The Best Crystals for Aquarius

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As everyone tries to live their lives more meaningfully, they also strive to live more carefully by having faith and wisdom that there are healing powers and guidance that could offer ultimate protection.

Among these healing powers and guidance lies within the celestial alignment of Aquarius and the Aquarius crystals—which serve as a beacon to eliminate negative and dangerous energies.

As Aquarius arrives at the beginning of the new year, the winds of change blow across the celestial and mortal world.

The Aquarius is the water-bearer which symbolizes the washing away of the past and bringing forth the new future. If you are an Aquarius, you must be familiar with the Aquarius crystals and their healing prowess.

But first, we need to learn the Aquarius zodiac.

Aquarius Sun Energy and Characteristics

Those who are born between the 20th day of January up to the 18th day of February are under the air sign of Aquarius. Aquarians are known to be most humanitarian, progressive, and independent, as well as intelligent, unique, and idealistic in their outlook.

Aquarius is under the dominance of Uranus, the planet responsible for creativity, technological advancements, and surprising events.

Aquarius are also great thinkers, however, they must not lose sight of their surroundings. These water-bearers might become so concentrated on reforming society that they ignore their family and friends, widely known for being aloof and distant in their interpersonal connections.

As an Aquarius individual, you have the power to harness the full healing abilities of the Aquarius Zodiac sign. That is why it is imperative for Aquarius people to be familiar with the Aquarius crystals and their mystical properties to negate the negative energies that lurk everywhere.

There are Aquarius crystals that could keep you safe in whatever path in life you take. The following are the best crystals for Aquarius that embody protection and healings to people who make use of them.

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10 Best Healing Crystals for Aquarius

Now back to the crystals: these Aquarius crystals are forged from the might of the heavens and are beneficial to the people under the celestial alignment of Aquarius. Let the powers of the mystical healer—Aquarius the Water Bearer—manifest within you!

Look very carefully as to which Aquarius crystals best suits your current situation.

Rose Quartz

Pink quartz stone
Rose Quartz

The Aquarius crystal Rose Quartz symbolizes unconditional affection which would be useful to water bearers. The crystal is connected to the Heart Chakra which balances and heals emotional scars. As mentioned above, Aquarius is a healer zodiac, which means that this crystal draws its power from the compassionate characteristic of Aquarians in order to heal oneself as well as help other people.

Aquarians are naturally sympathetic and compassionate, and they have a strong belief in the goodness of other people and this must be among the explanations why most of the time they take it upon themselves to correct societal injustices.

This Aquarius crystal also takes their personal needs into consideration, something they might easily overlook when helping others too much. The Rose Quartz helps them reconnect with their emotions if they’re feeling disconnected. It increases their self-acceptance, self-confidence, and appreciation for their current situation.

This crystal helps Aquarians be the good people that they can be. This Aquarius crystal also helps to detoxify old and negative habits and brings forth “new change” for positive and good habits.

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Purple polished stone

This is the power crystal among the many noble crystals of Aquarius. Amethyst helps Aquarians connect with their intuition and spiritual direction. As a result, Aquarius are able to decide the best course of action for their new future. Some people are left hanging, not knowing what to do next or what path should they take, this crystal activates your wisdom to decide your future.

Amethyst removes all the negative energies of the past and cleanses your present to prepare you for a brighter tomorrow.

Amethyst, a crystal connected to the Third Eye Chakra, increases mental clarity and boosts intuition. It is a powerful crystal for Aquarius since it aids them in tuning into their intuition when working on tasks or determining whether or not to pursue a certain venture.

This is great for business-minded Aquarians because the crystal also resonates with Crown Chakra, it aids in connecting to one’s higher self, making it a very beneficial crystal for meditation, particularly when you are stuck or having difficulty seeing your future.

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Blue stone.

Aquamarine is a lovely light blue crystal with a soothing vibe. It’s one of the best crystals for Aquarius who need help soothing nerves and reducing anxiety. It has a powerful linkage to Aquarius, not just because they have both “Aqua” or water, but also because it promotes honesty and truth.

This Aquarius crystal protects you from deception and falsehood from the people around you. It improves your mental clarity and sharpness so that you can easily tell apart the truth from lies, making it easier to for you to reply swiftly in arguments or while trying to resolve conflicts with others.

This Aquarius crystal is connected to the Throat Chakra, and is ideal for Aquarians, particularly when it comes to helping them to express their innermost feelings and personal truths. Aquamarine promotes Aquarians to speak effectively, putting knowledge before emotions and personal prejudices, after all, Aquarians are known to be great thinkers.

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Black Onyx


The Black Onyx is a great crystal for Aquarians since they always drown themselves in overthinking resulting in depression and anxiety.

This is an aggressive Aquarius crystal connected to the Root Chakra which increases mental, spiritual, and emotional endurance.

Weaknesses may be turned into strengths, anxieties can be reduced, the nerves can be calmed and healthy relationships are encouraged.

Whenever you need stability or if you are feeling overwhelmed by negative thoughts, Black Onyx is the perfect Aquarius crystal! To shield yourself from negativity, wear Black Onyx as jewelry, especially during times of emotional turmoil.

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Gold stone

This Aquarius crystal has a strong association with the sun. A fire stone that enhances your drive to achieve your goals. Being a crystal of manifestation and a proponent of both money and prosperity, this crystal—like the fire crystal Amethyst—is a valuable crystal for business-minded Aquarians. This crystal has a unique connection with Aquarians since it promotes good ambitions and enhances motivations.

When dealing with social concerns and standing up to those in power to defend others, Pyrite draws upon your bravery and courage. Aquarius’ natural sense of justice is heightened as a result. This Aquarius crystal helps them use their strengths to better serve the greater good and make positive change in their communities and on the world in general.

In addition to providing physical protection, Pyrite is also a powerful crystal for protecting one’s mental and spiritual wellness.

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Beige stone called Labradorite.

This Aquarius crystal is prominent for stimulating spirits and helps Aquarians develop their connection to the higher spirit through the use of Labradorite. Thus, they are able to combine inspiration with intelligence in order to achieve their imaginative goals.

This wonderful blend of water and fire energies gives Aquarians a special combination of patience and enthusiasm that serves them well in achieving their goals.

Labradorite protects you from the discouragement of others. Since Aquarius are kind people who help reform society, other people emit negative energy by saying they are hypocrites and have ulterior motives. The Labradorite crystal protects Aquarians from those negative energies by keeping them away from those people or keeping them far from hearing those negative words.


Spirit Quartz

A spirit quartz crystal.

Spirit Quartz is famously known among the Aquarius Crystals as the choir of angels singing in harmony. By using Spirit Quartz, Aquarians can get in touch with their inner selves.

Aquarians are naturally gifted with immense ingenuity but what hinders them from accessing those gifts are themselves also. Confronting your weaknesses serves as your ultimate strength. Ironic it may seem, but Aquarius people who have battled with themselves and ultimately won those battles are unstoppable in achieving greatness in life. The Spirit Crystal is the supplement for your spirit to become strong in fighting your internal battles.

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grey shiny stone

Hematite is a mystical power among the Aquarius crystals. As a crystal of the Root Chakra, it is especially strong in grounding and balancing the body’s energy. Hematite is a strong negative energy absorber, it is especially effective for absorbing energy coming from your surroundings. If you live in a large city or are surrounded by lots of people, you need Hematite to ward off the negative energy.

Being surrounded by so much negativity clouds your judgment and affects you mentally and emotionally. Aquarius are vulnerable to these situations since they are healers, but Hematite protects you against negative energy by purging it before it comes closer to you. It puts up a circumferential barrier of positive and healing energy.

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Cream colored polished stone

The moonstone is among the finest in the collections of Aquarius Crystals. As Aquarians are prone to emotional detachment, Moonstone helps them to reconnect with their feelings and attain emotional equilibrium.

Among the characteristics of Aquarius mentioned above is being idealistic, so they often have high expectations on things that they want to achieve, however, the danger lies within the cause of failing those expectations.

Often, Aquarians can’t accept why their expectations failed them and which leads to deterioration of mind and soul. Moonstone’s energy will shine like a ray of hope to the bearer. This will motivate them and give them hope to keep trying.

Just as the moon illuminates in the darkest of the night, this crystal serves the same purpose. In your darkest moments, Moonstone’s powers will be invoked and it will protect you from dwelling too much in the darkness. This Aquarius crystal will connect you to your loved ones so that they can save you from your deep loneliness.



Red gemstone

The traditional Aquarius Crystal for people born in the month of January is the Garnet Crystal. Because Garnet is a crystal of passion, manifestation, courage, and willpower, it has a unique relationship to Aquarians.

It is a crystal that amplifies Aquarian qualities, while also enabling Aquarius people to moderate their negative traits. Since most of the Aquarius people are talented and gifted, they often have inextinguishable passion and willpower, however, this causes them to exhaust too much of their energies and might lead to being workaholics who are disconnected from their loved ones.

Garnet also encourages compassion and trust, as it’s a crystal that signifies the truth, as well as love. As Aquarians are recognized for their loyalty, but it might be difficult to get along with them at first because of their tendency to put up barriers particularly when interacting with people they don’t know. That’s why this crystal acts as a bridge so that positive-minded and pure people can reach you and be your friends. This crystal keeps out people who only wanted to be your friend for their personal gain.

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Finding the best crystals for the Aquarius zodiac sign

Finding the best crystals for your zodiac sign is actually quite easy. While all of the above Aquarius crystals resonate with the Zodiac Sign of Aquarius, they can be used by anyone, regardless of their Zodiac sign. To be the best of yourself this season, you will need to amplify your good characteristics and moderate the negative ones with the help of these crystals of Aquarius.

Live meaningfully and safely by uncovering your hidden potential as part of the Aquarius Zodiac Sign! You can associate these crystals as part of your everyday life, like using them as your jewelry or home decorations. Make these crystals your armor, weapon, and companion in this world full of uncertainties. You read to find out more about the worst crystals for Aquarius.

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