Angelite Crystal: Meaning, Symbolism & Power

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Crystals and gemstones have ample healing properties. They help us find peace and positivity and keep away distractions and negative energy from our lives, and Angelite is no exception.

Angelite is such a powerful stone that is known for its spiritual and healing properties. This bluish gemstone is known to have calming & serene energies and is useful for anyone trying to connect with their spiritual side.

We’ll discuss everything about Angelite, its hidden meaning, powers, significance, and more. Keep reading to explore some exciting facts about Angelite crystals.

What Is An Angelite Crystal?

Blue stone.

Angelite is a gypsum crystal made of calcium sulfate. This blue gemstone is also known as the angel stone, and sometimes it’s called Blue Anhydrite.

Even though blue is the most common color, Angelite crystals are found in different shades like lilac and other color inclusions with a white center or a pale core of khaki or rust shades.

Discovered in 1987, Angelite stones are highly sensitive to humidity absorption and are known for their calming effects.

What Is The Meaning Of Angelite?

The literal meaning of Angelite is no water or without water. The crystal got its name from belonging to similar gemstone families that have no hydration or moisture within them.

The Angelite stone is believed to have a positive and relaxing vibe that can induce spiritual awareness. Its calming and soothing energy helps you get rid of stress, fear, anxiety, and feelings of envy or rage.

Angelite stones have the power to make you aware of the angelic realm and the supernatural powers surrounding you. The blue hue is to awaken the spiritual side and help you get closer to the spiritual side.

The extreme frequency of an Angelite crystal is associated with the third eye chakra, throat chakra, and crown chakras. An Angelite crystal will put you in close proximity to your divine connections.

Angelite Crystal Healing Properties

Crystals sitting with smudging bowl.

Healing Properties for The Body

If you are suffering from issues related to the throat, headaches, or pain in different parts of the body, wearing Angelite crystal is said to help improve these issues.

Remember: speak to your doctor before implementing anything for your health. Crystals are not a substitution for medical treatment.

Healing Properties for The Mind & Soul

Apart from physical healing, Angelite crystal works for emotional healing as well.

If you are going through a rough emotional phase, the Angelite gypsum crystals can bring you out of such overwhelming situations. It’s a perfect stone to help you find greater meaning in life and help you find a purpose.

If your heart is full of feelings of anger, guilt, contempt, or anything similar due to any traumatic experience you had, the stone will help you get rid of such negative energy.

It emits peaceful energy to instill feelings of empathy, compassion, and happiness.

If you constantly feel troubled by emotions of fear, anxiety, anger, and other negative feelings, the stone can get you out of such emotional imbalance.

When you wear the crystal, your internal vibrations become more vibrant. It instills in you a feeling of submission or surrender from these negative vibes.

Keeping an Angelite stone near you brings a relaxing vibe and helps get rid of negative feelings. The stone brings in a soothing vibe around the environment that shuts off any stressful vibes.

Spiritual Healing

Angelite is more than just a stone. It helps enhance your telepathic communication, connect with your guardian angels, and explore the mysteries beyond this physical body or world.

The therapeutic properties of Angelite stones lead to the discovery and increased consciousness of the supernatural energies around us. In a way, it takes us closer to our guardian angels.

It empowers our visions of the spiritual realm and ethereal energy and increases the spiritual connection. It helps us form a stronger connection with the heavenly powers with a deeper understanding of spirituality.

It also helps with astral travel or projection if you place the stone near your bed. We get closer to our fantasy world in our dreams and develop a stronger connection with the divine powers.

Angelite & Chakras: Meaning & Symbolism

As mentioned before, Angelite connects with our throat, third eye, and crown chakra. The throat chakra is the place of truth and the way we present ourselves to the outside world.

The crown chakra is how we connect with the higher self. This is our gateway or channel to get in sync with the outer world or the world beyond our psychic abilities.

The third eye chakra is for our intuitive wisdom. It is to connect with our inner self or chasms so that we can connect or build a connection with others.

Overall, the Angelite helps with our complete emotional and spiritual guidance. It helps get rid of any kind of emotional or mental blockage.

How To Use Angelite

You can keep the Angelite stone anywhere in your house. Just bringing this gemstone into your house will create a positive, calm, positive aura.

You can place the stone under your pillow for lucid dreaming and get closer to your spiritual realm.

Angelite can also be placed in areas around your house or office where you feel it has negative energy. The cool and calming power of these Anhydrite crystals will purify the area and get rid of negative vibrations.

You may also wear the Angelite stone as an accessory. When the stone touches your body, it creates gentle vibrations.

When the light blue color of the stone rubs against your body, it activates the healing light and other therapeutic properties to heal your spiritual realm.

Keep the stone around you when you practice meditation or yoga. Angelite crystals work best with any activities that connect us to the outer world.

These crystals guide us on how to tap into the spiritual side instantly to realize the profound realities.

When you carry the crystal with you throughout the day, the angelic powers will keep you protected.

If you are having trouble managing your relationships with your husband, partner, wife, daughter, or anyone around you, keeping the stone around you will help solve the issues.

Angelite is an amazing healer, and it helps establish stronger relationships by solving differences.

If you are wearing the Angelite as jewelry, make sure it does not come in direct contact with water.

Angelite is also known for its therapeutic powers. It helps you connect with your consciousness to treat any kind of stress, discomfort, or anxious feeling.

Most therapists use Angelite during their therapy sessions because of its calming and serene vibes.

How To Clean The Angelite Stone

You should try to keep the Angelite in shimmering health so that it does what it’s meant to do. Gemstones like Angelite collect negative energies; therefore, it’s essential to cleanse them regularly to get rid of such toxic energies.

But remember that Angelite is a soft stone, so avoid using any hard substance to clean it. Place the stone in a bowl of spring water for a short while and use a soft dry cloth to not let the moisture sit in. Or you can cleanse it by smearing some sage smoke over it.

To recharge your stone, put it under the rays of the lunar eclipse whenever you find the opportunity.

Angelite stone can get scratched very easily. So don’t keep it near any sharp objects.

Note: When considering smudging practices or selecting herbs, such as sage, it is crucial to be mindful and respectful of Indigenous cultures. Certain types of sage, such as white sage, hold sacred significance to these cultures. In order to prevent cultural appropriation and promote cultural sensitivity, we strongly encourage you to explore alternative options to white sage and conduct thorough research before choosing a specific type of sage for smudging purposes.

Best Crystals To Use With Angelite

While Angelite is a very powerful stone in itself, pairing Angelite with crystals that dispel negativity provides better results.

Another reason you should pair Angelite with other powerful crystals is due to its heavy psychic powers. If worn by itself, it may leave you vulnerable to psychic attacks.

Some of the best stones to pair Angelite with to get rid of negative energy are Smoky Quartz, Shungite, Serpentine Stone, and Hematite.

The protective powers of these stones will keep the psychic side from getting harmed by negative powers.

Final Thoughts

Angelite may not be the right crystal for everyone. Especially if you don’t believe in divine powers or in universal knowledge, the stone won’t work for you.

Angelite is for people who are ready to psychologically transcend into another world with their spirit guides. Gypsum crystals like Angelite help you go beyond the peripheral being and cultivate your telepathic powers.

Further, the stone brings in an aura of positive energy by protecting you against all evil forces. But for the crystal to show its wonderful properties, you must keep it in pristine condition.

Nothing we provide for you here is intended to replace any form of competent professional advice in any form. Please read our Terms & Condition for more information.

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