10 of the Best Crystals for Pisces

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Did you know there are certain crystals for each zodiac sign?

If you’re a Pisces, we’re going to go over the best crystals to use to remove negative energy from your life and amplify your unique characteristics.

But first, let’s learn a little bit about what makes the Pisces zodiac sign so special.

What is the Pisces zodiac?

Pisces is the last astrological sign in the list of the zodiac for people who celebrate their birthdays from February 19th and March 20th.

The element of this zodiac is water and is ruled by the planet Neptune. Pisces is represented by two fishes swimming in opposite directions. This symbol represents a characteristic of a Pisces person. These individuals usually feel that they have split personalities. One is external which relates to people and the internal a part they keep for themselves.

For this sign, they need to have some alone time to clear their head.

Pisces’ characteristics are intelligence, intuition, creativity, sensitivity, and have a strong sense of conviction.

However, in dealing with other people, Pisces is not judgemental. They let people do what they want while applying their convictions to themselves.

This imaginative bunch is very easy to seek help from. However, about themselves asking for aid, they tend to shy away due to the assumption no one will understand.

That is why we have listed 10 crystals for Pisces that will help in balancing their energy.

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Best crystals for Pisces

Blue Lace Agate

Light blue crystal

Blue Lace Agate is a very lovely crystal. Looking at it closely you will notice wave-like patterns and bands on its surface. This appearance looks like a lace arrangement. The color of this stone is compared to the sky’s hue on a fine sunny day. This beautiful stone is rare and very popular. Blue Lace Agate is great for meditation, it enhances the feeling of peace and tranquility.

This crystal for Pisces is highly associated with the Throat Chakra. As a meditation stone, it helps the user to communicate more effectively. It brings in a sense of calm that can illuminate the mind’s consciousness. When a conversation is established, Blue Lace Agate can assist in finding the correct words to say. This will lead to more understanding between the two parties involved. It can also prevent unnecessary conflict that can root from misinterpretation. This is helpful for both personal and professional life.


Clear Quartz

White clear stone

Clear Quartz has been revered since the time of the ancient Greeks. It is said to connect in every Chakra channel in the body. Therefore it is believed to be the ultimate healing stone. It can energize the body’s Chakra field, therefore rejuvenating the mind, core, and base of a person. Aside from the user’s body, this crystal for Pisces can also amplify the energy of other stones. Therefore this item is truly a top-notch enhancer.

Pisces as stated earlier have concerns about their two personalities. This means they require more energy to keep themselves balanced. One for the inner self and the other half for the outer one. The Clear Quartz will aid in delivering the energy volume needed to do the task. At this rate, both personas will experience spiritual development. Pisces people in general have a hard time dealing with guilt due to their sensitivity.

The Clear Quartz crystal will serve as a cleansing agent. It will relieve them of the toxic feelings that are bottling up inside them. The relief will make them think more clearly and be more logical in approaching a dilemma. As Pisces individuals can be too emotional, it is great to have gifted them items that will support their logical thinking.

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Purple polished stone

Amethyst is known for its spiritual protection and enhancing intuition capabilities. This ability is important to Pisces individuals. People under this star sign highly depend on their intuition and inner sensibility. However, they can also be emotional and their strong sense of conviction deeply affects their judgment. That is why the support of the Amethyst crystal for Pisces is important.

Keeping this precious stone on hand can help the Pisces individual to curb bad habits. This will help them to be more focused and unbiased. The people under this sign tend to keep to themselves. The stress that is bottling inside them can cause disturbed sleep. Having this crystal close can promote the quality of their sleep.

The Amethyst enables the Pisces to face their issues. This will help them understand better the cause of their conflicts. With this resolve, they will have a sense of contentment that can balance their inner and outer self. It will also prevent them from succumbing to escapism. Escapism is the possibility to seek distraction to stop thinking of a problem. This practice is quite dangerous as it can lead to unhealthy habits like excessive alcohol consumption and smoking. That is why this crystal for Pisces is important for the physical body and mental health as well.

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Blue stone.

This lovely blue crystal is a wonderful representation of the Water element Pisces is associated with. This stone aids in achieving emotional clarity. This is crucial to individuals under this star, as their emotions can get the best of them. They are very empathetic can be willing martyrs if the person involved is important to them. For them to withstand the pressure of their emotions, keeping Aquamarine at bay will be helpful.

Aquamarine’s healing power can be compared to free-flowing water. It is very refreshing and adaptable to any form of shape. This crystal for Pisces supports the Throat Chakra. Aquamarine eases the tension there making them speak more freely. And this goes for both their inner and outer self.

The Aquamarine regulates the Throat Chakra and at the same time creates a link to the Heart Chakra. This combination not only composes the right words to say but it will also be coated with appropriate sensitivity. Being able to speak with sincerity the Pisces can be relatable despite their complex personality.

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Beige stone called Labradorite.

Pisces are very creative and imaginative. Sometimes their mind can drift between fantasy and reality. This can tamper with how they can handle their intuition and emotion. The Labradorite is a protective stone that not only shields the physical but also the spiritual realm. This crystal for Pisces is ideal since the people under this sign have a touch with their psychic abilities.

This stone is a perfect match for persons who are inclined to overwork. For the people under Pisces, having to deal with their inner and outer self is already a tiring task. Having Labradorite in their grasp can help them regain energy and achieve healing. Since these individuals tend to hold on to past mistakes, this crystal aids them in letting them go.



Sodalite is an attractive crystal with blue color and hints of white color. This stone is a great aid in organizing things and thoughts. Something the under the influence of Pisces would appreciate. Having this close will assist the wielder to be more effective in interacting with other people. As they engage in these activities, the Pisces individual can have a renewed inner awareness and gain new insights.

This stone is handy to ensure emotional balance. It is also a good shield for panic attacks. Keeping these two weaknesses in check, the user will be able to function more efficiently. The focus that can be provided using this crystal will surely improve the relationship between business partners and friends alike.

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A purple and orange gemstone.

As explained earlier one of the biggest challenges to people under Pisces influence is the balance of their two halves. The harmony of the two can often conflict. However, to ease this turmoil having Ametrine available will be a good way to keep things at bay. This crystal specializes in linking the spiritual to the physical power of its wielder.

Ametrine helps the user in coming up with solutions to their conflicts. The nature of these troubles could be physical, emotional, or spiritual. The solutions that will be gathered will prevent the wielder from seeking distractions. In effect development of bad habits can be prevented.

This crystal for Pisces also promotes harmony with other people. This item can increase the compatibility between individuals. It can also make the bearer more accepting of others. Gaining more people into their life can increase Pisces’s openness. It would make them feel understood and accepted. Something they usually have trouble achieving but honestly longs for.

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Turquoise crystal stone

This intriguing sea green stone over centuries was linked to hope, wisdom, stillness, protection, and luck. Certain cultures treat this stone as the link between the Earth and the sky. It was believed that besides the elements, this crystal also possesses cosmic energy.

Warriors from different cultures would often attach Turquoise to their weapons. They believe this crystal will aid them in battle by perfecting their aim or protection from enemies.

Turquoise is popular for balancing all the Chakras in order. It stabilizes emotions that can trigger mood swings. And in the same time, it provides calmness to the soul. For the hardworking people under the Pisces influence, this crystal can alleviate depression and prevent over fatigue.

This material also increases the influence of positive mental characteristics. Being able to achieve this the wielder will have a strong sense of security and peace.

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Cream colored polished stone

The Moonstone is an intriguing white crystal that stands for new beginnings and purity. It is suitable to balance the imaginative and sensitive personality of the Pisces. Also, the members of this zodiac group tend to hang on to old issues. Having this within reach can help them let go of the past. Or at least aid them in realizations on how to move forward.

The best part of the moonstone is, it is efficient in enhancing a person’s inner light and is very affordable. So getting access to it is very easy.

This crystal for Pisces has access to the body’s Sacral Chakra. This chakra regulates dreams and suppressed emotions to be released properly. This allows the Pisces to have a sense of assertiveness presented in a positive light. It also reduces anxiety and for females it also promotes fertility.

 Its link to the Heart Chakra enables it to release different forms of love. A task a Pisces will normally have difficulty in expressing. As for the body, this crystal can aid in digestion and increase nutrient absorption. It also removes deposited excess fluids and toxins. In terms of hormones, it promotes balance in the pineal gland. In effect hair, skin and eye health can greatly improve.


Orange Calcite

Orange and white crystal stone

Pisces is often associated with being psychic due to their strong intuition. Their ability to connect with their inner self also provides them strong clairvoyance. For advanced people, their connection to their spiritual self can achieve telepathy. This can result in enormous inspiration for creativity and enlightenment.

Orange Calcite promotes soothing energy. Having large amounts of it can result in emotional stability all day long. It is very useful in a decision-making dilemma, as it can guide its bearer. Pisces can be emotional which can affect their judgment, that is why having Calcite around will be helpful. It will help them balance their intellect and emotions.

The body can also benefit from Calcite. It balances the body’s calcium level, therefore making bones, joints, and teeth stronger. It eases also digestive troubles involving the intestines. Fast recovery of tissues, blood clots, and skin irritations can also be treated using this crystal.

Pisces are people who may appear aloof but they are very sincere and sensitive. That is why it is important to help them express their pent-up emotions. Gifting them with these crystals will give a feeling of liberty. It will result in happier and more relatable versions of themselves.


Choosing crystals for Pisces

Now that you know which crystals for Pisces are the best, it’s time to choose your crystal.

First, go through this list and see which stone jumps out to you the most. You might want help with healing anxiety, in which case, Sodalite could be a great choice. Check out this to learn more about the worst crystals for Pisces.

However, if you aren’t sure, grab a few different crystals. There’s never any harm in adding multiple healing crystals to your collection!

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