Conflicting Crystals: Which Crystals to Avoid Using Together

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Crystals are a powerful way to tap into your spirituality, connect with the Universe, and manifest your desires. Like using crystals to attract more friends, or attracting wealth from crystals.

And while there are many powerful gemstone combinations, there are also plenty of conflicting crystals.

When most people first hear about conflicting crystals, they imagine crystal pairings that attract negative energy and chaos into their life. Luckily, this isn’t the case.

So, what are conflicting crystals? Conflicting crystals are when two (or more) crystals used together and cancel out one another’s benefits.

While conflicting crystals won’t bring you bad vibes, they also won’t work to their full potential when paired together. Keep reading to learn common conflicting combinations.

Common conflicting crystal combinations

It’s incredibly common for people to wear multiple crystals at a time, or decorate their homes with many different gemstones.

Today, we’re going to list some common conflicting crystals, but there’s something you need to keep in mind.

There is no definitive list of conflicting crystals. That’s because there are endless combinations of crystals that don’t pair nicely together and on top of that, it depends on why you’re using the crystals.

We’ll go into some examples below, and by the end of this article, you’ll have a strong understanding of which crystals conflict. In the below examples, we’re going to give some very common situations we come across and why the crystal combinations are less than ideal.

And then later on, we’re going to teach you how to identify which crystals should not be kept together or used together based upon your intentions!

But if you’re in a hurry, the best thing you can do is use Selenite to cleanse your crystals between uses. Selenite does a good job to ensure you’re not crossing over energy while pairing your crystals together.

Now, let’s talk about some common conflicting crystals that we see people use often.

1. Clear Quartz and The Wrong Crystal

Clear Quartz is an amplifier. This means whenever you pair Clear Quartz with another crystal it will amplify its vibrations and powers.

That can usually be a good thing, but you want to be careful and make sure the gemstones you are using are the correct ones.

For example, let’s say you are anxious and accidentally reach for your Citrine. Citrine is a great crystal for things like motivation and energy, but when you’re nervous system is firing at 100 miles per hour, you probably don’t want a shot of energy. Pairing Clear Quartz with the wrong crystal in this instance can amplify the wrong feelings.

When you pair Clear Quartz with other crystals, make sure you have a strong understanding of what those crystals are used for so you don’t accidentally amplify the wrong energy.

2. Tiger’s Eye and Smoky Quartz

Tiger’s Eye is one of our favorite gemstones for confidence. It gives you revitalizing energy and allows you to live boldly and freely—just like the tiger.

Smoky Quartz, on the other hand, is a wonderful crystal for empaths as it grounds you and shields you from energy.

It makes sense then that these two conflicting crystals don’t work well together if you’re using Tiger’s Eye for confidence and Smoky Quartz for empath protection. One tries to harness the energy around you to turn it into something you can use, while the other tries to block that same energy!

Pairing these two crystals together won’t do any harm, but you also won’t feel any major benefits.

3. Tiger’s Eye and Amazonite

While we’re talking about Tiger’s Eye, it’s worth mentioning that Tiger’s Eye and Amazonite also don’t make the best crystal combination. Since many people use Amazonite to sleep, pairing it with Tiger’s Eye will cancel out the relaxing benefits and keep you wide awake, all night long.

4. Orange Calcite and Blue Lace Agate

We love both Orange Calcite and Blue Lace Agate, but generally not together.

Orange Calcite will kickstart your creativity and imagination, letting ideas flow freely to you! It’s the perfect gemstone to sharpen your mind and give you the energy you need to follow through with projects.

And Blue Lace Agate is a good crystal for stress and anxiety as it calms your mind and washes you with peace.

These two crystals are trying to achieve two very different outcomes: one wants to rev up your mind’s engine while the other wants to park the car in the garage and let you rest.

You can see how these two crystal combinations aren’t going to be too powerful together. These are best used apart in most cases (again, depending on your intentions).

How to combine crystals and find which ones you shouldn’t keep together

Like we’ve mentioned a couple of times, it all depends on what you want to use your crystals for. If you came here to find a list of conflicting crystals, you won’t find it. That’s because it’s impossible to list all of the potentially conflicting crystal combinations since it entirely depends on your intentions.

That’s why setting your intentions when you use your crystals is so important. This way, the Universe knows exactly why you want to use each crystal and there won’t be any funky energy going on.

By this point, you’re probably confused. We’ve pretty much told you that some crystals don’t work well together but now we’re telling you that they might actually be ok if you set your intentions. What the heck!

Let me explain…

Above, we mentioned that Tiger’s Eye and Smoky Quartz might not play nicely together.


And this is a big one…depending on your intentions, they might actually work very well together.

In the above example, we explained that if you’re an empath using Tiger’s Eye for confidence, pairing it with Smoky Quartz might not work.

You’ll be telling the Universe you want high-vibe confident energy, but if you’re also an empath, you’re also asking the Universe to protect you from external energy.

Confusing, right?

But let’s say you want to use Tiger’s Eye as a crystal to help you focus and Smoky Quartz to protect you from the energy surrounding you.

Now you have a winning combination!

When you want to focus, it makes sense you also want to block out any unwanted energy. In this case, being clear about why you want to use each crystal and what you want from it (setting your intention) makes a huge difference.

We also recommend getting a Selenite slab to cleanse your crystals.

As we’ve mentioned, you need to set your intentions with your crystals. But if you forget to cleanse your crystals and begin to use them for another purpose, they might hold unwanted energy from your past intentions. The easiest way to cleanse them is by placing them on a Selenite slab. We like to let our crystals rest on Selenite when we’re not using them, because Selenite also acts as a charging device and lightly charges our crystals.

We love this shop on Etsy; they have beautiful Selenite slabs, wands, and bowls at great prices.

This Etsy shop sells beautiful Selenite slabs—note prices may differ from what is posted above.

Here are three questions you can ask yourself when pairing crystals together:

  1. Will any of these crystals amplify this energy and make it too unbearable for me? This is especially important to ask when using an amplifier stone like Clear Quartz.
  2. What am I using these crystals for? Asking yourself what you’re using the crystals for will help you figure out if they will cancel one another out.
  3. How do I feel? Ask yourself this after trying new crystal combinations. If you’ve used conflicting crystals, you’ll either feel worse than when you started or you won’t feel anything at all. Your intuition is one of the best tools you have for identifying conflicting crystals!

One last note: one crystal we caution anyone to pair with other crystals is Moldavite. Many people warn of Moldavite dangers, as this stone is so incredibly powerful. Combining it with other crystals is fine, but only if you are experienced and know what you’re doing.

What happens if you wear too many crystals at once?

Nothing bad will happen if you wear to many crystals at once. It can be tedious at first to figure out what crystals work well together along with your goals, but once you’ve figured that out, you can wear as many crystals as you’d like!

Conclusion: conflicting crystals

Using conflicting crystals won’t be any negative or disorderly energy in your life. You may notice your crystals aren’t working, in which case, it’s likely that they aren’t the right crystals to use together.

If you switch out your crystals and make it clear to the Universe what you want (either by thinking it in your head or asking it out loud) you can avoid using crystals that conflict with each other.

Nothing we provide for you here is intended to replace any form of competent professional advice in any form. Please read our Terms & Condition for more information.

23 thoughts on “Conflicting Crystals: Which Crystals to Avoid Using Together”

  1. Hi. I have large tower crystal quartz tower, tall selenite tower and citrine geode. I thought of placing them side by side in the living room area. Intention is to positivize the energy, attract cheerfulness and create harmony in my family. Is this a good idea?

    • That’s a great combination. Citrine will attract a vibrant energy and keep the positive energy flowing, and Selenite will provide harmony and peace. The clear Quartz will make the others more powerful and amplify the energy 🙂

  2. Hi there!

    I just got a Selenite crystal and a Carnelian crystal and I’m now realizing I don’t know how they’d react together! I tried finding the combination on google but never found anything. Any advice helps!

    Thank you,

    • Selenite is a great stone to aid your psychic ability whereas Carnelian is a good grounding stone. So if you’ve got these stones for psychic abilities, you wouldn’t want to use Carnelian with the Selenite since it will ground you and could prevent you from reaching a high spiritual state 🙂 However, if you don’t plan to use Selenite for that purpose, you can definitely pair them together! Both stones help you think more clears and sharpen your intuition (among many other wonderful things)!

  3. Hello.
    I have several different types of gems and crystals that I have been collecting and use for different occasions but I generally keep them together in one bag is that good or should I keep them separately?

    • It’s fine to store your crystals together 🙂

  4. I have a citrine crystal, blue lace agate and amethyst crystal. I am not sure which would be best paired together and left by itself.

  5. This might be obvious, but I’m new with the workings of crystals. So, I just wanted to know is obsidian, and selenite a good match?

    • Hello! What is your intent? Remember: intent matters the most when pairing crystals. Without knowing your intent I cannot help you determine whether the two will work together.

  6. Hi,
    Is it ok to wear 3 pendants- rutilated quartz, labradorite, tourmaline on 1 chain/necklace? My main intent is to keep negative energy away from me. Any suggestions? Thank you 🙂

    • Absolutely! That’s a great combo to ward off negative energy!

  7. Hi there! I usually wear a citrine ring and I recently got a tigers eye necklace would it be ok to wear them at the same time?

  8. Can you wear shungite and
    black obsidian together

  9. Can I wear tigers eye with selenite. Along with black tourmaline. Wanting to distract toxic energy!

  10. I recently bought rose quartz, citrine, selenite, tigers eye, carnelian, amethyst, and clear quartz. Do any of them not pair together? Or which ones pair well together? I would really appreciate the help.

    • It all depends on your intentions 🙂 I suggest researching each stone one by one and see if it makes sense to wear them together. Our guide on crystals on their uses covers all of those stones except for clear quartz. Clear quart is often used as an amplifier as mentioned above.

  11. Hello
    My question is would Tigers eye , labradorite and opalite be a good combination and are these 3 safe in water if they get wet not necessarily submerged? Thank you in advance

  12. Hi there today i got a few more crystals to add to my collection. All my crystals are on my bedside table on a selenite tray or my selenite bowl.
    The new crystals i got and just placed in my room have me feeling strange. Not bad. Just like something feels very strong and of balance. The new crystals are blue lace agate, celestite, kunzite, green aventurine, azurite in malachite and aquamarine.
    Could any of these crystals be causing this feeling or distrupting my other crystals.
    My others are selenite, amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz, smoky quartz, amazonite, blue chalcedony, angelite, black obsidian, tigers eye, dalmatian stone, black tourmaline, citrine, howlite, bloodstone, rose pink opal, moonstone, garnet, lapis lazuli, blue aragonite.
    All these previous crystals didnt make feel this way just the new ones ive put in my room.
    Please give me some advice. Blessed be.

    • Hello, of your new crystals, all of them will calm your mind except for Azurite in Malachite; Azurite will stimulate your mind and enhance creativity. If these crystals are on your bedside table, I’m going to make the assumption you’d prefer complete calmness to help you sleep. It could be the Azurite, in this case. But the quickest way to determine what’s setting you off balance is to remove one crystal at a time from the new ones for 24 hours and see how you feel. I’d start with the stone that has Azurite.

  13. Can black obsidian and opalite towers go together?

    • Hi Karen, what are your intentions? As mentioned in the article, crystal combinations almost entirely depend on your intentions 🙂

  14. Can I pair together Black Tourmaline,Lapis Lazuli and Fluorite?

    • Hi Eva. It depends on your intentions. Deciding what you want to use the crystals for will help you figure out if they are compatible for that specific intention.

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