Moldavite: Facts, Safety, and Preparation Before Use

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Moldavite is a mysterious stone with an intense frequency, apparent extraterrestrial energies, and ability to induce rapid change.

Many people claim this stone has unmatched healing properties.

But is this the case?

Today, we’re exploring everything you need to know about Moldavite, including how to use it, what makes it so special, and how to spot fakes.

What is Moldavite?

Moldavite is a natural glass mossy-green stone. It’s a tektite-type stone that was formed 14.8 million years ago when a meteor struck the Bohemian plateau (what is now known as our modern day Czech Republic).

Because Moldavite comes from a meteorite, it is said to carry intense metaphysical properties and cosmic energy—wearers often say they can feel the buzzing energy of Moldavite as soon as they touch the stone.

To this day, Moldavite is thought to be one of the most powerful healing crystals.

Green stone.

Aside from its strong healing powers, Moldavite is also incredibly rare. Most pieces of Moldavite for sale weigh less than 2 grams.

A collection of green glassy-looking rocks.

Why everyone wants a piece of Moldavite

Moldavite rose to popularity in 2021 when TikTokers became making videos about how Moldavite was changing their lives.

But aside from its apparent healing powers, Moldavite is a rare gemstone with a limited supply. Healing crystals like Amethyst are constantly growing and forming in the Earth, so there’s no rush to get one. But because Moldavite was formed by a past meteoric strike, it’s not a stone that continues producing. As such, people are desperate to get their hands on a piece of Moldavite before supply runs out.

The history of Moldavite

Moldavite was discovered sometime before 1786 in the town of Týn nad Vltavou in Czech Republic. It gets its name from the Moldau River, which runs through that region. Funny enough, the stone was originally thought to be a low-quality Emerald, but it was later determined to be a completely new type of mineral.

This mystical stone has been revered throughout history. The ancient Celts believed Moldavite was a gift from the gods, and used it in jewelry and amulets. In the Middle Ages, it was thought to be a stone of good luck and protection.

Green brown glassy crystal.

And nowadays, people use it to induce rapid change and attract their dream lives.

Metaphysical healing properties of Moldavite

Moldavite has been used for centuries for its healing properties. It is said to be a stone of transformation, helping to accelerate your personal growth and spiritual growth.

This green gem has emotional healing powers, physical healing powers, and spiritual healing powers. Many people claim that Moldavite is great to facilitate personal and spiritual growth, as it can help one to release old baggage and open up to new experiences, and crystal healers consider Moldavite the holy grail of transformation stones.

It’s also said to be a stone of spiritual awakening and protection, shielding you from negative energy and helping you to connect with your higher self.

It is also said to be helpful in clearing blockages in the chakras, and in attuning one to higher frequencies. This makes it particularly useful for those who are trying to align their energies with the cosmos in such a way that it brings about positive change to their life.

The stone can also soothe any doubts you have about yourself, and encourage positivity. So even if you’re not particularly upset or stressed, the properties of Moldavite can enhance your overall life experience.

Moldavite has also been known to help those who feel out of place on our planet feel more like they belong. It dampens the feeling of homesickness for those who feel they don’t belong on Earth.

Another huge benefit of Moldavite is its ability to ward off negative energies around you. Negative energies affect us every day, in a multitude of situations. So having Moldavite on you throughout the day can be a huge benefit to those who spend a lot of time in unnatural environments such as offices or boardrooms.

Is Moldavite dangerous?

An image of sparkling crystals with text that reads: is Moldavite dangerous?

Some people claim that Moldavite is a dangerous crystal, however, it’s perfectly safe, especially when you prepare yourself before using it.

But if Moldavite is safe, why do people say it’s dangerous?

Usually, the people claiming Moldavite to be dangerous are the ones who are incredibly resistant to change.

When you use Moldavite, you’re inviting change into your life. It makes sense that those who resist change will talk about their horrible experiences when using Moldavite. Therefore, we don’t recommend using Moldavite if you aren’t open to change.

The Moldavite Flush

The Moldavite Flush happens when an individual experiences sensations when using Moldavite for the first time. These sensations might include:

  • A racing heart
  • Sweaty hands
  • A headache
  • Tingling
  • Dizziness

Some people also report feeling a rush of emotions, both happy and sad. Everyone has a different experience with Moldavite which makes it hard to determine how it will work for each person.

The important thing to note is that Moldavite will never harm you. It will not give you sickness or bring back omens or bad luck to you.

However, if you’re sensitive to energy you may feel the energies from Moldavite more powerfully.

We included Moldavite on our list of crystals to avoid for beginners because the effects of Moldavite are incredibly powerful, and beginners might be put off from these effects if they aren’t ready for them. However, beginners can still use Moldavite if they wish. You can easily prevent the Moldavite Flush by pairing it with a grounding stone (like Hematite). Pairing Moldavite with a grounding stone will protect you from Moldavite’s intense vibration and powerful energy, and keep you grounded.

How to use Moldavite

If you’re thinking of using Moldavite, read through these steps first so you are prepared the moment you hold it in your hands.

Step 1: Cleanse it (optional)

Moldavite doesn’t need to be cleansed. As such, this step is optional. (We like to cleanse every crystal we get just for peace of mind.)

To cleanse Moldavite, find a well-lit area, preferably outdoors and place it upon the ground in direct sunlight. Sit in front of the stone and close your eyes. In your mind’s eye, envision the dark, negative energy swirling around the crystal.

This negative energy is unhealthy to any who come into contact with it. Positive energy radiates from the earth, so attempting to expel the negative energy down into the earth would be harmful to the planet. Instead, see the dark energy dissipate into the atmosphere. Let the sun purify the crystal. The beams of light will chase away any darkness that the crystal holds.

Once the dark energy has been cleansed, make sure you inject your own light energy into the crystal by visualizing white radiant light emitting from your heart chakra into your Moldavite crystal.

At this point, your Moldavite is ready for activation.

Step 2: Active it

Even though Moldavite is technically a type of glass, it acts as a crystal through and through as it carries great amounts of cosmic energy.

Healing crystals are a little bit like cameras into our souls, and just like a camera, Moldavite captures your energy and reflects it back into you.

Because of the repeating properties of Moldavite, you’re want to make sure you’re in a relatively positive mood before interacting with it. If you touch it while you’re in a negative mind space you may accidentally charge it with negative energy. And that negative energy may be amplified, making you feel temporarily worse.

The solution is to activate your Moldavite before using it. Here’s how:

When you first obtain your Moldavite gemstone, you want to take it to a well-lit area, preferably outside in the sunlight. The environment should be more natural, and you should be far away from any electronic interference that might affect your natural energies.

When you find a suitable spot, take your Moldavite out of whatever container you’re keeping it in and hold it in your receiving hand. (Your left hand is your receiving hand and your right hand is your giving hand.)

Next, close your eyes, take some deep breaths, and imagine what it is you’d like Moldavite to help you with.

For example, if you want to find a job you like, imagine yourself working at your ideal job.

This process only takes a few minutes, but is highly effective in ensuring Moldavite works on the right areas of your life.

If you are open to change in any areas of your life, you can skip this step. Just know that when you skip the activation step you are inviting Moldavite to work on whichever parts of your life it thinks you need help in.

Therefore, if you prefer more control, we recommend activating it.

Step 3: Use your Moldavite

Now that you’ve activated your Moldavite crystal, it’s ready to use.

There are several different ways to use your Moldavite. Like many green stones, Moldavite works wonderfully with the heart chakra, so if you are unsure how to use it, consider holding it near your heart.

Here are three other ways you can use Moldavite:

1. Meditating with Moldavite

Moldavite is a powerful stone that can help to amplify the energy of your meditation practice. Here are some tips on how to meditate with Moldavite:

  1. Sit in a comfortable position with your spine straight. Hold the Moldavite stone on your heart chakra (located in the center of your chest).
  2. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. As you inhale, imagine green light entering through your nose and filling up your chest. As you exhale, imagine the green light spreading throughout your body.
  3. Focus your attention on the Moldavite stone and feel its energy vibrating within you. Visualize the energy of the stone expanding outward and permeating every cell in your body.

2. Wearing Moldavite Jewelry

A common thing to do with Moldavite after activating it is to put it in jewelry. One way to wear Moldavite as jewelry is to use it as a pendant. You can wear it around your neck on a chain or cord.

If you are looking to use Moldavite for its spiritual properties, it is best to wear it close to your heart.

3. Sleeping with Moldavite

Place your Moldavite under your pillow or on your bedside table before going to sleep. As you drift off to sleep, focus on your intention for using the stone. For example, you might want to use it for guidance and clarity in your dreams.

One thing to note is that some people report strange dreams when using Moldavite while they sleep. If you find your sleeps are being interrupted when using Moldavite, consider putting it away while you sleep.

Step 4: Charge Moldavite

One more thing of note; your Moldavite crystal should be recharged at least once a month. You can do this by putting it under the moonlight during a full moon. There are also a few other ways you can cleanse the crystal if you’re not close to a natural spot.

  • Sea Salt: Sea salt has a lot of cleansing properties. You can leave the Moldavite buried in a ritual bowl over night to cleanse it.
  • Sea Water: Sea water has sea-salt, so the process is pretty much the same. Just submerge the Moldavite in the sea water overnight.
  • Purified Running Water: Running water has long been known as a purifying agent. Don’t use tap water, Buy a bottle of purified water and pour it over your Moldavite until the bottle is emptied.
  • Quartz: Quartz is another crystal that is known for its cleansing properties. Lay the quartz on top of your Moldavite over night to dispel negative energy that resides within it.

How to spot fake Moldavite

Unfortunately, there are plenty of fake Moldavite amulets, pendants, and stones floating around. Usually, they are made from green bottle glass and marketed as authentic Moldavite.

The biggest tell that your Moldavite is fake is that you won’t feel any vibrational energy from it when you hold it in your hands.

But that’s not always an accurate indicator, as some people don’t feel the energy from real Moldavite crystals, either.

However, there are four other ways you can tell if your Moldavite crystal is fake:

  1. Color: real Moldavite is usually a greenish-brown (like moss), while fake Moldavite is often brighter green.
  2. Clarity: real Moldavite is usually cloudy or opaque, while fake Moldavite is often clear or translucent.
  3. Weight: real Moldavite is usually heavier than fake Moldavite.
  4. Shape: real Moldavite is often irregular in shape, while fake Moldavite is often more regular in shape (like a teardrop).
  5. Surface: real Moldavite often has a pitted or rough surface, while fake Moldavite is often smooth.

If you’re ever in doubt about whether or not your Moldavite is real, the best thing to do is to consult with an expert. There are many reputable dealers out there who can help you determine whether or not your stone is the real deal.

Why is Moldavite so expensive?

High quality Moldavite is a very rare and expensive gemstone. The reason why moldavite is so expensive is because it is so rare, and there is a high demand for it and because there’s a limited supply. Moldavite is used in many different types of jewelry, and is also used in crystal therapy.

It is said to have many healing properties, which makes it even more desirable. If you are lucky enough to find moldavite for sale, be prepared to pay a high price for it.

Alternatives to Moldavite

If you want to try Moldavite but aren’t sure you’re ready, consider one of the following alternatives. These alternatives have similar healing properties, but tend to have gentler vibrations.


Purple polished stone

One great Moldavite alternative is Amethyst. 

Amethyst encourages positive transformation in your life by alleviating stress and anger, giving you balance, calming/healing your mind and providing you with positivity. 

And unlike Moldavite, which can induce rapid change, Amethyst works gently. 


A black rock.

Moldavite is a tektite, so of course, other tektites are a great alternative to it. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, and many people believe they have metaphysical properties similar to Moldavite.

Libyan Desert Glass

Green brown glassy crystal.

This type of natural glass is found in the Libyan Desert, and it is also thought to be formed by meteoritic impact and carries similar extraterrestrial energy as Moldavite. It has a yellow-green color and is often used in jewelry or other decorative objects.


Big or small, Moldavite crystals are packed with powerful energy and are great healing crystals for those who are ready for change.

Because there is a limited supply, the price of Moldavite has been on the rise over the past several years.

However, you can still find many pieces of Moldavite at varying price points (especially the smaller chips, which are equally as effective).

Have you ever used Moldavite? Let me know in the comments!


Why is Moldavite expensive?

Moldavite is a finite resource and as supple decreases, it will become more expensive. Moldavite has become increasingly popular over the years which has further decreased its supply, making it a stone that’s harder and harder to come across.

Can you buy Moldavite for yourself?

Yes, we recommend buying Moldavite for yourself rather than for someone else.

Where can I sell my Moldavite?

You can sell your Moldavite anywhere. Online marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace or Kijiji are the easiest places to list Moldavite to sell.

Can Moldavite get wet?

Yes, Moldavite can get wet but we don’t recommend submerging Moldavite in water for an extended period of time.

Nothing we provide for you here is intended to replace any form of competent professional advice in any form. Please read our Terms & Condition for more information.

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