The Best Crystals for Friendship, Conflict Resolution, And Sisterhood

image with text overlay: the best crystals for friendship

As the old adage goes, “it takes two to tango”, and for friendships, the same rings true. For me, I’m quite introverted. As a highly-sensitive person, being around someone new can feel exhausting (BTW, if this is you, you should also read which crystals for empaths and HSPs I recommend). For this reason, I struggle … Read more

The Best Crystals for Self-Love

image with text overlay: the best crystals for self-love

Self-love is something many of us struggle with. Each and every day, we are faced with obstacles and situations that make use question our self-worth. Maybe you’ve just gone through a breakup or perhaps you’re an empath who struggles with self-confidence. (If that’s you, you might also want to read about the different crystals for … Read more