The Best Crystals for Self-Love


Self-love is something many of us struggle with. Each and every day, we are faced with obstacles and situations that make use question our self-worth.

Using crystals for self-love will help you heal and learn to love your flaws.

Best crystals for self-love

Amazonite | Balancing, Truth & Healing


The Amazonite, or sometimes known as the Amazon Stone, has remarkable healing properties that resonate with the Heart Chakra.

Kunzite | Self-Love & Healing


Kunzites are Heart chakra stones and are commonly regarded as the woman’s stone. Their metaphysical property provides healing and support to the user.

Rhodochrosite | Comfort, Healing & Love


Rhodochrosite is here to help you heal, open up your heart to new adventures, and help you learn to love yourself.

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