14 Crystals for Focus & Concentration

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Do you find yourself lacking focus and concentration? When you lack focus, it’s impossible to complete tasks and remain productive.

Even worse, a lack of focus can hurt your self-esteem, prevent you from achieving your goals, and stifle your creativity.

Yikes! It’s no wonder more people are turning to crystals for focus and improved concentration.

Today, we’re diving into the best healing crystals to reduce mental chatter and improve focus.

14 of the Best Crystals for Focus

Wave goodbye to absent-mindedness. These are the top healing crystals for focus and clarity to help you regain mental sharpness. This will help you remain motivated to complete tasks, have a higher sense of productivity and even improve your intelligence.

1. Amazonite

How to use this stone: Keep this crystal with you, especially during stressful times to remove toxic energy


Stone summary: Amazonite is one of my go-to crystals for focus simply because it has so many versatile healing properties. It is the perfect crystal to help you when your mind is swirling with thoughts that are preventing you from staying focused. Amazonite will equip you with the motivation you require to complete any task you would like to check off your to-do list. Amazonite crystals are known as a “good luck” charm, as they brings healing to old problems and makes way for you to achieve great things.

Amazonite crystals will keep you on track, help guide your intuition and clean up any negative and toxic energy. It’s perfect for helping you avoid any negative energy that may take up space in your mind and heart.

If you want crystals to help your communication skills, you should also look to Amazonite. People who use Amazonite report they have more confidence during work meetings and speaking their minds.

2. Malachite

Green gemstone

How to use this stone: Wear Malachite jewelry to balance your mood, remove negative energies, and keep yourself moving in a positive direction


Stone summary: Malachites are beautiful, earthy, rich-green crystals that help ward off any harmful energy you may carry. When you feel unfocused, it’s often a result of a racing mind and worrying about something.

Malachite will carry those fears away and guard your heart. This stone also protects you from things that may distract you in the workplace, such as bright lights and noise. If you work in a noisy environment and need focus, wearing Malachite will help.

The Malachite stone encourages growth and change and can break any negative patterns in your life. If you find yourself lacking focus and productivity because you are in a rut, Malachite will help you break that pattern and change for the better.

Warning: Malachite crystals can amplify negative energy as well as positive energy. If you feel strong negative energy, I recommend using different crystals before turning to Malachite. Malachite is full of healing energy but should only be used when you are in the right state of mind. Once the negative energies are gone, you can use Malachite’s protectiveness to ward that negativity away for good.

3. Hematite

grey shiny stone

How to use this stone: hold Hematite in your hand when you need to ground yourself


Stone summary: Hematite is a unique and sleek looking stone that is high in iron. Known to absorb any negative elements holding you back, Hematite is a wonderful crystal for focus. If your lack of focus is stemming from having an overactive and stressed-out mind, Hematite will help bring you back down to a state of focus and concentration. Hematite will help you see the good in every situation and makes a wonderful stone for meditation.

If you lack focus and motivation because you are ruminating, you should incorporate Hematite into your life and workspace. Hematite helps to calm your mind and also shift your perspective so that you are able to see the good in every situation.

4. Smoky Quartz

Brown stone
Smoky Quartz

How to use this stone: Place this stone in your work environment to cleanse any negative energy


Stone summary: Smoky Quartz can come in a couple of different colors including light smoky grey, brown or dark smoky grey. Smoky Quartz will help you reach a higher consciousness with a calm mind and cleanse negative vibes from your area. If your lack of focus stems from an overactive mind that is full of confusion, you will benefit from the calmness that Smoky Quartz provides.

Smoky Quartz will rid you of a cloudy mind and allow you to become more consistent with your tasks at hand. For those looking to increase productivity, Smoky Quartz is very helpful.

5. Tiger’s Eye

Orange and brown stone

How to use this stone: Wear Tiger’s Eye as a ring or bracelet on your right side, so it’s kept close to your body and lower chakras throughout the day

ChakraSacralBaseSolar Plexus

Stone summary: Tiger’s Eye is one of the best crystals for focus if you are in a mentally demanding job. The Tiger’s Eye stone is a powerful “all-seeing, all-knowing” stone. If your mind is clouded and foggy, the Tiger’s Eye will help you achieve focus and mental clarity so that you can think more thoroughly, analyze large amounts of data and aid in your decision-making process so that you can be confident you’re making the right choice with each decision.

Just as a Tiger in the wild has a sharp eye for obtaining what they need to survive, the Tiger’s Eye provides an intense sharpness to those who use it as well. You’ll also benefit from a surge in creativity when you incorporate Tiger’s Eye into your crystal collection.

If you are stuck and feel that you need a new perspective and a fresh mind, allow Tiger’s Eye to help bring you the clarity you desire. Tiger’s Eye is also one of our top healing crystals for motivation and will help you stay focused and motivated.

6. Sodalite

How to use this stone: If you know you’ll face stressful situations throughout your day, keep Sodalite nearby. Wear as earrings (to keep near your Third Eye) or place a chunk in your pocket.

ChakraThird Eye

Stone summary: If you’re a student who loses their train of thought, Sodalite is a crystal you’ll want in your collection. Particularly, Sodalite helps those that have trouble keeping their emotions at bay during stressful situations (such as test-taking or presentations).

It is one of the best healing crystals for students and is even named “The Student’s Stone.” Students need immense focus, concentration and mental clarity, and Sodalite certainly delivers.

7. Clear Quartz

White clear stone

How to use this stone: Hold in your left hand while meditating or lay down and place on your Crown chakra


Stone summary: Clear Quartz is one of the most versatile healing crystals. It’s one of the best beginner crystals as it amplifies the power of the stones it’s paired with.

But on top of emitting powerful vibrations, Clear Quartz crystals help your thoughts remain organized within your mind. If you’re like me, and your mind goes a mile a minute, you can use Clear Quartz to reduce the never-ending inner dialogue you have within your mind.

This will help you improve concentration, achieve mental clarity and get laser-sharp focus.

8. Green Aventurine

Green polished stone
Green Aventurine

How to use this stone: Wear near your Heart


Stone summary: If you want to improve your focus and energy because of financial goals, look no further than this lucky green crystal.

When you think of successful people in your life, what makes them successful? Usually, it’s because they have a drive like none other. They know their goals and they know exactly how to get there. To be like that, you need laser focus, and this crystal will help you with precisely that.

8. Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire stone

How to use this stone: Wear it on a short chain around your neck


Stone summary: You need a calm and clear mind to focus. Blue Sapphire has the incredible ability to wash calmness over your mind. If your mind is constantly racing, and you struggle to focus, keep Blue Sapphire nearby when it’s time to work.

Blue Sapphire also helps to open you up, so if you feel your mind is closed-off, meditate with Blue Sapphire before working. With an open mind, more ideas will flow freely, and you’ll be able to focus more on the task at hand.

As Blue Sapphire unblocks the Throat chakra, it’s a great stone to help you with your communication skills when you’re working on group projects. Communication is key in group settings, and clear communication can help groups overcome creative blocks and complete projects faster.

9. Red Jasper

Red Jasper

How to use this stone: Keep it in your pocket throughout the day or meditate prior to deep work


Stone summary: Red Jasper is a grounding stone that prevents negative energy from entering your mind. When you’re trying to focus, it’s imperative that you aren’t plagued with distracting thoughts. Keeping Red Jasper around when you work will ensure your mind is calm, allowing you to focus better on the task at hand.

This stone is incredibly grounding which makes it another great stone for focus. It will ground you and prevent your mind from wandering. Red Jasper is perfect for people who consider themselves day-dreamers and struggle to focus because they are constantly zoning out.

10. Rose Quartz

Pink quartz stone
Rose Quartz

How to use this stone: Wear as a necklace so it hangs near your heart chakra or place around your work area.

Chakra: Heart

Stone summary: Rose Quartz is one of the most popular crystals to use for this purpose due its powerful properties. It has a calming energy that can help to reduce stress and worry, allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand with clarity and ease.

Rose quartz is known as the ‘love stone’, so it’s no surprise that it has healing benefits too. When placed near a work area or during meditation, Rose Quartz can boost motivation, mental focus, creativity, and problem-solving skills. It also increases self-confidence and awareness, which can be helpful in completing tasks with more accuracy. This crystal makes it easier to stay present in the moment and encourages positive thinking patterns, which contribute to achieving goals more efficiently.

11. Black Tourmaline

Black stone.
Black Tourmaline

How to use this stone: When using Black Tourmaline crystals for motivation and focus, simply hold the stone during meditation sessions or keep it close to you while working or studying—even placing it on your desk can be beneficial.

Chakra: Root

Stone summary: Black tourmaline is known as a powerful protection stone that creates an energy shield around its wearer. This can help ward off harmful energy, allowing one to focus on their task without distraction or interference from outside sources. It also helps promote emotional balance by grounding one in the present moment to give you better mental focus for your work or studies.

Additionally, it can help relieve stress and anxiety that could otherwise interfere with productivity.

12. Green Quartz

polished green gemstone.

How to use this stone: Meditate with Green Quartz before a busy day.

Chakra: Heart

Stone summary: By now, you’ve likely noticed that there are plenty of crystals from the quartz family that made our list. You truly can’t go wrong using quartz for concentration.

Green quartz is a type of crystal that is known for its ability to provide increased focus and concentration. Energy healers often turn to this natural gemstone to increase their clarity and productivity in their everyday lives.

Green Quartz healing crystals have been used throughout history as a tool for meditation and alleviating stress. It’s said to be able to help ground you, providing a calming energy that can help improve your mental clarity and reduce anxiety or worry.

By harnessing this peaceful vibration, Green Quartz can be incredibly effective at helping you achieve your goals and stay focused on the task at hand.

In addition, its soothing effects are believed to help bring balance back into your life by helping you manage emotions more effectively.

13. Pyrite

Gold stone

How to use this stone: Create a crystal grid with Pyrite and Clear Quartz on your desk or where you work to help you reduce mental chatter and increase your mental abilities.

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Stone summary: People have used for centuries to boost mental focus, improve concentration and enhance productivity. Its energizing properties make it an ideal choice for anyone who needs to stay alert and motivated throughout the day.

Pyrite helps clear away distracting energies and thought patterns so one can focus on tasks without interruption. This makes it perfect for studying or completing demanding projects with greater ease and efficiency. It also supports creative processes by stimulating the flow of ideas and providing clarity of thought, allowing one to quickly generate new concepts and solutions.

The golden hue of pyrite helps stimulate motivation and inspiration while keeping distractions at bay. Its reflective surface also serves as a reminder to keep your eyes on the prize no matter what life throws your way.

14. Shungite

Black gemstone

How to use this stone:

Chakra: Root

Stone summary: Shungite is a rare stone found exclusively in Russia’s Karelia region, containing an abundance of carbon-based molecules. These molecules are said to be able to absorb electromagnetic radiation from natural sources like sunlight and man-made sources like cell phones.

As a result, when exposed to this type of energy field, Shungite is believed to help amplify mental clarity, allowing the user to concentrate more deeply on tasks at hand. Additionally, it helps reduce anxiety by calming the mind and improving moods associated with stress or worry.

Shungite filters out distractions by grounding your energy with its strong shielding properties. It can help to absorb mental clutter so that you are able to concentrate better on the task at hand.

Shungite is also believed to be helpful in relieving stress and anxiety so that you can remain calm while focusing on what needs to get done.

Additionally, many people use Shungite when they need an extra boost of motivation or inspiration when tackling a project or assignment.

Using healing stones for focus and motivation

The above focus crystals will help you improve concentration, raise your vibes, and emit positive energy in your life.

Each of the healing crystals above lists tips for how you might use them, but overall, meditating with your crystals or wearing them close to your body in the form of jewelry (or carrying them in your pockets) is a good way to reap their benefits.

If you struggle with meditation, check out our guide to crystals for meditating so you can get the most out of your crystal use.

Which crystals for focus and motivation do you like best? Comment below.

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