Crown Chakra Stones

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We need to keep all of our chakras open so that the energy can flow freely through the entire chakra system and this can often be achieved by a fairly simple visualization technique combined with breath and intention.

However, there are times when we need, or want, to work specifically on one chakra in order to rebalance or bring it back into harmony with the rest of the chakras.

Chart of the chakras

This is when using specific crystals can be extremely helpful, as not only do they help us to focus our intentions on a specific area, they also carry the vibration and resonance most closely aligned to the chakra we are targeting.

Using crystals to enhance the energies when working with our chakras is an excellent way to supercharge your healing and balancing techniques.

Each chakra is traditionally assigned a specific color, or colors, which seems to be universal in its application and the colors most commonly aligned with the Crown chakra are pure white, transparent crystal and violet or deep purple.

Gemstones and crystals of these colors are often used to enhance the process when working on the Crown chakra.

Properties of the Crown Chakra

Our Crown chakra is located at the top of the head. It is often represented as a kind of close fitting cap or flower comprised of one thousand petals.

The Crown is where we connect to the higher realms and the wisdom of the Universe, and is also the center most closely associated with our own intellect and analytical powers.

When this chakra is in balance and harmony with our energy fields we feel a deep sense of inner peace and contentment as a result of feeling connected to both the world around us and the worlds of the Spirit and the Divine.

The crown chakra allows for transcendence, meaning that we open our minds to the endless possibilities and opportunities that the Angelic and Divine realms provide us with.

On the other hand, an imbalance in the Crown chakra may well manifest as a tendency towards cynicism and negativity, especially with regard to spiritual matters.

It may also lead to feelings of disconnection with our immediate surroundings, excessive day dreaming or seeking constant distractions from the real world.

You will probably be aware that you are in need of a Crown chakra balance if you have been focused on intellectual pursuits at the expense of your physical and emotional well-being.

Crown Chakra Stones

As with all of the Chakras, the good news is that there are many inexpensive crystals that you can use to clear and cleanse your energy centers, as well as the more luxurious or precious stones if you are lucky enough to possess them.

Here are our favorite Crown chakra stones.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is very easy to get hold of, is not expensive and is known as a “universal healer” among crystals.

It is believed to be “programmable” meaning that it is often used to hold and focus our intentions.

Clear crystal with brown flecks

If you infuse a piece of clear quartz with a clear and definite desire it will serve as a reminder to bring your thoughts and actions into line with the goals you wish to achieve.

Clear quartz can help to open your mind to messages and signs from Spirit and help you to communicate with them.


Diamond of course is at the other end of the spectrum when it comes to cost. It is a precious stone and can be used to help clear debris and negativity from your auric field and the etheric body.

Placed on or near the Crown it is believed to promote truth and vision, to facilitate communication with the Higher Self and to cleanse and purify the energies around the head, brain and mind.

If your thinking seems clouded and you are having difficulty making decisions diamond can help you to find clarity and resolution.


Amethyst is very powerful and versatile. It is a popular crystal for meditation and other practices designed to cleanse and clear the Crown chakra.

Purple polished stone

It is a semi-precious stone that is easy to source and relatively cheap to buy. Placing amethyst near the Crown during a cleansing ritual can help to encourage understanding of the root causes of our imbalances and diseases, especially if they are caused by anger that has not been adequately resolved.

If you know that you have a tendency towards self-sabotage and self-destructive behavior, try using an amethyst cluster in a Crown chakra meditation to bring you back to place of self-love.


Selenite is a relatively clear crystalline mineral that can be used effectively on the Crown and Third Eye chakras when you wish to raise your awareness of the higher planes.

It can help to clear unwanted thoughts that may be keeping you attached to the material world and set you free from anxieties caused by over-thinking and fear of lack in the area of material or worldly concerns.

For example, you may have a fear of losing your job or source of income that is completely unfounded but is nevertheless holding you back from taking risks or moving forward.

White crystal slab

Selenite is an excellent stone to call upon in cases like this as it has a powerful cleansing and clearing effect on the entire subtle body.

How to Use Stones for Your Crown Chakra

Prior to using any Crown chakra stones, you must cleanse and program your crystals.

Cleansing can be done through sound, smoke, moonlight, sunlight or water.

Once cleansed, you can begin to use your Crown chakra stones.

There are many ways you can clear your energy field and support the free flowing of energies through your chakras. Try visualizations that include breathing in positive energy and breathing out debris, dust, and unwanted thoughts through each chakra in turn.

A quick and simple Crown chakra meditation consists of imagining a beautiful white and purple lotus flower resting on the top of your head. Breathe in pure white light through its petals and breathe out anxieties and negativity.

Place one of the clear stones on your crown and visualize a clear crystal cord rising from your crown up to the cosmos.

This is your connection to the Higher Realms. Imagine the energies running in both directions so that your intentions are heard by the Divine and supportive, comforting energies are returned to you via the crystal cord connection.

You can also recite some crown chakra affirmations while holding one of the crown chakra stones above.

Here is a simple Crown chakra affirmation:

I am Divine. My intuition is sharp and I whole-heartedly trust myself to make the right decisions. My thoughts are clear and I am open to the gifts of the Universe.

You can also use a chakra wand to unblock and align your Crown chakra.

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