7 Crazy Moldavite Effects You’ll Probably Experience

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Moldavite has always been a popular crystal; it’s one that can improve your life significantly.

If you’re just starting to hear about Moldavite now, there’s a good chance the Universe wants to move you in the right direction.

But a lot of people are apprehensive to try Moldavite first (some even believe Moldavite is a dangerous stone).

To ease your fears, I’m going to go over 7 common effects of Moldavite so you’ll be prepared and not caught off guard.

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7 major Moldavite effects

1. Moldavite may feel warm and vibrate the first time you use it

Many people report a warm vibrating sensation in their hands when holding Moldavite for the first time. Since Moldavite came from a meteorite colliding with the Earth in a fiery explosion, it contains a lot of energy.

Sometimes, I even think that those warm vibrations are from the actual collision and because it was so powerful, they continue on today (although this has never been proven).

How to avoid this Moldavite effect: This effect is hard to avoid, but it’s not dangerous. Moldavite won’t burn you. If you don’t like this sensation, you can try placing Moldavite in a cloth bath and holding it while it’s in the bag. The bag acts as a barrier and can stop it from warming your skin.

2. Moldavite might make you feel lightheaded and naseous

Moldavite’s high vibrations pull you up fast. For those who have high vibrations, to begin with, you might not notice this and won’t feel lightheaded. But if you’re going through a tough time and suffer from low vibrations, you’ll notice the change in your vibrational energy.

Have you ever been on the sling-shot ride at festivals that shoots you up into the air? The sudden change from being on ground level to flying through the air often makes people feel lightheaded and/or nauseous. But many love the feeling, as the ride is incredibly popular! That’s kind of how Moldavite is. Just enjoy the ride 🙂

How to avoid this Moldavite effect: Use a grounding stone like Hematite or Black Tourmaline with Moldavite to keep you grounded.

3. You may experience a racing heart

Because Moldavite works primarily on the Heart chakra, your heart may race when you use Moldavite. If you’ve done lots of Heart chakra work in the past, there’s a higher chance you won’t feel this Moldavite effect.

However, if your Heart chakra is blocked, Moldavite might try to rapidly unblock it which is why you might feel a racing heart.

How to avoid this Moldavite effect: There are a couple of things you can do. First, use Heart chakra stones before using Moldavite to unblock and align your Heart chakra.

Next, meditate for 30 minutes prior to using Moldavite. Meditation lowers your heart rate and the benefits of meditation extend beyond your session.

4. You can have hot flashes

Usually, hot flashes follow a racing heart. There’s a good chance if your heart begins to race while using Moldavite you’ll also feel hot flashes.

How to avoid this Moldavite effect: Citrine is a great crystal to help with hot flashes. If you begin to experience them, meditate with Citrine. You can also run yourself a spiritual cleansing bath (on the cool side) to help you cool down and keep your mind open.

5. Your dreams may become more vivid (and sometimes turn into nightmares)

Moldavite’s energy can carry into your subconcious as well when you are sleeping! Some people enjoy having vivid dreams—when they’re pleasant—but when your dreams turn into nightmares, they might not be as enjoyable anymore.

How to avoid this Moldavite effect: If your Moldavite stone is causing you to have distressing dreams, make sure it’s moved away from your bed (preferably in another room) and is not sitting on anything wooden. Wood amplifies Moldavite and can make its effects on you stronger.

6. You might experience an emotional release

Moldavite can open all your chakras in a powerful way which is often accompanied by a flood of emotions. It’s similar to emotional releases achieved by chiropractors.

How to avoid this Moldavite effect: If you experience an emotional release using Moldavite, you needed it. I don’t recommend trying to prevent this as it can be very healthy. If, however, you find yourself crying more than normal for an extended period of time, it might be that your Moldavite is too strong. Take a break and only use your Moldavite stone for a couple of minutes per day, and use a grounding stone, like Black Tourmaline, along with it.

7. You can experience pain in different areas of your body

Moldavite begins to work on areas where there are blockages and in some cases, the opening up of those blockages might cause slight discomfort. You should not feel searing pain—Moldavite will not hurt you—but you may feel aches in certain areas. For example, if your Third Eye chakra is blocked you may feel a headache as Moldavite opens it up.

How to avoid this Moldavite effect: Again, I don’t recommend trying to avoid this. Unblocking your chakras is normal and important for your spiritual health.

Should you be scared of Moldavite effects?

A lot of people hold off using Moldavite because they are petrified what Moldavite effects will come their way.

But there’s no need to be scared. You may feel discomfort, but like Robin Sharma says “If you’re not scared a lot you’re not doing very much.” Big life changes can elicit fear, but that doesn’t mean you need to shy away from using Moldavite.

That being said, Moldavite can work differently on different types of people. Before using Moldavite, make sure you’re in a good state of mind.

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It’s impossible to predict how Moldavite will work for you but here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Moldavite will NEVER harm you or hurt those you love in anyway
  • Moldavite will never put you at risk
  • Moldavite doesn’t give you diseases or lasting health issues

Before using your Moldavite, make sure to activate your Moldavite first. With proper activation, Moldavite is less likely to work on areas of your life where you don’t want massive change (unless that change is necessary).

Are you ready to use Moldavite? Drop a comment below and tell me what you’re most nervous/excited for!

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6 thoughts on “7 Crazy Moldavite Effects You’ll Probably Experience”

  1. Wow after reading this, I’m azure that my first experience with Moldovite now I can understand it
    I had read about Moldovite but I said to me I was not ready for this stone, time pass and one day it was there… like calling me, so I ask myself do I’m ready and Yes I was ready I got the stone, so my first night with Moldovite in my house, went to bed and place it in my stand next to me, around 3 am I got this sharp pain in my pubic area and couldn’t sleep at all after cus they were coming and going, I was like that the hole day in bed with this sharp pains coming and going
    After that the next day I was like nothing happened
    Now I believe my Moldovite did his work on me unblock a lot of things
    I have so much respect for this stone now is sitting on a grid surrounded of clear quartzs
    I love this stone of mine

  2. I don’t own any Moldavite in the physical world but I do in other realms. My spirit guide gave it to me as a gift in a meditation and I have had three separate dreams where Moldavite was either given to me or I found it. Any ideas as
    to what this might mean?

    • That’s very cool, Rhian! Perhaps it’s a nudge that Moldavite would benefit you in the physical world.

  3. Ive been reading up on and wanting a Moldavite for quite a while, but haven’t been able to find any unless its very expensive. I am currently off work with PTSD so I’m thinking this is the time to get some and help me heal…

  4. I am really excited to get Moldavite, I ended a 3 years relationship almost a year ago and I feel ready to feel free and give my spiritual side more, I’e always been atracted to crystals and meditation. Can’t wait for the good changes Moldavite could give me. Thank you for your help!!!

    • You’re so welcome! Feel free to come back and leave a comment letting us know about your experience with Moldavite!


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