8 Crystals to Protect You From Negative Energy

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Crystals have been found to be a great way to protect our mind, body, and spirit from negative energy. They have been around since the beginning of time and people have been using them in their everyday lives in order to feel at ease and protected from this type of harmful energy. There are a lot of different crystals that can help one feel less stressed, relaxed, and more at peace with themselves.

Today, we’re reviewing eight of our favorite crystals to protect you from negativity.

8 of the best crystals to protect you from negative energy

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Orange and white polished gemstone

Citrine is one of the most potent and beneficial crystals that one can use because it is a crystal that goes with the sun, connects us to the earth, and helps us to protect ourselves from harmful energies that we may be exposed to. If you’re someone who feels physical symptoms of stress (like an upset stomach) Citrine can help as it will help you get through stressful situations without actually feeling symptoms from stress. 

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Gold stone

Pyrite is a protective stone that is known for its positive effects on the body. It will help one to manifest good things such as luck and prosperity, so it is a good crystal to use during times of great stress. Pyrite is known for its ability to clear one’s aura. It will attract prosperity and good luck and will clear any negative energies that are floating around your aura. Pyrite will also help one to attract the right person or thing and help to heal emotional injuries.

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Ruby Zoisite

Green and purple stone with black spots

Ruby Zoisite is a beautiful stone that has a positive effect on the body. Ruby Zoisite is known for its ability to create new life and help one to attract that new life. It will help one to manifest love, abundance and life. Ruby Zoisite will protect you from negative energy and will help you to stay happily grounded.

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Green Agate

Multiple slices of agate rock.

Green Agate is a stone that is well known for its ability to help you to grow and is said to be incredibly healing. Green Agate is known for its ability to attract love, money and new change. Protection against negative energies is provided by Green Agate and will help you to stay balanced and happy. Green Agate helps to remove negative energy by absorbing any negative energies coming into your home.

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Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a stone that is helpful to those that are seeking spiritual guidance and guidance on the love aspect of their life. It brings balance to the Chakras and the energy field of the aura. It helps to keep the Chakras open and balanced and helps one to stay positive. It is said to help one find their true spirituality. It helps with trust and loyalty and helps with giving and receiving love and both personally and professionally.

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White crystal slab

Selenite is the ultimate cleanser and when placed around the home, will help to balance the energies of your home and be a protector of all that is in the house. It also helps one to be more patient and also helps to find more inner strength and balance. Selenite is a stone that is helpful for those that have the need to trust others. It helps people to trust others and to have faith in others. It helps to strengthen the aura and to clear the mind. It helps an individual to remember who they are when they’re in stressful situations or around people that are rude and unkind to them.

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Purple polished stone

Amethyst is a stone that is good for removing negative energy and vibration. It is a very good stone to remove fear, jealousy, and negative thoughts. Amethyst helps you remember that you are worth more than what others say about you. It helps to clear your mind of negative thoughts. It helps to clear the aura and to dissolve negative energy. It is a good stone to help you when you are around people who are very negative.

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Clear Quartz

White clear stone

Clear Quartz is a stone that is very beneficial for energy clearing. It is a great stone to clear fears, improve low moods, and ease feelings of loneliness. It is very good for cleansing, healing, and detoxification. It helps to clear the aura, the mind, and the soul. Clear Quartz also helps to release negative people from your life and shield you from negative energy when you are around people with low vibes.

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How to use crystals to remove negative energy

Using crystals to remove negative energy is quite simple. By placing them in the four corners of a room, meditating with crystals, or wearing them as jewelry, you can remove negative energy from any space.

Keep in mind you may have to experiment with different crystals to see which ones bring you the most protection against negative energy.

Which crystals do you use as a source of protection against negative energies? Comment below.

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3 thoughts on “8 Crystals to Protect You From Negative Energy”

  1. Which you recommend to wear for protection from others doing harm to you or has already did. I been told that someone has done some bad towards me, can you help me to take that away or block them . What can I do for protection?

    • I’m sorry to hear someone is doing that to you. I would use selenite and pair it with clear quartz to amplify the effects of selenite. With that being said, stay safe and don’t hesitate to reach out to a trusted loved one or your local authorities if you feel unsafe.


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