How to Activate Moldavite the Right Way

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Perhaps you’ve seen the recent buzz around the supposedly “dangerous” Moldavite crystal and have decided to get your own (by the way, Moldavite is not a dangerous crystal as some people might want you to think. It does, however, possess the ability to induce rapid change).

But before you use your Moldavite, there are two things you should do:

  1. Cleanse your Moldavite (optional)
  2. Activate your Moldavite

I’m going to tell you exactly what you need to know so you can safely use Moldavite!

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1. How to cleanse Moldavite (optional)

Beofre I teach you how to activate Moldavite, you should first cleanse it.

A lot of people will tell you that you don’t actually need to cleanse Moldavite. High vibrational crystals don’t absorb negative energy, however, I still prefer to cleanse Moldavite. I like to cleanse all my crystals for peace of mind.

So yes, this step is optional but it’s very easy. You only need to pick one way from the list below to sufficiently cleanse Moldavite.

  1. Water: You can use salt water, clear running water, or fresh water from streams. Water found it nature is the most ideal for crystal cleansing, but if you don’t have that available, running tap water will work. Submerge Moldavite for 1 minute in the water to cleanse.
  2. Sun: To cleanse Moldavite in the sun, allow it to sit outside for no more than a few hours under the sun’s rays.
  3. Meditation: Quietly sit with Moldavite in your hands and imagine wisps of red smoke (which is its unwanted energy) leaving your Moldavite stone. Do this for roughly one minute (you do not need to be precise, just follow your intuition). After, imagine white light washing your stone with neutral energy. Again, do this for roughly a minute. After a couple of minutes of meditation, your Moldavite is cleansed.
  4. Brown Rice: Submerge your Moldavite into a bowl of brown rice for 24 hours. Make sure to throw the rice away after (you don’t want to ingest rice with negative energy, so please do not cook the rice).
  5. Smoke: Hold your Moldavite in the path of smoke produced from burning incense or other herbs. Before using this method, please read on the cultural appropriation of smudging to ensure you are smoke cleansing in a way that is mindful and appreciative of Indigenous people.
  6. Moonlight: A full moon is the best to cleanse Moldavite, but you can use any type of moonlight if you won’t see a full moon for a while. Set Moldavite on the Earth overnight to bathe in the moonlight.
  7. Salt: Bury Moldavite in salt for a few hours. If your Moldavite feels like it has lots of energy, you can leave it for up to two days.
  8. Sound: You can use a tuning fork, a bell, singing bowls, or your voice (chanting or humming) to cleanse your Moldavite. Sound waves will envelope Moldavite and cleanse it. Use sound for 2-3 minutes.
  9. Other stones: Selenite is a powerful cleansing crystal that is easy to obtain and inexpensive and can work wonders on Moldavite. You can also place Moldavite on larger geodes for several hours. If you have many small stones, make a circle around Moldavite and let sit for several hours.

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After cleansing is complete, it’s time to activate Moldavite!

2. How to activate Moldavite

Activating Moldavite (also known as programming Moldavite) is actually quite simple! During the activation process, you might feel energy (either subtle or intense) which means your Moldavite is ready to make great changes in your life.

It’s important to activate Moldavite so it knows what areas of your life to work on.

Moldavite has strange effects and has a reputation for causing complete chaos in people’s lives (i.e., read my article on Moldavite and relationships to learn about how Moldavite has affected people’s relationships), but this isn’t because it’s a dangerous stone. It’s mostly because people use Moldavite without activating it.

Let’s look at a quick example:

Pretend I walk into an ice-cream shop and the attendant asks me what I want. I tell him to give me whatever, so he makes me a huge waffle cone with six scoops of black licorice ice cream, complete with cherries and sprinkles. He tells me my total is $35 ($5 per scoop and an additional $5 for the waffle cone).

I’m angry because I don’t feel like black licorice ice cream and I certainly didn’t plan on spending $35 on ice cream that I won’t even enjoy!

So, I tell the attendant that that’s not what I wanted and that I won’t be paying. Now let’s take a step back. How was the worked supposed to know what I wanted without any clear direction? It’s impossible! I didn’t give him any clear direction or instruction as to what I wanted. All he knew is that I wanted ice cream so he did his best making me an ice cream cone that he thought I would enjoy.

(PS, I would never be this rude in real life 😉)

Now, your crystals are kind of similar. If you don’t tell them what you want from them (by activating them), they’ll attract change that they *think* you might want.

This is what activating/programming is for! If you want a specific area of your life to change, make sure to activate your Moldavite. However, if you’re a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of person (and you prefer your Moldavite to surprise you with transformation), you don’t need to activate it.

Personally, I like control, which is why I prefer to activate my stones. You might enjoy surprises and may decide to leave it be. It’s completely up to you!

But if you want to activate Moldavite, here’s how:

First, hold your crystal in your receiving hand. Your left hand is your receiving hand and your right hand is your giving hand.

Next, close your eyes, take some deep breaths, and try to imagine what you’d like Moldavite to do for you.

Do you want better relationships? Do you want a change in your career? You can think these thoughts in your head or even speak them out loud. Make sure you are clear in what you are asking. You can ask in the “I wish” format:

  • “I wish for this Moldavite to ______________ (what do you wish for)?”

And you can ask for more than one thing!

Now, because Moldavite is so powerful, you might feel some heat in your left hand while activating it. This is normal and you don’t need to be fearful! After you have finished envisioning (or speaking) what you’d like from Moldavite, you can place it somewhere.

I don’t recommend keeping Moldavite close to where you sleep, as its strong energy can interfere with our sleep cycles. Instead, keep it in your closet or a dresser far from your bed. If you notice you’re still having trouble sleeping, you can move Moldavite to a different area of your home.

What to do after cleansing and activating Moldavite

Once you’ve cleansed and activated Moldavite, it’s time to let it work its magic. You will want to charge your Moldavite crystals monthly. They can be charged the same way you’d cleanse them (that I mentioned above).

Let me know in the comments below if you plan on using Moldavite!

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95 thoughts on “How to Activate Moldavite the Right Way”

  1. Hii so today my friend and I brought moldivite and didn’t realise we had to cleanse/active and now he has had it around his neck for about 5.5 hours and is inconsolable. I’m going to take it off his neck but is there anyway you can cleanse it after you’ve worn it for the first time???

    • Hi Mik, yes you can still go through the cleansing process to release the energy. I would recommend your friend meditate without moldavite to help them stabilize their energy. He can also try one of these stones for stress and anxiety to bring a sense of calmness back into his life (Blue Lace Agate works wonderfully). After you’ve cleansed and activated Moldavite, give it another try.

      • Do i need to wear my moldavite with me all the time for it to work Or can i just Meditate with it everyday? And if i do wear it, is it okay to wear with other crystals?

        • You don’t need to wear it all the time – meditating with it daily is more than enough. There are certain crystals I wouldn’t pair with Moldavite personally. One of those is crystal quartz – it’s an amplifying crystal and since Moldavite is very powerful already, it doesn’t really need to be amplified. You can read more on crystals that conflict to understand how to properly pair your crystals. It’s also good to experiment and see what feels good together 🙂

    • Hi I recently bought a moldavite necklace and I was wondering if I could wear it with a tourmaline bracelet. Thanks !

      • Tourmaline is a good grounding stone! So I always recommend to use it with Moldavite if you feel light-headed or if you find Moldavite a bit too powerful. Great combo!

  2. How long do I hold moldavite over smoke to cleanse

    • Hello Yaritza,
      The smoke just needs to envelop the stone which should only take a few moments. Around 30-60 seconds is sufficient.

  3. i am a first time buyer and am just wondering if the energies in moldavite, will it effect my baby and anyone in my home?

    • Hello, Moldavite is fine to wear around family members! Remember: Moldavite isn’t going to hurt you or anybody around you. Any changes will result in a positive outcome. I would just advise keeping Moldavite out of your baby’s room as they sleep/nap 🙂

  4. Can Moldavite be successfully cleansed with “moon water”

    • It sure can 🙂

  5. Hi I just ordered a piece of moldavite , so once it arrives I plan to cleanse and activate it in the area of relationships, wish me luck

    • Please let us know how it goes, Sandra!

  6. Great info!!! Thanks so much. Moldavite is a jewelry piece. Does activating work the same for a necklace charm?

    • Yes, it does! Just be careful if you choose to cleanse it (which isn’t necessary) and to pick a method that won’t damage the material your jewelry is made from 🙂

      • Awesome! Thank you!! When I purchased they said it also had tektite (hope I spelled that correctly). Is that a good combination?

        • Yes! That’s a great combination. Moldavite is a type of Tektite. So all Moldavites are Tektites but not all Tektites are Moldavite (if that makes sense). Tektite is a very spiritual stone.

  7. Do I need to do all these steps? I don’t have any herbs to let the smoke envelop the moldavite. Do I keep it with me the whole day since it is only 1 gram?

    • Hi Erin, those aren’t steps. Just pick one from the list as it mentions 🙂 You can keep Moldavite with you as much as you’d like as long as it doesn’t become too energetically powerful. If you’re finding it’s too much, you don’t need to keep it with you all day but if you are fine, feel free to have it around you.

  8. I charged my moldavite during last nights super blood moon and then was told I should not have done that. Has this created a problem?

    • The energy from a super blood moon can be quite intense (sometimes chaotic and ungrounded). I would recommend keeping a grounding crystal (like hematite or black tourmaline) with you for the next little bit along with your Moldavite, just in case that extra energy proves to be a bit too powerful 🙂 You’ll be fine!

  9. I just cleansed my new Moldavite stone & activated it. I put it in a box now. I’m hoping this works. I carried it with me today. I felt anxious & had a headache on & off but I’m excited to see how it works.

  10. Hi there!
    Let’s say I want to use the moldavite with the intention to achieve wealth, how exactly should I phrase what I want?

    • The Universe (and in turn, crystals) like specificity! So be as specific as possible. You can say things like, “This Moldavite will help me start earning $5,000 a month” (or whatever your goal is!)

  11. I have a moldavite bracelet and ring which hand should I were it?

    • Follow your intuition. Try holding them between both hands while closing your eyes to see which hand feels more powerful. There isn’t a right or wrong way. Generally, your left hand is your receiving hand so a lot of people find that the left hand is where they choose to wear jewelry or hold stones, however, there’s no rule about this. You do what feels right!

  12. Hiya! I’ve just bought myself a moldavite & herkimer diamond quartz pendant as I was told this was a good combination.
    I’m really excited for the experience but already feel anxious!

    Is this a good combination from your knowledge and do you know the specific benefits at all? X

    • That’s a great combination! Herkimer Diamond Quartz crystals are very powerful, especially spiritually! They work to block negative energy so you should feel good while using them. However, you might feel dizzy. If this happens it’s nothing to worry about, you just might need to take a break until you get used to the stones or use a grounding stone (like Hematite) to help you come back down.

  13. can i wear my moldavite necklace after i have activated it?

    • Yes you can 🙂

  14. Hey I just brought a moldavite and clear quarts necklace to pair, since I was told they are best paired together. Is that correct? Please advise thank you

    • i got mine today and the people at the shop said not to have them together because clear quarts is an enhancing crystal. but i’d still do research.

      • That’s right! Clear Quartz is an amplifying stone (you can learn about it here). So it could make your Moldavite feel very strong. Give it a try and see how it makes you feel.

    • hi! from what i’ve heard i don’t think clear quartz is the best stone to pair with it as it will amplify the already high energy of the moldavite, i would recommend either a grounding stone or a stone which it’s energy reflects your intention (for example if you want wealth pair with green adventurine)

  15. hi! i just bought a moldavite crystal and a couple other crystals. i was wondering what crystals are best to have paired with it. thanks!

  16. hi how long should I charge and clean my moldavite over selenite ??

  17. Hi, I have had my moldavite with me even keep it on my nigth stand or sometimes I sleep with it and I’m comfort with it. It does mean anything.
    Or is normal not to feel none sleeping with it . I had my moldavite with some time now like 6 months. But lately I been putting on my selenite block.
    I wear my moldavite with some other stones like black tourmaline, garnet or smoke quartz. Thank you for any advice.

    • Everyone’s experience is different and none are less “normal” than others! Your experience is completely fine 🙂 Black Tourmaline is a powerful grounding stone so it could’ve that it helps you keep it on all day long without feeling light-headed.

  18. Hi.. I just bought my first moldavite. Cleanse it. I even did a wire wrap on it to be a necklace. But have not programmed it yet. Is it ok to program it whenever you want something over and over or just once? Thank you for a response💗.

    • You can program it as often as you need and it will get to work on the areas of your life where you need change 🙂

  19. hello! this was super informative, thank you! i was curious if you had a method of deciding which ear to wear a moldavite earring on, i’m cleansing it currently.

    • You can wear it on whatever ear you please, but try both and see which “feels” right. One ear might feel more powerful than the other and if so, that’s the one to wear it on. If they both feel the same then you can just pick whichever 🙂

  20. Hey! I see how awesome everyone else’s answers were. So I couldn’t help but ask a question. Can I use moldavite to help activate my spiritual abilities more? Can it help me become stronger spiritually pretty much if I ask it? I know not to be demanding and such and to have good intentions. I just wanna be able to notice more in the spiritual world. Thanks in advanced.

    • Yes!!! Moldavite is SUCH a powerful stone for spiritual awakening. Meditate with it and see what happens. Please keep us posted!

  21. I just found this now. I received my moldavite today. It’s currently on my pillow. The purchase was caused by a dream I had. Not a regular one, it was sone of my “weird” dreams that foreshadow things to come, i saw the moldavite at the end of one of those and knew i had to get it so I did. Glad I found this.

  22. Hi. I purchased my moldavite a few hours ago and cleansed and charged it but I feel no energy or vibrations from it. It’s a very small stone, 0.9 grams, but prices around me are high for moldavite. Can you help?

    • Meditate and hold it. I got mine and I can feel it’s energy and my son who is very intuitive for a 6 year old boy said it tickles when he held it

  23. Hi
    I have 3 Moldavite pieces. One is a necklace and I ended up putting outside in the dirt in my flower box. The necklace piece seemed to make me feel agitated especially when i wore it to work. I think it was interfering with everyone’s energy (I work in a hospital). I haven’t worn this piece since I put outside (a good month). Maybe someone else’s energy attached to it? I know now, having all 3 pieces on my bedroom window wasn’t a good idea. I also didn’t activate them.
    My question, can I activate/change my intensions on more than one thing as I go along ?

    • Yes you can, Carolynn 🙂

    • I had this happen with serephinite, work in a hospital lab. I always have a pocket stone on me. I have a bowl of them and ask each morning which I need. The dragons blood was calling me, more like yelling at me, but the serephinite was sparkling too. I learned to listen to instinct that day. Everyone was out of character, agitated and grumpy. I set it on some selenite (not satin spar) when I got home, have carried it since but not at work. To me moldavite and serephinite have similar qualities, and can be too much for some people.

  24. Hi,
    Is it safe to wear a moldavite while pregnant? Or should I wait to buy it after I give birth?

    • I would wait, not because Moldavite will harm your baby (it won’t) but I can imagine that if there are any sudden changes in your life that stress you out, you don’t want to give the baby any extra stress 🙂 That’s just my personal perspective! Wishing you a wonderful pregnancy!!

  25. Hi, will able to program moldavite to help me create a positive relationship with my parents? Thank you.

  26. Do u have any recommendations as to where to buy Moldavian?

    • Try Etsy here, there are many vendors who sell it and you can choose between different sizes and styles.

  27. Hei…is it okay to pair Moldavite with Gold Rutile? is it ok to wear it both but in different time?

  28. Hello! Is moldavite good for removing an emotional “blockage” or a disconnected feeling? I just opened my ring and will try activating it this evening! I am just scared it’s going to turn my life upside down in ways I don’t want.

    • Hi Claudia! If you’re strictly looking to fix any blockages, I recommend reading up on Chakras. I have a beginner’s guide to Chakras you might find useful, which can help you identify which chakra is blocked. From there, I have additional reading for each specific chakra where I provide recommendations for stones that will unblock and align each chakra. Moldavite will remove blockages, but if you aren’t ready for any change it could bring, you may want to look down the chakra route instead for a more controlled approach 🙂

  29. Hello, oh my didn’t know that I had to activate the Moldavite. I will be using Moldavite after reading your post. Thank you for posting and sharing this great information.

  30. Hello I am wearing black obsidians bracelets most often is it ok if i wear the moldavite necklace with them?

    • Yes it’s totally fine to wear together

  31. Hi , I got my moldavite. I’m no ready to use it yet . Can I just keep it . Will it activate by itself or will it bring change to my life ? Thank in advance

    • Hi Sandy, if you’re not ready to use it you can keep it stored away and it won’t activate itself.

  32. Can I wear moldavite with my moon crystal necklace that I wear now?

    • Yes – however, if you start to feel dizzy wear them separately.

  33. I heard about Moldavite some years ago.
    First experience I went to a new age shop and saw a large 25 gram pendant in the display case. I asked if I could have a look at it. The girl behind the counter said do you know what this is and explained that it was a very powerful Moldavite pendant and warned me about it. I said can I still have a look, she said be carfull what you ask for when holding it. I held it in my hand then gave it back to her, went a walk down the street for coffee and fish and chips. It was a very expensive statement piece I thought no at the time. Hovever I could not eat my lunch was Something happening, yes something was missing, it was not the salsa or salad. I thought what is it why. All of a sudden got the strangest feeling what was missing. Sure enough it was the Moldavite I raced back to the store and had to buy it. Went to a park bench to finish my lunch which then tasted really good.
    Ever since that day and that was 22 years ago, I now wear the pendant all the time when going out I feel naked with out it like it is part of me, I now have several Moldavites each one has its own personality no two are the same. I have to have one under the pillow every night when I sleep. With out it I cannot sleep properly. I dont use any grounding stones, no need to If I do need to balance out I grab a large tibetan Tektite as well as the Moldavite. Works wonders great dreams, past future and the present. I feel protected when around Moldavites for sure.
    That was the best thing that I have ever done 22 years ago.
    I found who I am, I’m certainly not from here, it has helped me to adjust to this planet. Amazing nothing ever seems to worry me anymore, there is always a solution for every event no matter how difficult it may be

  34. Hello my Grandson love to put my moldavite in his mouth, he looks for it eveytime, he looks for the chain I have it on and pulls on it if he can’t see it, is it OK that he does this???
    I bought my moldavite in Monterey, Ca. For around $25-30.00 not sure if it’s real🤷‍♀️🤔.

  35. Hello! How long will it take me to feel the float if wish the Moldavit stone and if I wish how many time do I have to wish it to come true?

  36. Hi, is it possible to clean Moldavite with rough salt and lime?

    • Hi there. Rough salt and lime will not cleanse your crystals. The methods listed in the article are the best ones to use to cleanse Moldavite but it’s not something you need to do.

  37. Hi, thank for this great article! I have had my moldavite for about a month now and I am not “feeling” much from it, or anything at all. The shop where I got it has a good reputation so I hope that I didn’t end up with a fake. But is it normal to not really feel much from moldavite. My Reiki healer held it in her hand and said she felt the heat from it, so that gives me some hope. Maybe I just need to work with it more so it “gets to know me”. Thoughts?

    • Hi Megan, you might not notice any changes happen right away but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not working. It could take several months before everything falls into place 🙂

  38. Hi. Can I follow your article ‘How to cleanse your Moldavite’, to cleanse other crystals? I have quite a few.. just asking. Thanks.

    • You sure can! I have this article though, in case you want to read about cleansing and activating other crystals aside from Moldavite (although, it’s very similar).

  39. I’m not ready yet but I want to buy before the prices go up. Can I just buy moldavite and bury it in tourmaline and keep it hidden until i’m ready?

    • Yes you can do that 🙂

  40. Thank you sooo much for the informative posts about Moldavite. I came across Moldavite by total accident and your posts have explained it so well. I still don’t know if I’m ready for it yet or if I need it as of this moment.
    I just want to check something. I’m currently wearing my Gold rutilated quartz mixed with Citrine and Labradorite bracelets on my receiving hand. I have my Amethyst on my giving hand. Would Modaltive ring be a good combination with these crystals jewelry I have? Or should I consider a small piece that I can meditate or work with sometimes? Hope I can get some of your insight. Thank you.

    • Amethyst can often heighten your psychic abilities and sharpen your intuition and when mixed with Moldavite, may make you feel a bit lightheaded. However, you can mix the stones together. Just take note if you feel dizzy and if you do, remove the Amethyst 🙂

  41. I have a friend who purchased a Moldavite stone previously owned by an addict. She has cleansed it multiple times and each times she wears it she gets a headache and heart palpitations and now thinks it’s just got bad juju.
    Any advice?

    • These are common symptoms – you can read more about it in this article but because Moldavite doesn’t technically need cleansing, and since she has cleansed it, there should be zero residual energy coming through. She could just be an extra sensitive person. The article I mentioned gives advice on how to combat the symptoms that come with Moldavite 🙂 Tell your friend to give that a try and let me know how it works!

  42. I’m starting to love your site. So much information that I needed. I wrote you before on my moldavite. After I was done I put it with my other crystals/stones and I did put it in the middle. I do have another piece of tektite, a seven sister stone and a piece I forgot what it’s name is. When lightning hits the sand and makes a stone? Will any of my stones interfere with the moldavite? I have my black obsidian in the back. I don’t have them on wood but a sheet of plastic. All my stones were in the sunlight last month. Can you charge them too much? Also every chain I hold that has a stone on it acts like a pendulum, is that me or my spirit guide? So many questions to ask you.

    • Hi Gloria. I’m so happy to hear you enjoy the content! I recommend storing all those crystals on a selenite slab or near selenite. The Selenite will clenase them so they don’t all absorb one another’s energy 🙂 I sell Selenite in my shop if you choose to get some.

  43. Hey my moldovite isn’t vibrating when I touch it I don’t feel anything is it fake?

    • Not necessarily. Some people don’t feel anything right away! Did you buy it from a reputable shop?

  44. Hi, how long do you charge your Moldavite for? My necklace came with Selenite and says to put the Moldavite on it but doesn’t say how long? Does the Selenite need to be cleansed before hand?

    Thank you.

    • Selenite is a great stone 🙂 You can leave your Moldavite on it for as long as you’d like and there will be no negative consequences. I’d probably place the Moldavite on the Selenite as I slept.

  45. Hello, I just activated my moldavite ring. Then I went to the restroom and washed my hands with soap and water. Did I just mess it all up?

    • No you didn’t – there’s a difference between washing your hands and setting your intentions/activating crystals. No need to worry!

  46. I just received my first moldavite and Libyan glass dessert as a Christmas presents from my partner. Is that a good combination and I also cleaned it with tap water for a few minutes and put it on my selenite bowl crystal too.

  47. Can you feel the affects of it while not wearing it. Sometimes weird things happen with my vision and I feel more in my body and other unexplainable feelings even though it’s off sometimes. I don’t feel that it’s bad but I’m not sure why physically certain things are occurring.

  48. Hi can other people touch my moldavite without placing any negative energy in it or would you cleanse after someone else has touched it?

    • They can touch it and it will be fine.

  49. I have my moldavite in a glass bottle around my neck on a chain, and in the bottle with it is a Herkimer Diamond. I was just wondering, …does it need to be touching the skin or free of any interference such as the glass bottle in order to do it’s work?

    • Nope! It doesn’t need to physically touch your skin to work. Wearing it around your neck in the bottle is perfectly fine too.

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