12 of the Best Crystals for Grief

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Grief and loss is a horrible thing to go through. Using crystals can help take your sadness and pain and replace it with a sense of peace and positive energy.

It’s important to remember that crystals are not a substitute for professional help. As with any other ailment, please speak to a professional when you need help.

Let’s learn how you can use crystals for grief to help your healing journey.

Stages of grief

There are five stages of grief that one may go through during difficult times. Each stage can last a different amount of time and you don’t necessarily travel through each stage in the listed order. Some people may not even go through all five stages.

  1. Denial: The person may feel confusion, fear, and shock during this stage.
  2. Anger: During this stage, a person can feel anxiety and irritation.
  3. Bargaining: The bargaining stage serves as an escape from the pain. The person might ask themselves “what if…” and try to find a way to avoid the pain.
  4. Depression: Realizing that pain is inevitable. Feelings of intense sadness and depression can occur during this stage.
  5. Acceptance: After acceptance, the person is able to find peace, seek out the positive in life once more, heal, and move forward.

No matter what stage of healing you are in, different crystals can support you through the various stages. It’s important to note that crystals will not fully remove your grief. What they will do is help you process it and support your emotional journey.

12 healing crystals for grief

The best healing crystals for grief are Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Clear Quartz, Black Onyx, Carnelian, Kunzite, Green Aventurine, Amethyst, Lepidolite, Moonstone, Mangano Calcite, and Apache Tears. We’ll go into each of the crystals including how to specifically use them for grief.

Rose Quartz

Pink quartz stone

Tips for using Rose Quartz: Wear as a pendant near your Heart chakra.

Chakras: Heart

During difficult times, Rose Quartz will gentle help you deal with emotional turmoil. Rose Quartz is a gentle pink healing stone that will wrap you in loving energy.

You may feel alone during times of grief, which is why it’s useful to have Rose Quartz nearby.

Even if you are physically alone, Rose Quartz will remind you that the Universes’ unconditional love always surrounds you. It will help you with your own self-love as you move through the stages of grief.

Smoky Quartz

Brown gemstone

Tips for using Smoky Quartz: Keep a small piece of Smoky Quartz in your pocket at all times.

Chakras: Root

During the stages of grief, you may feel depressed and like you’re living in a haze. Smoky Quartz fights off depression and neutralizes negative energy. You’ll feel emotionally calm and it will help you move forward from grief.

Smoky Quartz helps you feel as if you are no longer living in a haze by healing you throughout the grieving process.

Clear Quartz

White clear stone

Tips for using Clear Quartz: Pair Clear Quartz with other crystals to amplify its powers.

Chakras: Crown

Clear Quartz is a wonderful stone that everyone should have. First, it amplifies any other stone around it. You can use Clear Quartz to make the rest of your crystals for grief even more powerful.

Aside from that, Clear Quartz acts as a “master healer” working to fix whatever it needs to. If you feel lost and unsure what healing crystals to use, start with Clear Quartz. Clear Quartz will align and unblock all your chakras so you feel balanced and at ease during times of grief.

Black Onyx

A black stone.

Tips for using Black Onyx: Meditate with Black Onyx on your Root chakra.

Chakras: Root

When you need your inner warrior to come through for you, turn to Black Onyx. Black Onyx grounds you through your Root chakra. While grounding you, it works to build up your inner strength.

And while you are grieving, Black Onyx offers mental and spiritual protection by transforming negative energy to positive energy. It will give you strength and self-confidence; two things you need while going through the grieving process.


Orange crystal stone

Tips for using Carnelian: Use Carnelian during the bargaining stage.


Carnelian is a stabilizing stone that activates your Sacral and Root chakra. When you need crystals for grief that will ground you, look to Carnelian. Carnelian’s grounding ability will make you feel like you’re able to take on the day, one step at a time.

It will also anchor you to reality, which is useful when you’re in the bargaining stage.


Picture of Kunzite stone

Tips for using Kunzite: Meditate with Kunzite on your Heart chakra.

Chakras: Heart

Another pink grief stone is Kunzite. When you need more love in your life, turn to Kunzite.

Kunzites make wonderful crystals for grief as they help you heal from a broken heart. Kunzite is the Stone of Emotion. If you harbor negative feelings, Kunzie will open your mind and heart, allowing the two to connect and heal together.

Kunzite provides calming energy to help you heal emotionally. In particular, those who have undergone trauma (of any kind) will find Kunzite useful for emotional healing.

Green Aventurine

Green polished stone

Tips for using Green Aventurine: Place Green Aventurine stones around your home or areas where you need to create a calm energy.

Chakras: Heart

As Green Aventurines are Heart chakra stones, they also make excellent stones for grief. They work on your Heart chakra while comforting and protecting you. They also encourage perseverance, and when you’re going through a challenging time and grieving, perseverance is something you’ll need,

Other properties of Green Aventurine include the ability to improve your well-being and create calming energy around you.


Purple polished stone

Tips for using Amethyst: Keep Amethyst nearby at all times. Amethyst helps no matter what stage you are in.

ChakraCrownThird Eye

Amethyst works wonders for grief. It’s one of the best crystals for anxiety and helps balance mood swings associated with grief. Amethyst works on your mind and will bring balance and peace to your thoughts.

It also dispels anger, fear, and sadness. Overall, Amethysts are incredible crystals for grief that are suitable no matter which stages of grief you’re in.


A purple stone.

Tips for using Lepidolite: Meditate with Lepidolite on your Crown or Third Eye chakra.

Chakras: CrownThird Eye

Often when you go through a major loss, you feel as if you’ve lost a piece of yourself as well. Lepidolite helps by making you feel spiritual whole again, even after a devastating loss.

Lepidolite is a Stone of Transition. If you’re suffering from the loss of a loved one, Lepidolite can give you the gentle courage needed to face this terrible transitional period.

It also soothes your spirit, giving you calming energy that will put you at ease.


Cream colored polished stone

Tips for using Moonstone: Place Moonstone beside your bed so you feeling motivation to get out of bed in the mornings during tough times.

Chakras: Third EyeCrown

Moonstones are crystals for new beginnings. During loss and grief, you may be entering into unknown territory. Moonstone gives your strength and helps you transition to a new stage of life with as much as possible. While you are grieving, Moonstone will offer calm vibrations.

It’s a nurturing stone with high vibrations to help you reach a higher state of being. When you reach a higher state of being, you can live life from a state of happiness and contentedness, regardless of what you are going through.

Mangano Calcite

A pink stone.

Tips for using Magano Calcite: Meditate with Magano Calcite and envision a beam of red light moving farther away from your body. In this exercise, the red light is your resentment and you are letting go of it.

Chakras: Heart

Calcite comes in many different forms and colors. For grief, turn to Mangano Calcite. Mangano Calcite helps foster forgiveness. If your grief stems from someone else’s actions, forgiving them may be something you need to do to move forward. Harboring anger and resentment will only hurt you more in the end, not them.

Letting go of anger feels impossible, but Mangano Calcite will help you gently let go of any resentment you hold in your heart so you can finally process and be free of your grief.

Apache Tears

Dark brown/black stone.

Tips for using Apache Tears: Keep Apache Tears in the room you spend the most time in.

Chakras: Root

Apache tears are especially helpful in overcoming the loss of a loved one. The First Nation’s Apache Tribe gave meaning to this crystal (I highly recommend researching this if you want to learn more about this stone).

Apache Tears have gentle vibrations and protect you from attacks spiritual. This crystal draws out and absorbs your stress, anxiety, and negative feelings, so you can process your grief better and stabilize your emotions.

How to use grief crystals

The first thing you should do with any crystal is set your intention. Setting your intentions takes a couple of seconds but makes a major difference. Since crystals have a wide range of healing properties, setting your intentions tells the Universe what you specifically need help with.

For example, if you have feelings of depression of the loss of a loved one, you can hold your crystal in your palms and envision what it is you’d like from the crystal. Do you want to make it through the day without strong emotions taking hold of you? Perhaps you want to wake up and feel good and start the day off on the right foot. Envision that happening. That’s how you set your intention.

Once you’ve set your intention to your crystal, you can begin using your crystals in different ways:

  • Meditate with your crystal on the chakra that is listed for it. You can also meditate with multiple crystals at the same time. As long as you set your intentions, you won’t have any conflicting crystals. As we mentioned above, Clear Quartz is an amplifying stone, so if you feel particularly in need, you can use pair Clear Quartz with another crystal to maximize its healing properties.
  • Place crystals around the environments you spend the most time in and need the most support.
  • Have a spiritual cleansing bath.
Woman having a bath with a candle lit
A spiritual cleansing bath

Dealing with loss is a terrible thing to go through. Make sure you take care of yourself and seek professional help if you are struggling with your emotions in any way.


What crystals are good for healing trauma?

Some of the best crystals for grief and trauma include Smoky Quartz, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Green Aventurine, Moonstone, and Lepidolite.

What is the best crystal for letting go?

Magano Calcite is the best crystal for letting go and fixing feelings of resentment.

What crystals help for loss?

Moonstone crystals can help you deal with a loss.

Nothing we provide for you here is intended to replace any form of competent professional advice in any form. Please read our Terms & Condition for more information.

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