Heart Chakra Stones

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Working with the Heart chakra is slightly different to working with any of the other main chakras of the body.

This is because we tend to leave the Heart chakra open after we have finished the healing or balancing while closing the others down.

Chart of the chakras
Our different chakras

We leave it open so that we are fully receptive to the love that may be coming our way, both on the metaphysical and the physical planes, and also because we intend to be “open-hearted” and generous in our dealings with others whenever possible.

Using specific crystals to protect the Heart chakra is a pleasant way to ensure that your Heart center is both healthy and supported.

We do not wish to leave ourselves vulnerable in this area, so wearing a pendant or necklace with an appropriate stone or crystal is a good way to protect our emotional and mental wellbeing.


Chakras originated from the Hindu and Tantric Buddhism religions. While we look at Chakras today, it is through a very westernized-lens. Hindu and Tantric Buddhism religions don’t associate crystals, colors, or feelings with the different chakras. If you’d like to learn more about the history of chakras from a non-western perspective, please read here. And while you read through this, please keep in mind that this, again, is from a western yogi perspective.

Properties of the Heart Chakra

The Heart chakra is located in the center of the chest, slightly to the right of your physical heart.

This chakra is responsible for many of our emotional reactions and feelings and is capable of spreading its influence throughout the entire body as well as projecting loving vibrations and frequencies out into the world.

Keeping this chakra in balance is essential to our emotional health as it is only too easy to be either too open or too closed down from this center, depending on life experiences.

The Heart chakra governs love in all its manifestations. To feel truly fulfilled and contented all of us need to be able to feel and experience love, whether for another individual, a family, an animal or the entire world.

Trauma and experiences of betrayal or abuse, both past and present, can easily upset the balance of energy flowing through the Heart chakra and this needs to be dealt with in a gentle, supportive way.

Energy healers can intuitively sense when a person’s Heart center is frozen, closed off, or surrounded by barriers.

The key to maintaining a healthy flow of energy through this center is to find the balance between giving and receiving and to ensure that we have sufficient internal reserves of confidence and resilience to allow us to take a few risks in love.

Divine and angelic love is always all around us, but if you have shut down your Heart chakra because of something that has happened on this physical plane, you may find you feel unable to benefit from the spiritual love and support that is yours whenever you ask for it.

Heart Chakra Stones

The crystals to choose for working with the heart chakra are usually pink or green in color. These crystals resonate at the same frequency as the Heart chakra and can enhance love, compassion, empathy and emotional generosity.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is accepted to be the most important and useful stone to call on when working with the Heart chakra. It resonates with nurturing, feminine energy and can bring both comfort and strength to anyone struggling with their emotions.

Pink quartz stone

Wearing a pendant of Rose Quartz or using a piece of it during a chakra balance helps to remove negative energies from the etheric body and encourages the flow of loving energy.

If you are suffering from a broken heart, Rose Quartz is one of the best crystals for self-love, so you can channel that pain into loving vibrations towards yourself.


Rhodochrosite is usually found in beautiful shades of deep pink, sometimes tinged with orange. It is the stone for self-love and compassion.

A peach striped gemstone

It is believed to have cleansing and clearing properties that make it useful for removing blockages in the Heart caused by deep-rooted hurts, often from the past.

It is also a good crystal to raise self-confidence and deal with self-doubt. Many people believe that this crystal can help to recall a lost love to you.  


Emerald is a precious stone and is much prized for its radiance and sparkling green appearance. It is also the highest form of energy resonating on the green ray of healing in many metaphysical traditions.

Known as the stone of successful love, it can help to bring compassion and balance to relationships of all kinds. It encourages loyalty and faithfulness and is a popular choice for betrothal rings for this reason.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is one of the best crystals for luck, but it does so much more than attract lucky vibrations. It’s also a major Heart healer. Green Aventurine has a much softer resonance than emerald but this does not mean that it is less effective as a healing stone for the Heart chakra.

Green polished stone

It can help to smooth away friction or negativity in relationships as well as helping you to recognize unhealthy patterns that need to be released from your own auric field.

It has very strong connections to nature which makes it a perfect choice as a Heart center protector.


Amazonite, with its blend of beautiful blues and green veins or swirls, is a very effective crystal to use if you wish to form a deeper connection between the Heart and the Throat chakra.

Green stone

Some people feel very deeply but are unable to articulate their feelings, in which case they may be misunderstood or perhaps unappreciated.

This stone helps form a bridge between the strong emotions of the heart and the communication center of the Throat.

It is a stone of hope and courage and can help to support those who are shy or lacking the confidence to speak out. 

Amazonite is one of our top crystals for new beginnings and is a suitable choice for anyone who feels trapped in a controlling relationship and needs the courage to leave it.

How to Use Heart Chakra Stones

Any of the above crystals will work well if placed on or near the Heart chakra during meditation. You can also use a chakra wand if you wish.

Set a clear intention regarding the health of your Heart chakra and breathe in the pure, unconditional love of the Universe to help you to achieve it. Continue to breathe in a comfortable rhythm until you feel any tightness or tension beginning to soften in your chest.

If you feel that your Heart has become closed or blocked because of hurts you have experienced, send love to this area through the stones you have chosen.

Meditating in this way is equally effective if you hold the stones in your hands. Visualize the loving, cleansing, clearing energies radiating from the stones, into your palms, along your arms and into your Heart center.

When you are ready to rejoin the world, keep the crystals with you so that you tap into their energy throughout the day.

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