Ruby Zoisite Healing Properties

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In the world of healing crystals, Ruby Zoisite is a relatively new stone. This crystal was only discovered in the 1950s but since then, it has become a popular choice for crystal lovers worldwide. It’s a beautiful crystal with a unique blend of colors—bright and deep greens speckled with red and burgundy.

Let’s find out more about this stunning stone and have a deeper understanding of its energy flow!

What is Ruby Zoisite?

Green and purple stone with black spots

Ruby Zoisite is often called the Tanganyika artstone or Anyolite, and it indeed looks like a piece of art, thanks to the fantastic yet natural blast of colors. These shades of Ruby Zoisite come from the combination of magenta Ruby and green Zoisite. These are the two primary minerals in Ruby Zoisite. Hence, the name!

However, you may also notice black specks on the stone, which is due to the presence of Hornblende Tschermakite. Together, these three colors create a magical, earthy look. But a Ruby Zoisite is much more than just its curious color pattern. It has metaphysical properties and vivacious powers to heal you mentally and spiritually.

Is Ruby Zoisite Real Ruby?

Ruby Zoisite presents a combination of two powerful gemstones, Ruby and Zoisite. Because of the presence of the green stone called Zoisite, it is also called Anyolite, which comes from the Masai word for green. Initially, this stone was thought to be Ruby, but the presence of Zoisite, with slight inclusions of Hornblende, proved that it is, in fact, Ruby in Zoisite.

Depending on the amount of Ruby, the color of Ruby in Zoisite may vary- and so can the hardness. As it happens with all natural mineral combinations, the patterns are always unique, with highlights of red or pink in earthy green shades. In conclusion, we can say that Ruby in Zoisite is not the same as fine Ruby.

However, this stone has many healing properties – and it’s also stunning. That is why Ruby Zoisite beads and cabochons are popular among crystal enthusiasts. As a colorful gemstone, Ruby Zoisite jewelry has a vast market because it is more affordable than pure Ruby.

Where is Ruby Zoisite Found?

The primary source of Ruby Zoisite in the world is Tanzania, where it was first found in the Longido mining district at the foot of the Kilimanjaro mountains. However, it is also found in India and Zambia. Zoisites of other colors are also found in other nations. When it comes to Ruby Zoisite, Tanzania is the most trusted source.

Ruby Zoisite Healing Properties

Since the ’50s, Ruby Zoisite has risen in popularity, and people wear it in the form of jewelry or keep the stone close in the form of beaded necklaces. That’s because it is believed to be a spiritual stone. Practitioners of crystal healing link the stone to psychic growth and development.

The combination of magenta Ruby and Green Zoisite in this crystal strongly pulsates with the Anahata Chakra or Heart Chakra. The force and vitality in this stone are almost palpable – and it improves your confidence level besides boosting your inner strength. Another unique feature of this stone is its power to enhance astral projection, i.e., it can help your spirit travel to distant places.

Ruby Zoisite is also associated with past life regression, which is an excellent way to know about your past life and recognize the hindrances and troubles that your soul must have carried all the way to your current birth. Thus, Ruby Zoisite is undoubtedly one of the most unique crystals. It infuses in you the power that you can use to change your life.

Impact of Ruby Zoisite on Chakra Healing and Balancing

Ruby Zoisite is effective in aligning multiple Chakras on the same level of vibration. It harmonizes the Muladhara or root/base chakra, Anahata or heart, Sahasrara or crown chakra, and Ajna or third eye chakras. Its vibrant colors provoke the energy flow from the heart chakra down to the root chakra, which is helpful in healing many physical issues, including cardiovascular problems.

Chart of the chakras
Our different chakras

One of the key Ruby Zoisite benefits is that this healing crystal facilitates the smooth flow of energy from the crown chakra. The stone acts as a stimulating tool, creating the perfect balance between logic and psychology, so you experience an improved decision-making ability.

Ruby Zoisite also stimulates your ability to see the bigger picture by helping your actions and thoughts in transcending the surface reality. By aligning the heart and crown chakras, it centers and re-balances the energy at the heart chakra. This can change the way you interact with the external world and how you embrace your experiences. It also removes blockages, especially in your base chakra.

By stimulating the crown chakra, this healing crystal makes you feel comfortable with your current situation as you learn that light and dark are both equally essential and indispensable. As you gain a better grasp of the cyclic nature, you will learn to be at peace with changes.

Ruby Zoisite is also highly effective in establishing a connection between the heart chakra and the third eye chakra, thus expanding the wearer’s horizons and desire for a wholesome life. As the heart cooperates with the mind, you will be able to experience a part of the universe that’s beyond your body.

A stimulated crown chakra will lead to better control over how you think and respond to the world. This chakra is not only the center of your thoughts and beliefs but also the source of spiritual light and psychic abilities. You’ll remain unfazed against negative energies as you connect with the higher energy levels of the universe.

Ruby Zoisite Benefits in Spiritual Healing

After wearing this stone, you will begin to feel the kind of love, exuberance, and excitement that you have never experienced in your soul before. Imagine feeling the zeal to fall in love with life all over again and enjoying everything like you have never done before! It allows you to develop a new level of intimacy with your surroundings!

Besides its healing properties and the ability to enhance positive feelings, it can establish balance in the face of opposing forces and situations and allows you to maintain control in every relationship. Wearers can also experience a better understanding of their own thoughts, feelings, and needs.

Ruby Zoisite stands for light and renewal. It is an effective stone when it comes to experiencing the desire to find bliss and enjoy spiritual energy even while living in and dealing with the physical world. It motivates and enthuses you by representing deep feelings and intense passion.

Red Zoisite crystals help the wearer reach the highest levels of consciousness. Its metaphysical properties include sealing the aura holes that allow negative energy to flow into your life and affect your mind and soul. The natural combination of Zoisite and Ruby brings balance to your life.

Ruby Zoisite and Physical Body

Ruby Zoisite helps maintain a unique harmony and circulation of energies, thus amplifying their effects and infusing vitality in your system. It is not only great at spiritual and emotional healing but also effective in alleviating a vast number of physical complaints.

Wearing these healing crystals can help you overcome fatigue. Its effects in reducing lethargy and exhaustion, as well as hyperactive feelings, are astounding, according to wearers. By bringing stability to your mind and emotions, it reduces your desire to overeat and hence regulates body weight.

Wearing Ruby Zoisite crystals is said to also strengthen your immunity, urinary system, endocrine, lymphatic, and lymphatic systems.

Ruby Zoisite is also said to be associated with women’s reproductive health by regulating menstrual flow and easing pain and cramps that result from irregular menstruation.

Thanks to the Ruby inclusions in these healing crystals, it’s said that the color red takes care of your heart and stimulates proper blood circulation. It strengthens and treats the myocardium, coronaries, and ventricles of the heart. As a healing stone with strong vibrational healing powers, it slows down the fast pace of your heart in times of fear, panic, and stress.

If you suffer from sleep problems, Ruby Zoisite is an excellent crystal for you. It is recommended for people who are hyperactive as it has a calming effect. That’s because it can establish a perfect balance between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, aligning the chakras with the auric body for balanced mental processes.

Emotional Healing Properties of Ruby Zoisite

Ruby Zoisite helps in calming you down in moments of stress, anguish, and pain. It can reduce panic attacks and help you rise from such negativity. If you have a sensitive nature and lack self-confidence, this is the ideal healing crystal for you, and it can reduce suppressed anger and ill feelings about yourself.

Ruby Zoisite is known to guide a wearer towards a more courageous state. You will learn to express yourself with confidence. When you wear this stone, you will experience a rush of positive universal energy.

This stone is also recommended for people who are going through the process of grieving. As it can transmute negative energies inside you during such a time, you will feel all your pain and sorrow leaving your mind. Thus, it is an excellent tool for improved mental health as it develops an invigorating feeling.

Thanks to the loving energy it imparts, you will learn to become more compassionate, enduring, and gentle – towards yourself and the others – and start to develop psychic abilities to notice the miracles that the universe holds. You will feel calm even in the face of changes and experience a sense of belonging.

How the Colors of Ruby Zoisite Enhance Its Healing Powers

As mentioned earlier, Ruby Zoisite comes with a unique mix of vivid colors. It is believed that these colors are the source of the stone’s power to raise the energy levels of the wearer. This stone also has the interesting ability to establish a neutral connection between the body and the head of the wearer.

People who believe in crystal healing think that there is nothing ordinary about this stone. The stone is the source of such energy and spiritual power that it has the ability to affect the consciousness of the wearer. It doesn’t stop there. It can even open the doors of your soul to reach and retrieve your Soul Memory.

This means it will help you identify the troubles of your past life that might be having an inhibiting effect on you in your present and preventing your true being from getting expressed. It is a tool that makes spiritual learning easier for you so that you heal and reach higher levels of consciousness.

The color red in this stone is a source of passion and creative energy. Thus, wearing it can improve your life and living massively, especially if you have a creative and passionate streak within you that needs an outlet. The green in the stone is the source of energy that enhances growth – and makes every aspect of your life fertile.

Thus, it can be said that this stone has an incredible harmony of colors which gives this stone a strong spiritual nature. Wearing this stone allows you to experience a wonderful sense of bliss. This can boost your interest and zeal to embrace the exuberance, connection with the world, and other deep feelings that accompany the spiritual comfort.

Users and experts vouch that this stone brings a fresh flow of emotional and mental energies. You will be able to feel an increase in healing energy within you, thanks to the stone’s magical energy. This stone’s power is like the light of the soul. This stone also helps to boost sexual energy.

Ruby Zoisite is a fiery and earthy combination of red Ruby and green Zoisite. The mix of these two colors contributes to the healing properties of this stone. Where do the dark shades of the stone feature in all this? The black inclusions give you strength when you face stress in your relationships.

The masculine red is the color of the “King” that increases a sense of devotion and makes you think logically when you face challenges in your life. The feminine green, usually in the form of clear medium green, is the color of the “Queen” and helps you carry greater spirit force.

The red color of the gem is responsible for making you open to spiritual learning as you master the emotional transformation. It also strengthens your ability to manifest physical gains. The green shade in this gem has a nurturing effect and improves your ability to find and commit to a higher purpose.

Ruby Zoisite in Witchcraft, Numerology, Manifestation, and Zodiac

Ruby Zoisite has the ability to provide psychic protection and increases psychic abilities. As you have already understood, it can balance energy, which means that it has a regulatory impact on reactions and emotions. That’s why it is considered an essential tool for practitioners of witchcraft, numerology, and other such crafts.

Ruby Zoisite is a powerful tool in numerology, with a strong association with the numbers 3 and 4. In Life Path, the number 3 is related to spontaneity and fun, while 4 is associated with discipline and wisdom. Thus, Ruby Zoisite brings balance between the two sides of your character, thoughts, and reactions for the perfect balance.

It is also a helpful medium when you meditate, pray, and practice meditation daily. When you combine it with other stones that suit you, your manifestations become more substantial, and you start to see results faster. It is hugely influential in improving your abilities to think, reflect, and react so that you can identify the deeper meaning of every situation.

Ruby Zoisite is helpful for everyone but is it specifically associated with signs like Sagittarius, Scorpio, Cancer, and Gemini. People with these signs often experience physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual turmoil that becomes unmanageable. Ruby Zoisite is helpful in establishing equilibrium.

How to Care for Ruby Zoisite

Ruby Zoisite has a mildly hard texture. While the surface does not get scratches or cracks as easily as many other crystals, it is a good idea to use a soft cloth to cleanse Ruby Zoisite. Also, be careful not to knock or drop the beads, as Ruby Zoisite is prone to cracking at the joints.

Remember that this stone comes with some internal fractures like other crystals. So, exposure to extreme temperatures, especially heat, can increase these fractures. When you’re not using your Ruby Zoisite jewelry, you can store them in a natural material in warm and moist conditions.

Final Words

Whether you are a metaphysical practitioner or just a regular person looking for balance, Ruby Zoisite can be an excellent addition to your life by aligning the root, third eye, crown, and heart chakras. It will improve your thinking abilities and open you to gaining an understanding of the universe beyond the physical world.

Ruby Zoisite has become an extremely popular crystal for the healing of your body, mind, and emotions by helping the wearer accept the warnings and advice of your spirit guides. Thus, it can become your lucky stone. The best part, of course, is that it is a beautiful gemstone that you can afford easily!

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