The Best Healing Crystals for Capricorn

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Capricorns have many incredibly qualities. They’re hardworking and have laser focus on their goals. They won’t stop until they feel as if they’ve reached success, but oftentimes, their perfectionist tendencies get in the way.

If you’re a Capricorn, there are several healing crystals you can use to amplify your good traits and help you in areas where you might feel stuck. The crystals listed in this article will help you improve your focus, add balance to your life, and begin healing.

But before we dive into the best crystals for Capricorns, let’s learn a little bit about what makes Capricorns so special and unique.

About the Capricorn zodiac sign

Capricorn, the last Earth sign is the tenth out of the twelve zodiac signs. Individuals born from December 21 to January 20 are under this star. Capricorn is represented by the constellation Capricornus, the horned goat.

People under this star sign are described as hardworking, ambitious, goal-oriented, practical, and organized. In terms of romance, Capricorns are not the type to show public display of affection. But they are passionate and serious in dealing with relationships. Friendship wise this star sign due to its reserved nature is quite hard to crack. However, winning them over they are very loyal and protective peers.

To invigorate and give a fortune to these individuals under this star, we have listed 10 crystals for Capricorn. These options of Capricorn crystals are readily available in the market. Aside from the spirituality it brings, these crystals for Capricorn are also attractive ornaments be they in form of jewelry or home decoration.

Best Capricorn crystals

Capricorns should consider adding these crystals to their collection to remove negative energy and enhance their personalities.

Smoky Quartz

Brown stone
Smoky Quartz

The earthy Capricorn needs strong grounding energy to accomplish its goals. In this context, the Smoky Quartz which is derived from the Quartz crystal is very handy.

This stone symbolizes stability and grounding and is therefore known as the “grounding stone.” This precious stone detoxifies the individual from fear, negative emotions, and bad energy that is evident in the environment.

Capricorns can be overly critical of themselves, keeping this on hand will aid them in being kinder to themselves.

In the view of spiritual healing, Smoky Quartz can channel lower energies to higher level energies that will result in the connection with mother Earth. Capricorn is an Earth sign that can reach a higher state of consciousness due to this. When this is achieved, stagnant, unwanted energy or other stressful layers of life can be taken away. The process is like the shedding of skin where the spirit will be revitalized, awakened, and reborn. For people struggling with depression, the Smoky Quartz can aid in inputting a sense of calm in their life.

Physically Smoky Quartz can relieve the effects of electromagnetic radiation. This toxic element is present in every item such as the computers being used at work or study.

It also has a presence in mobile phones that are being carried by everyone. The Smoky Quartz will work as a shield against this radiation.



This beautiful element is the zodiac stone for Capricorn about Western and Hindu astrology. This crystal is often used as amulets or jewelry pieces since it is believed to have mystical powers. The variety that is most suitable for Capricorn is Black Onyx due to its protective abilities. It is good to carry it during traveling as it can fight fears and promote inner strength.

Black Onyx is associated with the healing of emotional wounds that occurred in the past. Capricorns are ambitious and goal-oriented, being caught up with old issues can be burdensome.

It can also affect how they can view a situation, so it is best to get rid of the mental stress. Capricorns love to be practical and organized, this crystal centers the body’s energy. Therefore doing tasks to achieve their goals will be more convenient to do.

If things are doing well as planned Capricorns productivity will be enhanced more. And if they feel accomplished, it is a great boost for their mental health.

Due to Black Onyx’s protective properties, it eases tension that fuels sleep disorders.

Bones are also said to be weakened if stress is high. The ability of onyx to release negativity can also help in changing bad habits that can affect overall health. Keeping it on hand can aid in the goal of living a healthier lifestyle.


Brown and green stone.

As Capricorns are very serious, they make their decisions with full thought and caution. To yield the best result divine guidance is needed as well as heightened intuition. This can be provided by the moonstone Azurite which is known as the “Stone of Heaven”.

This crystal can encourage a person to improve concentration and develop a better work ethic.

Azurite when placed in a working studio will promote concentration, spiritual wisdom and increase intuition. To hard-working Capricorns having this on hand will be a great relief and lower stress levels. Since Azurite is in the business of removing blockages, it also gives the cells the power to regenerate. This process can promote solid oxygen flow in the body and the brain.

This can result in a better physical dynamic that can put the creativity ignited also by Azurite into action.

Rose Quartz

Pink quartz stone
Rose Quartz

Capricorns by nature can be prudent and they always take time in getting themselves involved in any type of relationship. That is why for this group of people, the Rose Quartz which is the stone for all types of love will be helpful. Love can come in different forms it can platonic friendships or passionate commitments.

Having this on hand can center the energy of self-acceptance and love of a Capricorn so that their relationships will flourish, both romantic and platonic.


In different cultures such as Arabic, Italian, Hebrew, Ayurvedic, and Roman, Ruby is recognized as a traditional birthstone. As it is associated with December, it also falls on the dates that the zodiac Capricorn represents. This precious red stone is believed to provide peace of mind, mental power, and courage.

This precious Capricorn crystal is helpful to the ambitious people under this sign. There will be a lot of challenges in their endeavors as these individuals are goal-oriented.

This red gemstone can push away impure thoughts and preserve the chastity of the mind. Since Capricorns have high regard for integrity the soundness of mind is important. It is a requirement to make correct decisions that will coincide with their values.

Tired Capricorns can receive energy from this crystal stone. Rubies are thought to stimulate the heart chakra that physically energizes the body. It can aid Capricorn’s passionate personality.

But at the same time not allow them to be burdened with over-exhaustion.

In terms of mental health, Ruby drives motivation by promoting positive dreams and clear visualizations.

Having these can improve the planning of goals or how to maintain wealth and passion. Getting these benefits, can result in better leadership dynamics that are positive, sharp, focused, and observant. It will be very helpful in situations that involve disputes or controversies.


Red gemstone

Garnet shares the slot as a birthstone for Capricorns since it is the gemstone for January. In the country of India, Capricorn’s equivalent is Makar and the stone associated with is Raktamani or Garnet in English. It is regarded as an element of the Earth and is ruled by the planet Saturn.

The Garnet is the symbol of a mysterious night and the glorious light merging. This is parallel to Capricorn’s timeline of starting its reign during winter solstice or the first day of astronomical winter.

Garnet is an enhancer of positive qualities that is already inherent in an individual. In terms of mental and emotional stability, Garnet stabilizes this for the insightful Capricorn.

Due to their sound mind and radical nature, Capricorns are often sought for advice in various fields. Garnet pushes away negativity which is essential in keeping a healthy state of mind.

In terms of productivity, Red Garnet is also a reliable enhancer. Another variant which is the pink or violet hue is associated with regeneration and transmutation.


Sodalite when at hand aids to bring wisdom, clearness of thought, inner beauty, and creativity. The appearance of this lovely blue crystal is appealing to the eyes and just by looking at it brings a sense of calm. This precious stone can cut through the confusion and chaos that are evident in everyday life.

As this happens your spirit will be in place of spiritual universal oneness. From there your energies can be tapped to tear down the walls of distractions and doubts.

Capricorns are through planners in every aspect. That is why seeing a clear vision of their plans and ideas is highly regarded.

Due to the self-awareness it brings, emotional balance can be achieved therefore reducing occurrences of panic attacks.

As self-esteem is built together with self-trust and self-acceptance the body’s metabolism can improve. If this is achieved the immunity system can be boosted but making the body less sickly. Also, the uplifted mood can reduce the risk of calcium deficiencies that can lead to bone health problems.


Cream colored polished stone

Capricorns are ambitious and can be a bit stubborn, that is why people under this star can be a bit aggressive at times. To counter this unwanted outcome, white crystals like Moonstones will be vital. This stone can aid spiritual transformation that will promote tact, elegance, and grace.

Practicing it daily will widen one’s territory by earning admiration for being wise, practical, and logical, which are the strong traits of Capricorns.

This feldspar mineral consists of sodium-potassium and aluminum silicate, closely related to feminine energy. That is why this crystal is said to soften the symptoms of PMS due to hormonal imbalances.


Polished stone with grey and brown layers

Capricorns are persistent when going towards their goal. At the same time, they are very patient in planning and executing their actions to get there. This characteristic shows how prudent they are.

To prevent this star sign from being burned out of their activities, keeping Agate on hand is essential. As the Capricorn move toward the finish line, this crystal will keep them in check and help practice caution.

And since it helps in preventing being burned out, it can also promote high-driven Capricorns to enjoy a goodnight’s sleep.


Purple polished stone

Amethyst crystal is like a natural tranquilizer that can ease a person’s stress and strain. The focused and work absorbed Capricorn when moving forward will most likely experience high tension.

It will be both affecting the mind and body. To make sure that an individual is not overwhelmed by pressure, keeping this precious stone close will be an aid in maintaining balance.

For mental health, this crystal keeps negativity away and is an effective stress relief when on hand. The sense of security and lower tension it brings can also ease anxiety disorders. It can also help balance mood swings, lessen feelings of sadness and grief. It can also increase intuition to busy Capricorns.

Choosing the best crystal

So there we have it, the list of 10 crystals for Capricorn star sign bearers. It is vital to have aids like these crystals so the output of efforts will be enhanced and more satisfying.

To pick your crystal, you can head to your local crystal shop and hold each crystal in your hand, choosing the one that feels right. You may instantly notice energy, which is an indication that it’s the right crystal to use.

You can also go through this list and see which one you feel most attracted to. Your intuition is a useful tool and can guide you to what you need!

Are you a Capricorn? Let me know in the comments below.

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