10 of the Best Healing Crystals for Leo

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If you’re a Leo looking to add some extra power to your personal arsenal, consider using crystals! Crystals can be used for all sorts of things, from helping you manifest your dreams to attracting love and abundance. And what could be better than harnessing the power of the universe to help you achieve your goals?

There are lots of crystals out there that Leo’s can use, but we’ve made the search easier for you and have narrowed down our top picks for Leo’s based on extensive research and a deep understanding of the Leo zodiac sign.

10 of the best healing crystals for Leo

The crystals that work best for the Leo zodiac sign are Tiger’s Eye, Black Onyx, Garnet, Carnelian, Peridot, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Sunstone, Shungite, and Rhodochrosite. Keep reading to learn how Leo’s can use each one of the aforementioned stones to improve their life. You may also want to check the worst crystals for Leo.

Tiger’s Eye

Orange and brown stone

It’s no surprise that Tiger’s Eye, often associated with fiery big-cat energy, made our list of the best crystals for Leo. Tiger’s Eye is a Leo crystal that aligns perfectly with the energetic vibration of this zodiac sign.

This gemstone possesses the energy of the Sun, Leo’s ruling star. Tiger Eye works to benefit a Leo’s creativity and willpower while balancing their emotions.

This crystal is powerful for successful business dealings, which enables Leo to achieve a high standard of living.

Since Leo’s are determined go-getters, Tiger’s Eye will sharpen their focus and intuition and help them achieve their goals even faster, with the tenacity and fearlessness of a Tiger.

But being so goal-oriented means people can often become incredibly jealous of Leos (understandably) as Leos love to achieve goals and be successful.

Tiger’s Eye works to ward off jealously and envy coming from other people, so that you can reach your goals without letting the opinions of others get in your way.

Although Tiger’s eye is energizing and revitalizing, it also has a calming component to it. Leos can often struggle to shut their minds down when they need to sleep, often having minds racing with thoughts and ideas as their excitement for their next big project whizzes through their minds. Using Tiger’s Eye, you can slow your mind to enjoy restful nights of sleep.

This stone will also reduce stress and anxiety, both things Leos often suffer from.

Black Onyx


While Tiger’s Eye will give Leos energy and determination to achieve their goals and finish their projects, Black Onyx does the opposite and pulls Leos back down to a calm and relaxing state.

Black Onyx is the ideal Leo crystal because it helps to balance the enormous flow of energy that this zodiac sign has.

This gemstone is historically famous for removing negative energies from an individual and also from the surrounding environment.

This Leo crystal can be used as a powerful amulet against evil. The Black Onyx cleanses the individual’s aura, allowing him to feel at peace with themself. Therefore, this mineral is very useful for study, concentration, and mental lucidity.

Black Onyx also promotes self-confidence, eliminates fear, and provides Leos with the courage they need to complete projects. Since this zodiac sign is always dreaming big, confidence is often needed to start—and finish—major projects.


Red gemstone

Garnet is a Leo crystal that perfectly suits a Leo’s personality. This crystal promotes courage, bravery and decision-making power in adverse circumstances.

Garnet cleanses the chakras and negative energy of the individual. This gem favors vitality and willpower to face challenges. These virtues help Leo achieve the goals they set for themselves.

In addition, this gem promotes inspiration in creative processes, something fundamental for this zodiac sign. Garnet is one of the most powerful Leo crystals and that most benefits this zodiac sign.

And while Leos are known to have sky-high confidence, this crystal works to keep a Leo’s confidence nice and high.

One major weakness Leo’s have is they are very naive. With their big hearts, Leos struggle to see things at face value. They always try to see the best in people and can get taken advantage of very easily.

Garnet helps Leos to identify the true personality of others along with their true intentions. If you struggle to figure out what people’s intentions are, try adding Garnet to your healing crystal collection.

This Leo crystal gives brilliance and personal charisma, something this native needs to dazzle others.


Orange crystal stone

Carnelian is one of the Leo crystals that provides the most benefits to this zodiac sign.

Carnelian brings confidence, positive energy, and courage to face challenges.

This crystal unlocks the creative process favoring the development of solutions and original ideas that improve the quality of life. Carnelian is perfect for successfully going through difficult circumstances.

This powerful Leo crystal purifies the mind of negative thoughts and can help Leos meditate and clear their minds.

And if you’re working towards one of your lofty goals, use Carnelian to keep your motivation high along the way.

Just like Tiger’s Eye, Carnelian helps shielf Leos from jealousy of their peers, protecting them from the negative energy that could drain them.

Carnelian also takes negative emotions like frustration and sadness and turns them into love and empathy, perfect for Leos who find they are too sensitive to negative emotions around them.


Green speckled gemstone

You’ve likely heard the saying, “the heart of a lion.” As a Leo, you have a big heart, like the lion, which is why you need stones protective of your Heart chakra.

Peridot actives and unblocks the Heart chakra, helping you feel love towards yourself and others. It helps you open up your heart and lets you dig deeper into that generosity that Leos are so famous for having.

The Peridot is a deeply spiritual Leo crystal that identifies the transcendental meaning of life. This gem elevates the state of consciousness of each individual, which promotes true happiness in this life. Thanks to this, each individual builds true interpersonal relationships, develops their vocations, and follows healthy habits.


Orange and white polished gemstone

Citrine is a Leo crystal famous for its manifesting abilities, specifically manifesting financial success, while opening up and balancing the Solar Plexus chakra.

If you are career-oriented, you’ll benefit from having Citrine in your Leo gemstone collection.

Citrine also works to eliminate fear, anguish and nighttime fears. This stone promotes a good quality of sleep, allowing Leos to turn off their minds, rest well, and have a productive day the next day. Perfect for those with busy schedules who need to get lots of work done throughout the day.

As Leos are determined to be successful, they should use Citrine which promotes success and the flow of money. Especially for business owners and entrepreneurs as Citrine helps attract business success.

Rose Quartz

Pink quartz stone
Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the Leo crystal of love. This Leo gemstone attracts true love, encourages good family relationships and feeds positive emotions.

Because Leos have such high confidence, they can often tune others out and become arrogant to other people’s ideas.

However, this isn’t healthy and everyone needs to be respected.

To fix this, Leos can use Rose Quartz to help them build good, healthy, and mutually respectable relationships.

Once you have a good relationship with those around you, you’ll be more willing to listen to them and be more accepting and understanding of their criticism.

Rose Quartz helps you open your heart up and understand that often, people offering constructive criticism aren’t doing it to hurt you, rather, they want to help you.


Sunstone gemstone

Sunstone is one of the best Leo crystals. This gem promotes vitality, positive energy, and joie de vivre. This crystal awakens optimism and faith in the future.

The Sunstone strengthens good qualities of Leos and minimizes their flaws.

It helps Leo’s faith in life, a lot of energy to realize their goals, and optimism to face hardship.

Leos tend to dramatize everything that happens to them in life, even the most insignificant aspects of it. Sunstone helps Leos recognize what to let go of and not waste time worrying over.

Using Sunstone, Leos can increase their self-confidence and reach any goal they set their mind to. Speaking of their mind, Sunstone sharpens Leo’s intuition so they know which decisions will move them forward to their goals.

If you’re a Leo who tends to depend on others, use Sunstone to increase your self-reliance and independence.


Black gemstone

We already know how Leos are tenacious, but all that tenacity can cause burnt out and exhaustion.

Shungite is a great Leo gemstone as it gives Leos the energy they need to complete all their goals; burn out not included!

With Shungite, Leos will feel a burst of energy that lets them get more done in less time.

Shungite also removes negative energy from the individual and the environment around them, letting Leos feel at peace.

If you find yourself in negative environments, use Shungite to absorb the energy and remove it for you.


A peach striped gemstone

Rhodochrosite is the crystal for Leo that represents universal love. Like Rose Quartz, this crystal promotes love and self-love. It has been used for years to repel evil and transmute negative energy.

Rhodochrosite activates a higher level of consciousness, awakening a Leo’s psychic abilities.

While Leos are usually full of self-confidence, some may have lost their confidence along the way. This healing crystal will nurture a Leo back to their confident selves by eliminating self-doubt. It will also increase optimism.

How to pick your Leo healing crystals

Choosing the best stones for yourself as a Leo is fairly simple. After going through this list, think back to which stones stood out most to you.

Usually, your subconscious will tell you exactly what you need. If you feel pulled to certain stones, it means the Universe wants you to have them.

But you also might not know where to start, which is ok too! Think back to your biggest challenges and identify which Leo crystals will help you overcome them.

In conclusion

Zodiac crystals are necessary to help each zodiac find their true calling. These healing crystals, in particular, favor the mind and emotions of the lion zodiac sign. Leo has virtues such as enthusiasm, optimism and vitality. However, they are too intense and need help with balance.

Leo crystals can help them balance their temperament so that they lead a better quality of life.

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