Solar Plexus Chakra Stones

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The Solar Plexus, situated at the base of the breast bone, sits at a central point in our bodies.

Physically, this area is quite vulnerable, and a blow to the Solar Plexus can result in injury.

Chart of the chakras
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It’s a target area in many self-defense disciplines, and if you do receive a blow here, it will, at the very least, take your breath away and leave you winded.

It is also the metaphysical area of intuition. “Gut instinct” is precisely that.

This area will tighten and become uncomfortably tense if you are faced with a new, potentially threatening situation. Conversely, when you get the feeling something is just right, you are likely to feel relaxation and warmth all around the Solar Plexus.

The Solar Plexus chakra usually works very hard to stay open and healthy as it tends to provide energetic support for all of the chakras, both above and below it.

If the Solar Plexus is depleted or suffering from an energy blockage, you may feel tired, emotional, uncertain or fearful and anxious. It is, therefore vital to work on keeping the flow of energy smooth and vigorous in this area.


Chakras originated from the Hindu and Tantric Buddhism religions. While we look at Chakras today, it is through a very westernized-lens. Hindu and Tantric Buddhism religions don’t associate crystals, colors, or feelings with the different chakras. If you’d like to learn more about the history of chakras from a non-western perspective, please read here. And while you read through this, please keep in mind that this, again, is from a western yogi perspective.

Solar Plexus Chakra Stones

The stones most closely aligned with the Solar Plexus chakra are yellow in color. They can range from a pale primrose shade to the deeper, richer, almost orange hues of a variety of minerals and crystals.

As the Solar Plexus is the center of personal empowerment, insight and wisdom, it provides the “fire” or passion needed for motivation, courage and confidence. Keeping it healthy and balanced will benefit you in many ways, including help in overcoming fear and providing emotional control and self-belief.

The following stones carry a vibrational frequency that resonates closely with the Solar Plexus.


Citrine is also known as the “lucky merchant’s stone” because it’s one of the best crystals for wealth. It is often called upon to encourage an abundance of wealth to enter your life. This abundance also extends to other areas, such as love or health.

The cheerful, sunny appearance of citrine brings a glow of happiness and warmth to the Solar Plexus.

Orange and white polished gemstone

It helps to activate and stimulate the healthy flow of energy needed in all of the chakras. Placing a piece of citrine just below your breastbone is a good way of cleansing and clearing this center during meditation or chakra balancing.

Citrine radiates very positive energy and is good for people who find that they are easily influenced by the needs and demands of others. It helps give you the power and confidence to say “no” when in your own best interest. It’s also a great gemstone to stay motivated so you can keep moving towards your goals.

Pyrite or “Fool’s Gold”

Pyrite or “Fool’s Gold” is a very heavy mineral that sparkles with the light of gold within its cubic structures. It is very stabilizing and grounding in its vibration and is a good choice for cleansing the Solar Plexus chakra as its solid structure repels negativity from your auric field.

Gold stone

Its protective force field will help to keep you safe from outside influences that knock your confidence, and helps you to see situations with the necessary clarity for achieving success in all areas of your life. Because of this, it’s often touted as one of the best crystals for luck and one of our top crystals for confidence.

Pyrite resonates with a masculine vibration of energy that can support and stimulate memory and logic. This is useful as a counterpoint to the instinctual qualities of the Solar Plexus and will actually help you to trust your gut instincts as they are validated by logic and intelligence.


Peridot has a wonderful yellow-green sparkleto it that reminds us of the colors of spring and the times or rebirth and renewal.

Unlike Pyrite, Peridot has a much lighter, softer vibration that is aligned with both the Heart and the Solar Plexus chakras.

Using Peridot during cleansing and balancing rituals help to open up both of these chakras, bringing compassion, forgiveness and an abundance of healing energies into the system.

Integrating the energies of the Heart and the Solar Plexus is a powerful way to release negative thought-patterns and destructive or self-sabotaging behaviors.

Peridot is an energizing stone and encourages vitality and vigor in the energies flowing through the Solar Plexus.

It helps to bring about a positive and cheerful mindset that is essential for our mental health and well-being. Peridot is a suitable stone to use when you actively wish to let go of the past. It helps us to learn from past experiences and then to leave them behind.

Tigers Eye

Tiger’s Eye is one of the most powerful protective crystals there is.

It holds strong vibrational energy that resonates with positivity and courage. It can provide a shield for this vulnerable area of the body and works hard to repel and transmute negative entities or vibrations that may be around your Solar Plexus, causing your self-belief to wobble.

Orange and brown gemstone

It helps us to release fears and anxieties and to trust in our own power and effectiveness when it comes to “knowing” what is best for us. Tiger’s Eye encourages the healing of Solar Plexus by opening the chakra and cleansing it of negativity or emotional blockages.

In appearance, Tiger’s Eye represents the colors of both the Earth and the Sun. The stripes and swirls of gold, yellow, red and shades of brown remind us that we can harness the support of the energies coming up from Mother Earth through our feet, legs and Base chakras, and also the vitality of the Sun which we receive from above.

Tiger’s Eye is one of the best crystals for balancing the energies of Yin and Yang in our physical and etheric bodies.


Amber is actually fossilized tree resin and often contains within it other minerals, flora and fauna trapped in time. Amber has a magic all of its own due to its strong connection with the natural world and the energies that were swirling around it at the pint of its formation.

It has a strong, heavy frequency that can help to slow down an over-active Solar Plexus chakra. If too much energy is coursing through this center, you may find that you suffer from mood swings, exhaustion and nervous tension.

Using Amber to balance the energies helps to bring harmony and balance back to this area.

It is a warm and happy stone that also carries with it the vibrational frequency of trust.

You can rely on Amber to absorb negative emotions such as anger, from other people or situations over which you feel you have no control.  It will bring you back to center and allow you to see that these energies are not yours and that you do not need to accept them

How to Use Solar Plexus Chakra Stones

You can use either single stones of any of the above stones to heal your Solar Plexus chakra or a collection of different shades and hues.

If you feel lethargic or depressed, try using the more sparkly, lighter crystals at first. Peridot, Amber, Yellow Topaz and Citrine are all good choices for lightening your mood and increasing your energy levels. Try Pyrite or Tiger’s Eye if you feel in need of some extra protection from the Universal Energy Fields.

Place yellow and brown stones around you at any time for an added boost of harmonizing energy for your Solar Plexus.

Wear jewelry made form Amber, Citrine, Peridot or Yellow Topaz to remind you of the joy and happiness that is all round us if we only remember to connect to it.

You can also buy a chakra wand that can heal all your chakras.

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