10 Incredible Healing Crystals for Taurus + 1 to Avoid

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Taurus is an earth sign, and one of the most practical and reliable signs of the zodiac. As such, their healing needs often require grounding and stability.

All zodiac signs have certain crystals to help them reach their potential, and the Taurus sign is no different. Crystals can be a great way to provide Taurans with the emotional and physical security they desire.

If you’re looking to add a little extra oomph to your Taurus self-care routine, consider reaching for some crystals. From Rose Quartz to Malachite, there are plenty of crystals for Taurus to help support this sign’s key qualities, like strength and determination.

And while they won’t do the work for you, they can be powerful reminders to stay the course when things get tough.

10 Best Crystals for the Taurus Zodiac Sign

We’ve done exhaustive research to find the best crystals for Taurus energy. Here’s what we found:

Rose Quartz

Pink quartz stone
Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the ideal crystal for Taurus, as this gemstone is the right one to establish lasting love relationships, something that matters a lot to this zodiac sign.

This crystal works to promote understanding, harmony, and stability within a love relationship. These virtues also extend to other bonds: family, friends, and co-workers.

Rose Quartz will always promote people getting along. This is something that Taurus likes, as they are calm, peaceful, and detest aggressive environments.

The healing properties of Rose Quartz focus on energetically aligning the Heart Chakra. That is why this mineral positively influences Taurus’ interpersonal relationships, making them get along well with everyone.

This gem is conducive to reconciliations and reunions between individuals who are quarreling or estranged due to differences in temperament.

This Taurus stone makes people leave differences behind and predispose them to get along. These virtues are very useful for those under the Taurus sun sign, as they simply want to cultivate harmonious interpersonal relationships in order to lead a peaceful lifestyle. Consider wearing a Rose Quartz bracelet or necklace to keep it on you throughout the day.


Green gemstone

Malachite is one of the best crystals for Taurus. This gemstone eliminates negative energy accumulated for a long time, freeing the individual from fears, sadness, and personal insecurities.

This healing stone is incredibly useful for people in the Taurus zodiac, as they tend to be conservative and fear change. Malachite makes Taurus step out of their comfort zone, encourage them to take risks, and ultimately triumph over adversity.

Taurus faces complex contexts and knows how to solve them in the best way. Malachite works on the subconscious mind of the individual to eliminate the fears that prevent them from evolving as human beings.

The main attributes of this Taurus crystal are emotional healing, protection, and willpower. These virtues make Tauruses more inwardly free and therefore not self-limiting in any area of life.

Malachite is the gemstone indicated to face great changes and positive transformations in life. This stone eliminates negativity and encourages Taurus to make the necessary changes in their life to feel better.


Pink stone.

Rhodonite is one of the Taurus crystals that best meet the inner needs of this zodiac sign. This gemstone has healing properties such as harmonizing interpersonal relationships, emotional self-healing, healing past traumas, bringing about reunions and reconciliations, and calming the mind from stress and anxiety.

These healing properties make Taurus carry out the lifestyle he wants to experience: peace, tranquility, calm, harmony.

This healing crystal is effective for meditation as it relaxes the mind to reach the desired meditative state. This mineral promotes deep and restful rest, combating insomnia or poor-quality sleep. Taurus loves to sleep well as it works hard during the day, so this gemstone is very useful for him/her.

This stone helps Taurus to enjoy the present, eliminating past grudges that hurt him/her emotionally. Rhodonite is very useful to balance an individual internally in case he/she has suffered a trauma, dangerous situations or some kind of physical or verbal aggression. This mineral heals immediately and the individual feels in harmony with him/herself and the environment.



Emerald is the perfect crystal for Taurus as it brings material success and good fortune for business. Plus, the Emerald is the official Taurus birthstone. Taurus is the zodiac sign of abundance of money and prosperity par excellence. Emerald opens paths that lead to wealth, opulence, and success of projects.

Therefore, the Emerald will help Taurus natives to achieve their most ambitious financial goals. This Taurus stone will eliminate any negativity that may be detrimental to your projects or business. This gemstone purifies the negativity that an environment may have and fills it with positive energy to bring about good fortune.

An Emerald stone is one of the most beautiful crystals in the world, as it also radiates a unique magnetism that makes it even more beautiful.

Taurus can benefit a lot from this mineral, as it will become more attractive to others. Emerald cleanses the energy field around Taurus, promoting only good vibes and positive energy. Thanks to this, Taurus can feel confident to take on the projects he likes the most and thus achieve the desired financial success.

Blue Kyanite

Long blue crystal stone.

Blue Kyanite is an incredibly powerful Taurus crystal of high energetic vibration. Blue Kyanite is also called the “Alignment Crystal” as it balances the individual’s seven chakras in perfect harmony. This healing property of Blue Kyanite causes the individual to reach a high spiritual state.

It allows Taurus to connect with higher states of consciousness and evolve internally.

This gemstone vibrates perfectly with the virtues of Taurus: calm, harmony, balance. Blue Kyanite is ideal for meditation, as it relaxes the mind deeply and the individual is able to perfect their practice. This gemstone works especially the Throat Chakra, favoring good interpersonal communication and body expression.

This mineral is so powerful that it helps to open the Third Eye, which is a source of infinite wisdom. Thanks to this property, Taurus increases their extrasensory perception of the people he meets and the environment around him.

Blue Kyanite allows harmony and coherence between what Taurus thinks, feels, says and does. This happens because this gemstone works on the balance of mind, body, emotions and spirit.

Tiger’s Eye

Orange and brown stone

Tiger’s Eye is a Taurus crystal that is conducive to wealth, intelligence and courage.

This gem generates good luck in work, projects, and independent business. The Tiger Eye favors the flow of money and the increase of material goods.

These properties are very useful for Taurus, as they prioritize financial success above all. This gemstone benefits the mental capacity of the individual, making him/her generate good ideas that lead to the success of his/her enterprise. The Tiger Eye is famous for eliminating fears and destroying dangers that may harm the individual.

This gem makes Taurus concrete investments knowing that he/she will earn more money. The Tiger Eye also protects from negative energy and the bad intentions of others. This gem alerts the individual to the potential danger that a particular situation or person can generate. The individual instinctively knows how to protect himself and moves away from negative contexts.

This mineral is also useful for taking exams, as it stimulates self-confidence and clarity of ideas. This mineral helps Taurus to feel sure of their own courage and to face challenges of all kinds. This gemstone promotes the spiritual balance of Taurus, making him/her feel satisfied with him/herself.

Lapis Lazuli

Blue gemstone
Lapis Lazuli

Among the most important healing properties of Lapis Lazuili are good communication and the correct body expression to transmit ideas and emotions.

This gemstone favors self-confidence, something that Taurus needs since they are usually very shy.

Lapis Lazuli balances Taurus internally and externally, making them feel good about themselves and in the same way feel in harmony with the environment that surrounds them.

This healing property also manages to eliminate stress and tensions accumulated over time.

This gem is energetically protective capturing harmful entities that could harm the individual, destroying their bad influence. It’s effective in removing curses from the past that could be harming the individual’s current life.

Lapis Lazuli also enhances self-awareness, which greatly benefits Taurus. They manage to know themselves well and therefore know what is the most convenient for them, in any area of life. This positively influences the social life of Taurus. They feel more comfortable expressing what they feel and showing others how they really are. That generates that everyone trusts him because they see an authentic and true individual.

Magano Calcite

Light pink stone.

Mangano Calcite is a Taurus crystal that enhances the creativity of this zodiac sign.

This gem has the following healing properties: eliminates mental and emotional blockages, generates positive energy, fosters internal balance and favors spiritual evolution.

It enhances the creativity of Taurus, which applies it in their projects and businesses that later generate a lot of money.

The Magano Calcite increases the wisdom of Taurus, who is capable of making good decisions that favor their future. This mineral gives a positive outlook on life, promoting good luck and self-confidence.

This Taurus crystal is especially effective when it comes to facing doubts, fears, and challenging projects. This gem provides powerful self-confidence that eliminates any negativity. Mangano Calcite helps solve problems, finding a solution that benefits everyone involved.

It’s is effective in times of transition, since it encourages good decision-making. During this period the individual feels optimistic and knows that changes are always for the better.

Mangano Calcite also drives away evil spirits that can inhabit a house or anywhere. This crystal provides protection in all circumstances.


White crystal slab

Selenite has powerful energy and works wonderfully for the Taurus zodiac. This gem stimulates Chakra 7, which allows the individual to connect with dimensions that have a higher level of consciousness. This makes Taurus evolve spiritually and be a happier individual during their earthly existence.

Selenite encourages mediumship, that is, direct communication with beings from other existential planes, such as angels, masters and spiritual guides.

On the other hand, this gem cleanses the individual of negative energy, freeing himself of harmful thoughts and emotions that make him feel bad. These healing properties are very good for Taurus, as they seek to feel comfortable with the world around them.

Selenite activates the Third Eye. That makes Taurus enhance their intuition, wisdom, and extrasensory perception.

It leads the individual towards inner peace, something that is then reflected in their earthly reality. This crystal for Taurus enhances mental concentration, favoring the practice of meditation. That makes the individual reach more complex goals because he acquires a greater self-confidence, generated by meditation.


Orange crystal stone

Carnelian amplifies a Tauruses strength, courage, and power. Carnelian removes negativity from the mind and spirit, allowing the individual to have vitality and positive energy to face their life.

This gem gives inner peace in the face of obstacles and negative circumstances. The individual feels capable of solving any problem and is not overwhelmed by any situation.

Carnelian favors the flow of personal energy, allowing the individual to carry out all the activities proposed daily. This benefits Taurus, as they work hard and need to properly manage the flow of their personal energy.

This gem stimulates success and the will to live. This virtue combats sadness, depression, and apathy that generate a negative mental state. Carnelian improves the quality of life for Taurus since they need to feel safe before undertaking any project.

1 Crystal to Avoid Using for Taurus

If you’re a Taurus looking to work with healing crystals, you may be overwhelmed by the variety of stones available. While some crystals have specific properties that can benefit Taureans, others can hinder their progress and even bring about negative results.

One of those crystals is Bloodstone.

Dark green stone.

This crystal is associated with strength and courage, but its high levels of energy can overwhelm a Taurus’ more steady vibrations and make them feel overwhelmed or stressed out.

Choosing the Best Crystals for Your Taurus Energy

There are no rules when trying to pick out stones for your zodiac sign. But our biggest piece of advice is to see which stones grabbed your attention while reading this article.

Chances are, any that caught your eye did so because your subconscious was trying to tell you that that’s the stone you need.

In conclusion

Using Taurus gemstones improves your quality of life in all areas. Some crystals vibrate at the same energetic frequency as this sign, enhancing its virtues and making you feel more confident.

These powerful crystals provide the well-being necessary for Taurus to feel in harmony with themself and others.

What are the best crystals for Taurus in your opinion? Leave a comment below.

Nothing we provide for you here is intended to replace any form of competent professional advice in any form. Please read our Terms & Condition for more information.

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