change. Part of them knows deep down that they need to make changes but are too scared too…and Moldavite doesn’t really give them the option. It basically tells them, “this is how things are going to be from now on whether you like it or not.”

But for me, I was super happy. But I had always been curious about Moldavite and whether it would still push me towards any kind of changes. I’m all for growth and wasn’t scared.

It was a little over a month after I had started using Moldavite, and my boyfriend of 2 years proposed to me! We realized we didn’t want a super huge wedding, so we actually eloped the very next weekend.

We’ve been married for 10 years now and have 2 kids. We’re very happy. I know Moldavite helped shape that.” – Rima R.

“I found my true love”

“If you had asked me five years ago if I was happy, I would have told you yes.

I had just moved in with my girlfriend of four years. Like all new couples who have just moved in together, we wanted to decorate our new place. We hit up tons of decor stores to buy furniture, paintings, and decorations for our new place. While we were shopping, we came across a crystal store in our mall.

I actually had an interest in crystals, but I had forgotten about them for a few years, so we went in the store to browse.

The store had recently got some Moldavite in, and I was telling my girlfriend about how powerful it was. She has an open mind and was super interested in the stones, and she said she wanted to get the Moldavite. So we bought two stones, one for each of us.

A few days after, my girlfriend had a total meltdown. She told me how we were moving too fast and she didn’t want to live with me anymore.

I couldn’t believe it. I was seriously shocked. We had been together for four years, how is that too fast?

I was absolutely devastated. We broke up and went our separate ways. About a month after our breakup, a friend of mine had set me up with a friend of hers. At this time, I was still using Moldavite (I didn’t blame it for ending my relationship because I trusted it knew what it was doing).

I went on a blind date with my friend’s friend and we hit it off instantly. We started talking and realized we had both grown up in the same town (I was living about three hours away from where I grew up) and we actually had some mutual friends. We began to hang out more and more often and eventually, we started dating.

In the end we got married and I hold no bitter feelings towards Moldavite. After all, I found my true love!” – Nikki T.

“I got my first boyfriend”

“I’ll keep this nice and short. For a long time, I was super lonely and tired of being single. A friend had gifted me Moldavite and Rose Quartz (a crystal for love) and told me to use them together to help attract love. I didn’t know a thing about Moldavite and looking back, I’m super lucky nothing crazy happened because I was so inexperienced.

The very next day after my friend gave me Moldavite, my department at work hired a new guy and had asked me to show him around the office.

The rest is history. We started dating a couple of months later and we’ve been together ever since!” – Lilly B.

Should you use Moldavite for your relationship?

When using Moldavite for relationships, Moldavite will only ever do what’s in your best interest. In all the above stories, Moldavite didn’t ruin any perfectly good relationships. Moldavite will never wreck a good relationship, it will only push you in the right direction.

If you’re worried about Moldavite ruining your relationship ask yourself this: why are you so worried? Perhaps deep down you already know that this relationship isn’t as strong as it could be.

Before you use Moldavite for your relationships, it’s important to remember that you must activate Moldavite properly (click that link to learn how to activate it)! After it’s properly activated, you can use Moldavite to make powerful changes.


Can Moldavite attract love?

Yes, Moldavite can attract love. But it won’t attract any type of love, it will attract your soul mate.

Nothing we provide for you here is intended to replace any form of competent professional advice in any form. Please read our Terms & Condition for more information.

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