Moldavite Dangers: Is It the Most Dangerous Crystal?

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Moldavite has been used for thousands of years as a healing crystal. Unfortunately, many people have experienced spiritual dangers when working with this crystal.

Like a person who had nightmares while Moldavite sat on their nightstand.

Or another person whose relationship of five years suddenly ended when they bought their first piece of Moldavite home.

Moldavite has incredibly powerful energy, and it’s important to know how it works so you can be prepared when you use this crystal for the first time.

Let’s learn how and why this Tektite stone is so powerful.

What is a Moldavite crystal?

A green crystal.

Moldavite has a very interesting history, which is why it’s such a powerful (and touted as dangerous) stone. Moldavite is an ancient green stone that formed 15 million years ago from a meteorite impact, likely somewhere in the Czech Republic.

It’s a Tektite, which is essentially stones composed of earthly debris. From the meteorite impact, Moldavite carries with it strong extraterrestrial and cosmic energy. That, combined with Earth’s vibrational energies, makes it an incredibly powerful Tektite stone.

In the present day, real Moldavite is only found in the Czech Republic. They are incredibly rare which is why it’s so common to come across fake Moldavites disguised as real ones.

But how do you know if your Moldavite is fake?

First, you won’t feel anything from it. If you’re a beginner with crystals and spirituality, you might find it challenging to tap into your feelings. With that being said, I don’t recommend beginners to use Moldavite (you’ll learn why throughout this article). Rather, Moldavite should only be used by experienced crystal wearers to avoid any potentially dangerous situations.

How strong is Moldavite?

One must be aware of the “Moldavite Effect,” which is described as a powerful burst of energy that can manifest in many forms, both positive and negative. These manifestations are usually experienced by spiritual seekers who have little or no experience working with Moldavite or don’t know how to activate Moldavite properly.

The manifestations can be either very positive or extremely negative, or even a combination of both. The intensity and the form in which the manifestations present themselves vary from person to person.

In my quest to unearth Moldavite dangers, I spoke with many different people and heard from various accounts of what their experience was with Moldavite. Here’s what some of them said:

  • “I began using Moldavite and within a week I realized I no longer wanted to be with my partner of 5 years. The realization hit me so powerfully and I had to move out of our shared flat and find somewhere else to live. At the time, I was incredibly angry at myself for bringing Moldavite into my life but looking back, it was the greatest life change I could have asked for. I’m much happier now, even though in the moment I was miserable.”
  • “The first time I used Moldavite I had a mental breakdown of sorts. I just remember feeling all my emotions come out.”
  • “I didn’t have a good time using Moldavite. It’s made me feel so down and anxious. After only one day of wearing it, I got rid of it. I’ll stick to my other crystals until I feel like I’m ready for Moldavite again.”
  • “At the time, I didn’t know the wood amplified Moldavite. I had just picked up my stone and placed it on a wooden nightstand next to my bed. Here’s where things get weird: as I was trying to fall asleep, I began to hear voices. I wasn’t dreaming, I was fully awake. I tried to fall asleep and ended up having the worst sleep of my life complete with incredibly vivid dreams and nightmares. I woke up the next morning and decided to look up Moldavite and realized I had accidentally amplified it through the wood. Needless to say, I keep Moldavite out of my room when I sleep!”
  • “I actually have always had amazing experiences with Moldavite, but I think that’s because I’m experienced with crystals and in tune with my energies. I use Moldavite when I need a quick boost, I never wear it for the full day otherwise I feel drained. It amplifies my mood and uplifts me. I usually only hold it for 30 seconds per session.”
  • “I have a super small Moldavite pendant. When I first got it, I wore it over my Heart chakra. It kind of made me feel dizzy…like I was hallucinating but not. It had major intense energy.”

Many of these stories have happy endings (thank goodness) but here’s what I’d like to point out: Moldavite will make things crystal clear for you. Many times, this clarity is also painful (mentally, not physically).

You might no be ready for the truth that Moldavite brings and that’s ok. You should only use Moldavite if you feel prepared to deal with whatever it brings.

Healing powers of Moldavite

Moldavite has strong healing powers. Even the smallest piece of Moldavite can bring major change to your life. Here are the ways Moldavite will work for you:

  1. Bringing change: Moldavite works fast to bring change to your life
  2. Releasing suppressed emotions: Get ready to feel an intense upheaval of emotions (positive or negative). If you’re an empath, you’ll feel these emotions even stronger.
  3. Helping you see things more clearly: Everything will suddenly be clear and make perfect sense to you. You’ll gravitate towards change, whether you want it or not.
  4. Removing energy blockages
  5. Transcending time: Moldavite helps you access past lives to heal present traumas.
  6. Stimulates your Heart chakra: Moldavite is a powerful crystal for your Heart chakra.
  7. Lets you connect with your spirit guides: You can enhance your psychic ability with Moldavite through increase spirit guides connection.

Often, these events can give us a sudden rush of emotions—both negative and positive—which is why people warn of Moldavite dangers.

The chakras activated by Moldavite

Out of our seven chakras, Moldavite holds the strongest influencer on the Heart chakra. The Heart chakra is responsible for balancing our emotional bodies. This is why Moldavite can be so intense emotionally as it works intensely on the Heart chakra.

Your Heart chakra also helps you understand what you want and what you don’t need. When you unblock your Heart chakra, you’ll feel intense energy around specific people, places, and things. You’ll suddenly know exactly what’s serving you and what needs to go. In the story from above about the person who left a five-year relationship after wearing Moldavite, it was because the stone gave them the clarity they needed. They realized their current partner was not serving them.

For some, this can be incredibly scary. You might not be ready for such sudden and changes to your path. In which case, you shouldn’t use Moldavite.

Why do people warn of Moldavite dangers?

People warn about Moldavite’s energy because it can be incredibly overwhelming for beginners. I don’t recommend Moldavite as a crystal for beginners, simply because you may not recognize when its intense energy is becoming too much.

For example, Moldavite can drain you but if you aren’t in tune with your spirituality just yet, you might find it difficult to determine what’s draining and when to put your Moldavite away.

But as you get familiar with your energy, your vibrations, and how to use crystals, you’ll be able to recognize when Moldavite is too intense, and when it’s time to put it away.

Moldavite will also increase energies from other stones and other people. When using Moldavite, only use it in conjunction with other crystals where you are familiar with the crystal and want to increase its strength.

Another serious danger to be aware of is the “Moldavite Effect.” This is when an intense emotional reaction occurs while charging or working with Moldavite. It is important to be aware that Moldavites can enhance the feeling of being mentally or physically out of control, heart palpitations, and an increase in anger. This can cause a loss of rationality and/or an inability to discern between reality and fantasy.

If one is using Moldavites in conjunction with another crystal or object, it is possible that they will transfer the negative potentials of that crystal or object into you. If you are placing another crystal or object on top of your Moldavites, it is recommended that you place a piece of black tourmaline under the object or crystal being placed on the Moldavites. This action will help mitigate any negative energies or entities that may be directed towards you.

Signs Moldavite is working and impacting you

Here are three ways to know if Moldavite is working:

1. You feel intense energy

You’re going to feel intense energy in your life from Moldavite. Unlike healing stones that promote calmness, you’ll be buzzing with energy. You might experience physical symptoms like heat radiating from holding your piece of Moldavite, racing heart, rapid breathing and sweating.

2. Your life is rapidly changing

Once you start using Moldavite, you can expect rapid changes to occur in your life. Moldavite invites these changes to occur whether you like them or not, so you need to be mentally ready for any major life changes that might come your way as a result of using Moldavite crystals.

3. You are incredibly emotional

Since Moldavite works with your Heart chakra, you’ll feel an incredible surge of emotions and energy. These emotions aren’t always negative. You could have a wonderful experience with Moldavite and feel intense happiness.

But even intense happiness can still be draining, so it’s good to remember to take breaks when using Moldavite healing stones as you can quickly wear yourself out, especially if you are an HSP or an empath.


Another important thing to keep in mind is that Moldavite is not meant to replace or prevent any medical treatment. One should always consult their doctor if they are looking for a natural remedy for illness or disease. If you are experiencing physical symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, nausea, pain, fatigue, etc. that do not subside in a few weeks, it is recommended that you consult your doctor.

Warning: Avoid fake Moldavite crystals

A 15g piece of Moldavite usually sells for upwards of $500. It’s a very expensive and rare stone, especially since it’s only available to harvest in the Czech Republic. If you come across a Moldavite pendant or stone for less, it’s likely a fake.

But considering the powers Moldavite has, it’s not that expensive. Hear me out: if you can fully transform your life for a few hundred dollars, would you do it?

Moldavite dangers: should you be worried?

Now that you know how Moldavite stones work, it’s clear as day that Moldavite isn’t actually dangerous, just intense.

Moldavites are known to intensify one’s emotions, thoughts, and perceptions while bringing them closer to the Divine or Infinite Intelligence. Moldavites assist in opening the Heart Chakra and expanding the Auric Field.

Want to learn more? Read my post on Moldavite and relationships to learn how Moldavite can affect the relationships with those you love.

Have you used Moldavite? Share your experience in the comments below!

Nothing we provide for you here is intended to replace any form of competent professional advice in any form. Please read our Terms & Condition for more information.

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