10 of the Best Healing Crystals for Cancer

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Cancer zodiacs are known for their compassionate and nurturing personalities, making them the perfect candidates for crystal healing.

There are many different crystals that can be used for cancer zodiacs, but some are better than others. We’ve tested them all and compiled the best into this list.

Best healing crystals for Cancers


Red ruby stone

Ruby’s natural Red color is a symbol of deep emotion. In Asia, it is also considered to be a lucky color. People under the zodiac Cancer are very emotional. Due to these feelings, these individuals can be indecisive and apprehensive. To help sort things out, Ruby is required to help them out.

Cancerians can be withdrawn at times. Ruby is said to help build their confidence. Once established they can excel more at work or in personal life. This will result in stability, security, and belief in themselves.

They will be able to naturally execute their inherent abilities to the fullest. Ruby also drives away lethargic feelings like boredom and fatigue. It can help its wielder get an extra energy boost. No more instances of dragging yourself to work. Lack of confidence can be tiring for the heart.


Cream colored polished stone

Moonstone is a crystal that gets energy from the moon. Cancer is known to be ruled by the moon. Having this stone on hand, the wielder can harness more positive energy. This item is said to provide well-being and develop intuition.

Moonstone is a crystal that filters out negative energy. To possess this, it can serve as protection during travels. Be it at sea, airplane, train, or a long drive. This crystal is linked to the Heart Chakra. Meaning it can relieve all types of stress. And for an insecure Cancer, stress-relief is very important.

Once the heart and mind are clear of tension and distractions, intuition can be stronger and more reliable.

About the human body, this stone is heavily associated with feminity and can help people tap into the Divine Feminine.


Purple polished stone

Amethyst is a popular crystal in holistic healing practices. Crystal healers and Ayurveda practitioners often use this stone. Its popularity is due to its ability to tap spiritual health, physical and psychological.

This crystal enhances selflessness and heightens spiritual wisdom. This is achieved by increasing calm and serenity within the individual. In a way, it prevents anxiety and fear. If a person feels less negativity, they tend to be more generous and selfless.

In holistic medicine, the Amethyst is used to treat bad habits. As it reduces anxiety, you’re less likely to indulge in bad habits that result from your anxiety.

Smoky Quartz

Brown stone
Smoky Quartz

Cancerians tend to be moody, pessimistic, and insecure if stressed. They are prone to panic attacks that can affect how they handle socialization. If this goes out of control, the build-up can inflict sorrow and misfortune. To prevent this from consuming them, Smoky Quartz is needed.

Firmly holding to Smoky Quartz with your hands can release the piling negative energy. Having this at home or in your workplace, place it in strategic locations to rid the home of bad aura.

This drives away hostility, envy, and shield you from emotional attacks like bullying. This brings a sense of calm and security into the wielders life.

Rose Quartz

Pink quartz stone
Rose Quartz

People under the star of Cancer have a very caring side. This is represented by the blushing pink hue of Rose Quartz. This crystal enhances the Cancerians ability to show compassion. At the same time, it can lessen the feeling of indecisiveness and self-pity.

Rose Quartz gives a strong vibe of joy, warmth, unconditional love, and healing. It regulates the feelings related to romance and sensuality. It makes these emotions positively strong that this can help improve relationships. Rose Quartz is highly connected to the Heart Chakra. That is why it directs the love efficiently whether it be for others or yourself.

Rose Quartz can also rid the surroundings of toxins and pollutants. This is a crystal that is great to have during meditation sessions. Since it promotes a strong sense of calm and a feeling of gratefulness in the heart.


Orange crystal stone

Carnelian is a very attractive stone that comes in different hues of orange. It is highly associated with the Root chakra. This crystal helps the user from falling into the trap of self-guilt or self-pity. This aids in making the wielder see the world in a more positive light.

Carnelian’s link to the Root chakra helps the wearer overcome self-consciousness. This makes them more courageous to speak out their ideas. Achieving this the natural creativity of the Cancerian will be highlighted. This crystal can make them feel confident and comfortable with their choices.

Wearing Carnelian can help the individual release feelings of envy. It also stabilizes the wearer’s mood. Conflicts that they will be facing will seem more manageable. Having this newly found courage, the wielder will be more open about their point of view. Expressing more can lead to more effective solutions.

Blue Lace Agate

Light blue crystal

Blue Lace Agate was discovered on the river of Achates in southwest Sicily and is a favorite material of artisans from all over the world.

This crystal is handy for people who are confused. The escalating indecisiveness can cloud a person’s vision. This stone can give a higher level of consciousness. This lifts the spirit effectively and brings in a sense of empowerment. Together with this strength, it is also accompanied by peace and serenity.

The wearer of the Blue Lace Agate will be more efficient communicators. Their self-awareness will aid them in speaking appropriately for the occasion. Whether the topic is about idealism, travel, wealth, or justice, they can contribute well to the discussion.

It also helps Cancers come to solutions when they are at a crossroads. Whether it be a fight that needs to be resolved or an important decision needs to be made, Blue Lace Agate will clear your mind so you can think better and make the right decision.

Mangano Calcite

A pink stone.

Mangano Calcite is another Heart Chakra crystal. Cancers using this stone can experience emotional cleansing. It is also a good enhancer of positive energy. Being able to handle emotions well, the bearer can be more effective in managing tasks.

Confusion due to negative emotions can make one feel tired and less productive. By having this crystal on hand, mental energy is boosted. It can restore creativity and overcome difficulties like writer’s block.

On higher a spiritual level, this crystal can guide its user when traveling in the astral plane. It can also help the body recall the memories of the trip. For those who want crystals to help them understand their dreams, this stone is surely handy.


Black gemstone

Shungite since the 18th century was already popular. Due to its wondrous healing properties, this crystal was labeled the “stone of life”. This stone has a material called fullerenes that are known to be a powerful anti-oxidant.

Shungite is a powerful healing crystal that attracts peaceful energy.

If you’re a Cancer who tends to get stressed out easily, use Shungite to promote calmness in your life.


A pink gemstone

Rhodonite is a silicate of Manganese. It may be small but what it lacks in size does not undermine its value. This crystal is very potent providing abundant positive energy. It also compliments any crystal partnered. As the end result, the effectiveness is stronger.

On a spiritual and emotional level, Rhodonite magnifies energy. It can create a sense of strong attraction between people. Being associated with the Heart Chakra, this crystal can heal emotional wounds like trauma, phobia, depression, and self-doubt.

It can help Cancers find the strength to start all over again. Forgiveness, self-esteem, the capacity to love, and compassion are some of the things that can be enhanced with Rhodonite.

How to choose the best Cancer crystals

The healing energies from the above crystals will help you, as a Cancer become the best version of yourself.

To choose your healing crystals, identify what area of your life you wish to improve. Perhaps you feel shy and would like to come out of your shell more, in which case, Ruby is the perfect stone for you.

Go through this list and see which crystals jump out at you, usually, that’s your subconscious telling you what you need. Read more about the worst crystals for Cancer.

Keep in mind you can also get more than one stone at a time. Just make sure you learn how to properly pair your crystals before using more than one at a time.

In conclusion

People under the zodiac sign of Cancer are excellent individuals to built relationships with. They are compassionate loyal beings that are creative and fun to be with. But like a battery, they can sometimes go low on energy. That is why it is important to recharge them with the above crystals for Cancer.

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