The Best Crystals for Self-Love

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Self-love is something many of us struggle with. Each and every day, we are faced with obstacles and situations that make use question our self-worth.

Maybe you’ve just gone through a breakup or perhaps you’re an empath who struggles with self-confidence. (If that’s you, you might also want to read about the different crystals for HSPs and empaths and stones for confidence).

You aren’t alone if you struggle to accept yourself the way you are.

But you deserve every ounce of love that flows your way, and then some! Using crystals for self-love will help you heal and learn to love your flaws.

Best crystals for self-love

1. Rose Quartz | Love & Healing

Pink quartz stone

How to use this stone: Wear near your Heart chakra


Stone summary: The Rose Quartz is a quartz crystal that healers regard as one of the ultimate love crystals. Rose Quartz is associated with the Heart chakra, and this is not just based on its pink vitreous crystalline outlook as well as structure, but as well as its healing abilities.

Commonly regarded as the epitome of unconditional love, the Rose Quartz can positively influence the intricate complexity of human emotions, hence able to provide an aura of peace and harmony.

Its capacity to calm the area around it, Rose Quartz helps to enhance your sense of self-love, thus improving your inner emotions. As a result, you will realize that the loving vibes in the surrounding area will be improved too. After using Rose Quartz for self-love, you’ll notice an upgraded sense of self-confidence and find that you will be more forgiving towards yourself and others.

2. Amazonite | Balancing, Truth & Healing

Green stone

How to use this stone: Keep this stone with you, especially during stressful times.


Stone summary: The Amazonite, or sometimes known as the Amazon Stone, has remarkable healing properties that resonate with the Heart Chakra. The stone’s elements are earth and water.

Earth and water are essential in a healing process, giving Amazonite the ability to heal negative feelings you might have towards yourself and be the perfect crystal for self-love.

Indeed, the Amazonite manifests love in itself. When placed strategically, it can calm the body down, making it perfect when assisting those who find themselves in tense situations, as well as to soothe emotional distress that one might be facing.

If you feel less-than-worthy, Amazonite can easily diffuse anxiety from societal-problems and protect you from any additional negative energy that is harming your self-love.

3. Kunzite | Self-Love & Healing

Picture of Kunzite stone

How to use this stone: Keep Kunzite near your Heart chakra for daily protection


Stone summary: Kunzites are Heart chakra stones and are commonly regarded as the woman’s stone. Their metaphysical property provides healing and support to the user, which is often regarded as feminine qualities.

If you feel negative towards yourself, Kunzite will help heal those nasty feelings and lead you towards a place of high self-worth.

This high-vibrational stone will balance and aligns you and acts as a shield against negative and depreciating energy. Kunzite is a powerful stone for healing the emotionally strained body and is widely regarded as a stone that amplifies self-love. Kunzite exuberates a positive aura that helps individuals to recover faster from emotional trauma, helping them love themselves unconditionally.

4. Rhodonite | Balance, Healing & Spirituality

A pink gemstone

How to use this stone: Keep Rhodonite near your Heart chakra for daily protection


Stone summary: Another stone related to the Heart Chakra, Rhodonite, can help to erase scars and battles of yesteryears, especially if the hurt came from emotional wounds that still lingers on. Being a stone of love, it can trigger our healing abilities to help us recover faster from emotional trauma.

While working on your Heart chakra, Rhodonite will open up your heart to forgiveness. You might not think of forgiveness as an act of self-love, but when you hold onto negative feelings of hurt and resentment, you aren’t doing yourself any favors. Forgiving allows you to give yourself the love you deserve.

Rhodonite will also balance our yin and yang, otherwise known as the calm and active energies in our body. When we can achieve a balance between the two, it’s easier to love ourselves.

5. Rhodochrosite | Comfort, Healing & Love

A peach striped gemstone

How to use this stone: Keep near your Heart chakra


Stone summary: Rhodochrosite will fill your life with positive vibrations and open up your Heart chakra. The stone is just like a warm hug, enveloping you with the vibrations you need to heal your broken heart and accept unconditional love.

If you’re afraid of accepting love from someone else because of the hurt you’ve experienced in the past, Rhodochrosite will help you release those feeling so you can move forward and begin to trust someone new.

This crystal is necessary for those in the thick of a painful breakup who might be currently doubting themselves. Rhodochrosite is here to help you heal, open up your heart to new adventures, and help you learn to love yourself.

6. Carnelian | Courage & Self-Esteem

Orange crystal stone

How to use this stone: Meditate with stone in your hand or resting on the Sacral chakra


Stone summary: If you find yourself sabotaging your life through poor choices, Carnelian will empower you to make positive choices and learn to treat yourself with kindness and love.

Carnelian will be your cheerleader through life, bathing you in confidence and enabling you to feel fearless.

All these qualities are crucial for improving self-love, which is why Carnelian is one of my favorite crystals for self-love.

How to use crystals to improve self-love

Using gemstones for self-love will help you speed up the process of learning to love yourself.

And when you begin to love yourself, friendships and other relationships will blossom around you. If you find that you still struggle to improve your friendships after working on self-love, you might need to switch up your crystals with some of these crystals for friendships and relationships.

Here are a few tips to use these stones for self-love:

  • Meditate with each stone on the chakra listed above. Most crystals for self-love work well with the Heart chakra, however, Carnelian works best to align the lower chakras. You can pair Carnelian with one of the other crystals for ultimate balance and stability. If you struggle with meditation, pair one of these crystals for meditation with your chosen friendship stone for the ultimate healing experience.
  • Mix and match the crystals from above to achieve balance in the areas you need the most help with.
  • Wear the crystals on a medium to long chain so they hang near the Heart chakra.
  • Place crystals around your home and workspace to cleanse the areas you spend the most time.
  • Have a spiritual cleansing bath.

Which crystals have do you think are the best for self-love? Comment below.

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