Amazing Crystals for Love

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There are certain needs we all share: the need to feel safe, the need for a sense of belonging, and the need to feel unconditional love.

That love can come from several sources. First, if you want to attract love to your life you will need to love yourself first (you can find stones for self-love to help with that).

Once you’ve mastered your self-love, you can move on to attract romantic love. Keep in mind, crystals for love will even improve love from a family member and don’t always have to be romantic in nature.

We know you’re ready to find some new stones to bring loving energy to your life, so let’s dig right in!

What crystal is best for love?

Today, we want to introduce eight amazing crystals to help you mend your broken heart, find new love, and strengthen existing relationships.

1. Rose Quartz

Pink quartz stone

How to use this stone: Wear near your Heart


Stone summary: Rose Quartz is one of the most popular crystals for love. Its pink hue is synonymous with romance. It’s a heart stone through and through and will always attract loving energy.

Many times, people who are searching for love are so desperate to find it that they begin to feel agitated and antsy. But you attract the energy you give off. If your energy isn’t calm and loving, you aren’t going to attract it.

Rose Quartz will be your new crystal of choice if you want to introduce a calm and loving energy. It will make you feel calm and improve your self-confidence to attract the love you deserve. With the added self-confidence boost, Rose Quartz is also the perfect crystal to stitch up a broken heart.

2. Pink Tourmaline

How to use this stone: Wear on a necklace to keep near your Heart


Stone summary: Pink Tourmaline is another one of our favorite crystals for love. Often, when we are searching for love, we begin to feel stressed and overwhelmed.

“The clock is ticking!”

“What if I end up alone?”

“How come nobody likes me?”

These are all perfectly normal thoughts we have when we aren’t able to find that special someone.

Understandably, these thoughts lead to incredible feelings of stress and anxiety. To combat this, use Pink Tourmaline. This crystal will ward off your stress while simultaneously working to attract love to you.

3. Rhodonite

A pink gemstone

How to use this stone: Keep Rhodonite near your Heart


Stone summary: When those around you are settling into romantic relationships, it’s only natural to feel envious if it’s something you want as well.

But that jealousy will lower your vibrations and hurt your chances of finding the love you deserve. Rather than suppress those jealous feelings, you can use Rhodonite. Rhodonite wards of feelings of jealously, which is also very useful for when you find your special someone.

It will also help balance your emotions. If you’re going through a breakup and you need a little extra help, incorporate Rhodonite into your life.

4. Ruby

How to use this stone: Keep Ruby by your bedside on both you and your partner’s side

Chakra: Base

Stone summary: Up until now, we’ve focussed on love crystals for people who want to attract love. But what about those who are already in a relationship? For those who want to find crystals for love they have already found, the Ruby is the best crystal.

It’s particularly good for those already in a relationship who would like to improve their romantic connection. Rubies attract passion and love and add balance to marriages and relationships.

Add this brilliant red stone to your life and watch how close you and your partner grow.

5. Moonstone

Cream colored polished stone

How to use this stone: For couples, both parties should keep Moonstone on their bodies (jewelry or in their pocket). For singles, keep Moonstone on you at all times

ChakraThird EyeCrown

Stone summary: There’s an old belief in India and European countries that two people wearing a Moonstone on a full moon will fall in love.

But perhaps this idea isn’t so far-fetched.

Moonstone will attract people together and is a wonderful stone for couples who feel distant. We recommend giving your partner a Moonstone so both of you can keep it on you at all times. The magnetic pull between the two Moonstones will help bring you back together.

Single? You can still keep your Moonstone on you throughout the day to attract the right person to your life.

6. Emerald

How to use this stone: Wear Emerald near your Heart


Stone summary: Many are surprised to find Emerald on our list of crystals for love. That’s because unlike the other love crystals that are reds and pinks, Emerald is a deep green.

Emerald is known as the “Stone of Successful Love.” It’s perfect for those in a relationship who want to embody unconditional love. It promotes patience, understanding, and friendship; all key characteristics of a successful relationship.

For singles, wear this crystal near your Heart so it can work its magic and attract the perfect person to your life.

7. Rhodochrosite

A peach striped gemstone

How to use this stone: Wear on a long chain to keep near your Heart


Stone summary: Rhodochrosite will improve your self-love so you have the confidence to pursue romantic love.

We’ve already touched on the idea that you must love yourself first before you love someone else. You’ll open yourself up to so much power when you can master self-love.

While improving your confidence, Rhodochrosite will also empower you to make the first move. See someone cute at the coffee shop? Rhodochrosite will give you the power to go introduce yourself. If you’re a shy person, you might be cringing just thinking about it. But if that’s you, then you need Rhodochrosite!

8. Green Aventurine

Green polished stone

How to use this stone: Wear near your Heart


Stone summary: Green Aventurine has a specific purpose: to aid those who are older find love. Finding love (while no easy task) can be slightly easier when you’re younger. You have social media, apps, and probably know other single people.

But when you get older, most of the people you know are probably coupled up. And if your age group isn’t using social media, you might not have much success finding someone through apps. It’s a unique challenge. Whether you’ve lost a loved one, got busy with your career, or never found someone to begin with, finding love as you age can feel downright impossible.

This crystal is specifically for those who want to find love at an older age.

What is a soulmate crystal?

Soulmate crystals (also known as twin crystals) are two crystals that grew side-by-side and share a base.

Not all crystals will twin, but if you come across a soulmate crystal, you should snatch it up. The two crystals fused together will be a visual reminder to help you manifest love in your life.

How do you use love crystals?

You may have noticed that many of the above crystals are a Heart chakra stone. If they are, you can wear them on a longer chain so the crystals sit near your heart throughout the day.

Another popular way to use love crystals is to meditate with them. To meditate, simply hold the crystal in your hand, close your eyes, and envision the crystal emitting vibrant and bright rays that are entering your body and filling you up with its powers.

If meditation is something you struggle with, you can grab some meditation crystals to help you.

Lastly, once a month, you should perform a spiritual cleansing bath and can incorporate your love crystals in your bath!

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