Moldavite Dangers + Warnings: Is It the Most Dangerous Crystal?

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Moldavite has been used for thousands of years as a healing crystal. Unfortunately, many people have experienced spiritual dangers when working with this crystal.

Like a person who told us they had nightmares while Moldavite sat on their nightstand…

Or another person who said they couldn’t stop sobbing the first time they held Moldavite.

Moldavite has incredibly powerful energy, and it’s important to know how it works so you can be prepared when you use this crystal for the first time.

Let’s learn how and why this Tektite stone is so powerful.

What is Moldavite?

A green crystal.

Moldavite has a very interesting history, which is why it’s such a powerful—and often touted as dangerous—stone. Moldavite is an ancient green Tektite-type stone that formed 15 million years ago from a meteorite impact, somewhere near modern day Czech Republic.

It is said to have strong extraterrestrial and cosmic energy. The combination of this energy with Earth’s energy makes Moldavite a very powerful healing crystal.

Identifying fake Moldavite stones

Moldavite is becoming increasingly scarce as demand for it grows. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with counterfeit Moldavite stones and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find real ones. To ensure you’re getting the real deal, it’s important to thoroughly research any Moldavite stones you plan to purchase online. Here are some tips:

  1. Look for imperfections: Real Moldavite stones are rough and imperfect. Look with bubbles, dips, and divots throughout the stone. If your Moldavite appears glass-like, it could be fake.
  2. Check the price tag: Moldavite is expensive. A 15g piece of Moldavite usually sells for upwards of $500. It’s a very expensive and rare stone, especially since it’s only available to harvest in the Czech Republic. If you’re finding very cheap Moldavite, it’s likely fake.
  3. Hold it in your hand: If the Moldavite you want to buy is fake, you wont feel anything when you hold it in your hands. Note: If you’re a beginner with crystals and spirituality, you might find it challenging to tap into your feelings so this method isn’t foolproof.

Dangers of Moldavite

Moldavite has gained a reputation as a powerful, yet potentially hazardous healing stone. Let us examine the various risks associated with the use of Moldavite so you know whether or not you wish to add this stone to your collection.

1. Rapid change you may not be ready for

Have you ever heard about the “Moldavite Effect”? It’s a powerful burst of energy that can manifest in many forms. These manifestations are usually experienced by people who might have little experience working with Moldavite or don’t know how to activate Moldavite properly.

The effects of Moldavite can range from highly positive to negative and may even manifest as a combination of both. However, it should be noted that despite the various forms and intensities of these effects, the ultimate outcome is always positive.

For example, if you’re working a job you enjoy, but don’t love, Moldavite might align things up so you can find a job you absolutely love. But in order to get the job you love, you first need to let go of your current one. Which could mean getting fired or feeling an impulsive need to quit on the spot. See how it works? While the possibility of getting fired from a job you enjoy seems awful, the outcome of obtaining a job you truly love is worth it in the end.

2. It’s draining for those who aren’t in tune with their spiritual side

Moldavite can drain you if you aren’t in tune with your spirituality just yet. And you might not know when it’s time to tuck your Moldavite away to protect your energy.

But as you get familiar with your energy, your vibrations, and how to use crystals, you’ll be able to recognize when Moldavite is too intense, and when it’s time to put the stone away to save your energy.

3. Moldavite amplifies energies from other stones and people

Moldavite will also increase energies from other stones and other people, even if that energy is negative. When using Moldavite, only use it in conjunction with other crystals where you are familiar with the crystal and want to increase its strength, and only use it near people who are in a positive headspace.

If you are placing another crystal or object on top of your Moldavites, it is recommended that you place a piece of black tourmaline under the object or crystal being placed on the Moldavites. This action will help mitigate any negative energies or entities that may be directed towards you.

On the other hand, if you want to use Moldavite with another person, make sure both parties are in a calm and positive state of mind.

3 signs Moldavite is working and impacting you

Here are three ways to know if Moldavite is working:

1. You feel intense energy

You’re going to feel intense energy in your life from Moldavite. Unlike healing stones that promote calmness, you’ll be buzzing with energy. You might experience physical symptoms like heat radiating from holding your piece of Moldavite, racing heart, rapid breathing and sweating.

2. Your life is rapidly changing

Once you start using Moldavite, you can expect rapid changes to occur in your life. Moldavite invites these changes to occur whether you like them or not, so you need to be mentally ready for any major life changes that might come your way as a result of using Moldavite crystals.

3. You feel emotional

Since Moldavite works with your Heart chakra, you’ll feel an incredible surge of emotions and energy. These emotions aren’t always negative. You could have a wonderful experience with Moldavite and feel intense happiness.

But even intense happiness can still be draining, so it’s good to remember to take breaks when using Moldavite healing stones as you can quickly wear yourself out, especially if you are an HSP or an empath.


Another important thing to keep in mind is that Moldavite is not meant to replace or prevent any medical treatment. One should always consult their doctor if they are looking for a natural remedy for illness or disease. If you are experiencing physical symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, nausea, pain, fatigue, etc., it is recommended that you consult your doctor.

Stories of people who have experienced Moldavite’s dangers and blessings

Here are stories that our readers have shared with us regarding Moldavite:

  • “The first time I used Moldavite I had a mental breakdown of sorts. I just remember feeling all my emotions come out.”
  • “At the time, I didn’t know the wood amplified Moldavite. I had just picked up my stone and placed it on a wooden nightstand next to my bed. Here’s where things get weird: as I was trying to fall asleep, I began to hear voices. I wasn’t dreaming, I was fully awake. I tried to fall asleep and ended up having the worst sleep of my life complete with incredibly vivid dreams and nightmares. I woke up the next morning and decided to look up Moldavite and realized I had accidentally amplified it through the wood. Needless to say, I keep Moldavite out of my room when I sleep!”
  • “I actually have always had amazing experiences with Moldavite! I use Moldavite when I need a quick boost, I never wear it for the full day otherwise I feel drained. It amplifies my mood and uplifts me. I usually only hold it for 30 seconds per session.”
  • “I have a super small Moldavite pendant. When I first got it, I wore it over my Heart chakra. It kind of made me feel dizzy… It had major intense energy but otherwise, nothing crazy happened. In fact, I’ve felt incredible since using Moldavite!”
  • “I bought myself a clear quartz and moldavite energy dome and a moldavite bracelet for my boyfriend. I couldn’t understand why I was getting so depressed until my boyfriend told me it’s the moldavite. If you’re not ready to deal with unwanted emotions don’t get it because it’s intense. I have never felt so hopeless and anxious before.”
  • “I recently bought a small Moldavite pendent. When I held it for the first time it caused a pain in my palm. As soon as I put it on my mind started racing non stop, I felt more and more anxious. After 3 days I took it off an put it in a container in the bed room. Since then I have been having intense dreams and my heart rate has been up for days. Still feeling anxious. I’m not sure if this is for me.”

And this beautiful story that someone left on our Facebook page:

Screenshot from Facebook about a person describing their experience using Moldavite stones.

>> To read more Moldavite stories, check out our Moldavite effects article and scroll down to the comments where readers have left their own incredible testimonies.

Healing powers of Moldavite

Although Moldavite has negative aspects, it also have unparalleled healing powers. Even the smallest piece of Moldavite can bring major change to your life. Here are the ways Moldavite will work for you:

  1. Bringing change: Moldavite works fast to bring change to your life.
  2. Releasing suppressed emotions: Get ready to feel an intense upheaval of emotions (positive or negative). If you’re an empath, you’ll feel these emotions even stronger.
  3. Helping you see things more clearly: Everything will suddenly be clear and make perfect sense to you. You’ll gravitate towards change, whether you want it or not.
  4. Removing energy blockages: Moldavite will help move you past areas where you’re stuck.
  5. Transcending time: Moldavite helps you access past lives to heal present traumas.
  6. Stimulates your Heart chakra: Moldavite is a powerful crystal for your Heart chakra.
  7. Lets you connect with your spirit guides: You can enhance your psychic ability with Moldavite through increase spirit guides connection.

Which chakras does Moldavite activate?

Out of our seven chakras, Moldavite holds the strongest influencer on the Heart chakra. The Heart chakra is responsible for balancing our emotional bodies. This is why Moldavite can be so intense emotionally as it works intensely on the Heart chakra.

Your Heart chakra also helps you understand what you want and what you don’t need. When you unblock your Heart chakra, you’ll feel intense energy around specific people, places, and things. You’ll suddenly know exactly what’s serving you and what needs to go. In the story from above about the person who left a five-year relationship after wearing Moldavite, it was because the stone gave them the clarity they needed. They realized their current partner was not serving them.

For some, this can be incredibly scary. You might not be ready for such sudden and changes to your path. In which case, you shouldn’t use Moldavite.

Where to buy Moldavite

You can buy Moldavite online from quite a few different retailers. I recommend buying from Etsy. With Etsy, you can read through shop reviews and make sure you’re getting an authentic piece of Moldavite.

Ready for Moldavite? Click to shop affordable pieces on Etsy!

Moldavite dangers: should you be worried?

No! You shouldn’t be worried or scared about Moldavite. Now that you know how Moldavite stones work, it’s clear as day that Moldavite isn’t actually dangerous, it’s just intense.

Moldavites are known to intensify one’s emotions, thoughts, and perceptions while bringing them closer to the Divine or Infinite Intelligence. Moldavites assist in opening the Heart Chakra and expanding the Auric Field.

Want to learn more? Read our post on Moldavite and relationships to learn how Moldavite can affect the relationships with those you love.

Have you used Moldavite? Share your experience in the comments below!


What is the largest piece of Moldavite?

The largest piece of Moldavite is 128 grams and can be found on display in a museum in Prauge.

Can you gift someone Moldavite?

You should not gift someone Moldavite unless you know for certain it’s a stone they want in their collection.

Why does my Moldavite keep falling off?

If there is no reason for your Moldavite piece to fall off yet it still is, it can be a sign from the Universe that you aren’t ready for Moldavite.

Does the size of Moldavite matter?

No, the size of Moldavite does not matter. The size is no indication of whether your stone will be powerful or not.

Nothing we provide for you here is intended to replace any form of competent professional advice in any form. Please read our Terms & Condition for more information.

45 thoughts on “Moldavite Dangers + Warnings: Is It the Most Dangerous Crystal?”

  1. Can you recommend a good source for buying moldavite? I’m in the uk ..

    Kerry 🤗

  2. Hello! what are some alternatives to moldavite?

    • Hi Maria! You can always look at other crystals that help incite change if that’s what you’re looking for, such as Amethyst or Citrine. If you’re looking for something to heighten your spiritual abilities, try other types of tektite stones (Moldavite is a green tektite but you can find others) or Selenite.

  3. I literally bought mine today, and the second I touched it I began to tremble. My hand shook like I had seen a ghost. Every time I touch it , I get goosebumps. It is such a strong crystal. At one point I was crying for no reason, but within minutes I was extremely happy. Be prepared for an emotional roller coaster at first until you are able to handle the transformations .

    • Please keep us updated, Marilyn — I’d love to hear about how it transforms your life!

  4. This crystal is no joke. I felt so stuck in my life, nearly trapped, desperate for change … I invested in a necklace on a whim (I’ve always liked crystals but I’m fairly agnostic in my approach to all beliefs) and wore it every day for weeks. While I felt ready for anything, every single facet of my life came to a head — realizations about my identity, my partner of years and I taking a hard look at our relationship, finally finding reason to disown my abusive parents, setting groundwork to leave my demanding job so that I can pursue my own business, and more. You said it best: it’s INTENSE. The emotional work has been freeing and I’m grateful for everything, but my advice to anyone interested in this stone is to really assess how much your body can handle. Take breaks. I’d wear it to work and the shift would go horribly until I took it off; it probably in an attempt to make me more fueled to leave or amplifying my sour emotions. But sometimes you just need things to go smoothly for a second, you know?

    • Wow!! It sounds like your experience with Moldavite resulted in great outcomes, although I’m sure it was very painful at the time. I love how you pointed out that sometimes you just need things to go smoothly and you’re right–there’s nothing wrong with taking Moldavite off for a bit if it becomes too much! Thank you for sharing!

  5. I wear moldavite (it’s genuine, I assure you) almost on a daily bases. As pendant, ear rings and ring, in the same time. It was a gift, I loved it from the very first moment and wear it. No second thoughts, no concerns. I’m in a very good mood and I feel empowered when I wear it. Almost the same as pietersite. I’m surprised that unpleasant side effects are reported. Actually is my “good to go” crystal.

  6. I too have nothing but positive outcomes from my moldavite. My 1st purchase were earrings and I ordered a necklace and a bracelet. Can’t wait to get them and wear them. I feel so much happier and at peace, and everyone around me seems to be extra nice to me. I’m so in Love.

  7. Hi ) is it any other great trusted sources for Moldavite, the website above is out of stock & have one stone left.

    • Hello Natalia. Moldavite is getting harder and harder to come across right now because it’s in high demand and there’s only a limited supply in the world. I currently don’t recommend any other sites other than the one above; their Moldavite is authentic. They have one left in stock that you can purchase, but I’ve spoken to them and they don’t know when they will get more in stock since it’s hard to come across! Good luck with your search.

  8. Hello everyone.
    I am Czech and bought Moldavite few years ago during my visit (currently in Canada).

    I learned that the rock formed by a meteorite impact probably in southern Germany (Nördlinger Ries Crater), however, all the Moldavite is in Czech Republic, don’t think Germany has more than the crater.

    I bought earings, ring and pendant and felt like being sucked into an upward spiral immediately. I had to dose it and get used to the energy gradually.

    It definitely brings clarity, transformation and when I am tired, it brings my energy and mood down even more.

    It’s definitely a brilliant stone to have, but requires couscous approach for sure.

    Wishing you all wonderful journey with your enhancement friend Moldavite💛.

  9. Hi My name is Kerry, I have worked with crystals most of my life and have always wanted to buy some of Moldavite but thought it to pricey. Just recently I was in my favorite crystal wholesalers and she had just gotten a shipment of Moldavite in, I saw a piece that I thought I could make a pendent out of so I bought it. About 2 weeks before I bought the Moldavite I was asking Spirit about a time in my childhood that I wanted clarity on. I started to work with the Moldavite and about a week later I suddenly awoke one morning realizing the I had just gone a pastlife where this emotion had started, and I noticed that I have released this emotion and have a changed out look on life now. I am amazed at the energy of Moldavite and how it has helped me.

  10. How can you identify if it is genuine moldavite?

    • Theres a few different ways! 1 its never smooth, it has what looks likes “waves” on the stone and bubbles inside of it. Looks almost black or DARK green until you hold it up to light. These are just a few. Anything that looks bright emerald green is probably fake, ive heard if its super smooth or shaped perfectly its probably fake also

    • I use a pendulum. If it spins when held above the Moldavite it’s real. If it doesn’t budge it’s fake.

  11. Hi,
    I am not at all a beginner with crystals. Several years ago now, I at last managed to get my hands on some faceted Moldavite beads. I strung them together with faceted Pietersite beads into a necklace. I strung and then restrung the necklace a few times to get them secure and the mix and length right.
    Taking the necklace off and restringing were the only times I experienced discomfort. It was very unsettling.
    Aside from my standard reaction (to high vibration stones as I adjust my own vibration to them), of a few days of slightly elevated body temperature and purification by sweating, especially at night, I have not had any issues that I note affect others sometimes.
    Nor does Moldavite boost my energy per se; it’s more a case of supreme comfort. I realize that the faceted Pietersite plays a part here. I also have rings of raw Moldavite, set in Sterling Silver. I rotate these out with other rings; I never take off my necklace of faceted Moldavite and Pietersite (except on rare occasions practising in a Yoga studio), to do so feels distinctly wrong and putting my necklace back on is truly a profound relief. Anything else I wear I just adjust in length to accommodate.

  12. I’d heard a lot of horror stories, too, about moldavaite, but I couldn’t get this stone out of my head! After the last few months of thinking about it, I finally took the plunge and bought a cage pendant with 3 moldavite chips in it (I’ll graduate to something bigger later on). It literally arrived today, and I’ve already cleansed and activated it. Honestly, I’m looking forward to the rapid change. I need that desparately right now.

    But I will say this — after I smoke cleansed it with dragon’s blood smoke, I added a herkimer diamond and 2 labradorite chips to the cage pendant along with the moldavite. I put the thing on and immediately felt a buzzing at the heart chakra that radiated outward. I then activated it, telling it what I wanted help with and a sort of calm washed over me. It was pretty powerful!

    I’m new to working with tektites (recently bought a Australasian Indochinite and a piece of Libyan Desert Glass), and I am LOVING them! The spiritual experiences have been amazing.

  13. Hi there, my names Ash and I’m 26 from California. I appreciate your article and just wanted to run something past you and get opinions please….
    I have these two pieces of Moldavite (authenticated and verified by professionals) and I bought them early this year. I wore the necklace only a handful of times and my entire life fell apart around me. Granted it made me stronger but during this time period I had needed surgery, I had gotten too sick to finish that semester of school (causing me to withdraw and take summer courses), AND I got sexually assaulted. There was a bit more stuff as well, but those are the main highlights.
    Anyways, with that said, after those events occurred in April I hid my moldavite in my little buddah pill box and put them in a safe place. I was overwhelmed by things occurring around me and I thought it best to take a break from the energy.
    HOWEVER, a few weeks later my box was missing!!! (FYI – no one comes in my room except my 2 year old and it was FAR away from where he could get it.)
    I looked everywhere for it and just assumed I put it somewhere deeper and somehow forgot (plus I blamed the metaphorical goblins since my stuff vanishes for weeks at a time and appears again, constantly)

    Then today out of no where (& about 2 months from when I last had them) I found the moldavite in the STRANGEST place… hidden in this little lip under my desk completely away from where anyone goes. Plus I’ve cleaned my room and moved that desk since losing them, so it’s really intriguing to me how they appeared. Next thing you know, Im going down there to plug in my new lamp and BOOM!!!

    SO (with that long story over – and sorry about that btw) HERES MY QUESTION:
    With everything that happened last time and how intense it truly was, do I risk wearing my moldavite again right now?
    I just started school back up and can’t really take any crazy life events, but at the same time it feels like this was the “moment” that I was supposed to find it.
    Sort of like my moldavite coming back to me when it felt right and I think I’m more aware and ready for the properties that Moldavite brings at this point. Although it can throw some genuine curve balls too so maybe I’m only kidding myself lol How would you go about this?

    • Hi Ashlie,
      I’m so sorry to hear about everything you went through. You didn’t deserve any of that and I’m sending you lots of virtual love💜
      To start, what I can tell you is that Moldavite wasn’t the cause of your traumatic events. I know you didn’t mention whether you thought it was or not, but in case you have any doubts about Moldavite, I just wanted to say that. Moldavite might make changes that make you feel uncomfortable (i.e., end a relationship that was actually holding you back even if you didn’t realize it at the time) but it would never cause you physical harm to incite change.
      After saying that, here’s what I think happened (and this is just my opinion).
      I think that the Universe saw everything you were going through and didn’t think Moldavite was the right stone for you. After so much trauma, the last thing you need is even more change. I believe the stone was temporarily hidden until a time when you were healed or ready. I think you are exactly right in thinking that Moldavite found you at the right time.
      I think this would be a good time to meditate (either with some stones or without, here are some good ones for meditation, Fluorite might be a good one as it promotes intuition and clarity). Meditate and ask the Universe for some answers and to guide you. Make sure to be specific! Say something like, “Universe, tell me if I’m ready to start using Moldavite again”. If you have a good feeling about it, it’s a sign that you’re ready. However, if you feel uneasy or uncomfortable, it might be best to wait for a little bit. You can do this exercise as often as you like (weekly, monthly) and keep coming back to see how you feel about using Moldavite while meditating.
      I hope this helps give you clarity!

      • Wow similiar happened to me….I bought mine approximately 3 years ago & cannot remember cleansing or activating it & never felt anything from it. However, I was drawn to it’s benefits. Then 2 years ago I was rushed into hospital with a heart infection & my jewellery was taken off me….I believed this pendant along with an infinity bracelet were with a friend but after a while when I got home & I asked about them she couldn’t find them. They have never left my mind then today I was clearing some paperwork & found a paper bag from the hospital & when I opened it they were both there…I have been so overjoyed & came across someone on youtube last night who said how it has changed her life with all the pros & cons which has finally led me to here. So I to do think that the universe could of possibly taken it away from me for a while & I was also advised by the hospital that my heart problem would of not been an overnight thing that it would of built up over time so wonder also if that is why I didn’t feel its energy maybe being to strong for me at the time. I am in the process of trying to clear issues from my past & also setting up a business but self worth intervenes so think it is possible it has come back at the right time. Looking forward to working with it…it has been cleansed & in sunshine at the moment. Will activate it later on…so excited & so ready for change:)

    • You must always cleanse stones before working with them. Research a method for yourself, that is recommended for your stones (moonlight during specific moon phases, running waters, copper geometry, wind, pairing with other larger stones, burying in rice, salt or soil, bathing in smoke) Once you have cleansed them, you must charge them with life, love, energetic force. Once charged, you must speak to them, acknowledge them, invite them to befriend you. Communicate your desires, needs and intentions. While holding it in your hand, you must ask the stone to give you a sign that it agrees and is ready to work with you. Wait for a sensation. Thank it regularly. Treat it as a friend.

      Now, before all that, you must also cleanse yourself of the energies that were carried and passed to you through the stone(s). Walk on natural ground for half an hour (bare feet, no electronics), sit with your back to a large tree. Ask the tree to drink your anxiety, negativity and bad luck – to be sent into the earth and neutralized. Trees live to drink energy. They don’t mind if it’s happy or sad.

      Peace to The Good Inside of You That’s Reading.

  14. I started my crystal “journey” around january. my instinct is telling me to get moldavite and that it is what i need , but i also have the feeling of nervousness. I do not know what to do, I have done my research on it many times . I just dont know if im for sure ready or not.

    • Now’s a great time to get Moldavite and hold it in your hands to see how it feels. If you’re not ready, you can always store it away until you are. Also keep in mind that the price of Moldavite will only increase as it’s a limited resource and becoming more and more scarce as more people buy it! So if you see yourself wanting it in the future, I would personally get it now and just see how it goes 🙂 You can always put it away for another time!

    • It is a scientific fact that that “nervousness” feeling you get is actually your body telling you that you are ready for something.

  15. Wow so much I never knew about Modavite!! Thank you.

  16. Hello I just bought a necklace from Etsy and it’s on the way to me now. After reading everybody’s comment I’m a little scared/worried now about wearing it when it arrives. Can I throw it away? Does it give me bad effect if I do? Please answer, thank you!

    • Hi Merci! I wouldn’t stress over it. If you don’t want to use it when it arrives, store it away somewhere until you’re ready. The changes Moldavite will make to your life will be good in the end, but I can understand that you might not be ready for change just yet!

  17. Ahh where to start!! So a friend told me to NEVER get Moldavite a while ago and that didn’t sit right with me. I began my spiritual journey in late May and have still felt drawn to it but never gave it a second thought. I went crystal shopping last week and saw Moldavite and since then i had NOT been able to stop thinking about it. I was a little scared but I felt 100% ready for the changes, so I went on Etsy and found a piece. Hearing all the Moldavite horror stories scares me a little, and i’m a little nervous but nonetheless I am beyond excited. It comes in on Friday and I can not wait!!

    • Wow…Moldavite has definitely been trying to make its way to you and I think now is the perfect time to let it into your life! Please keep us posted and let us know how things go!

  18. I have been drawn to moldavite. It keeps showing up on my for you page on TikTok like a lot. I have been wanting to try it. I went to a local metaphysical shop and bought a piece that was made into a necklace. She pulled the tray out and almost immediately I knew exactly which piece wanted me. I have had the necklace on for about 2 hours and I have a minor headache and feel kinda dizzy but I know it is just the stone working it’s magic. My 6 year old (who is super intuitive) held it and started giggling and said “it tickles”

  19. I just purchased some moldavite and it arrives on Monday. Nervous and excited for it to arrive. How do you. Activate and cleanse it

  20. Your site has such great information on this, Thanks so much for posting! I have seen the name Moldavite before but never looked too much into it, then this morning I saw an article about how a girl on tik tok said it turned her life upside down. Google searched Moldavite and I came across your site first and many others! I felt incredibly drawn to it that I purchased a small piece of Etsy and a small pendant to start. I would say I’m a novice crystal user.

    I am quite worried as I was reading too much about the effect it can have on relationships. Been married one year and I’m beyond happy but I think I’m just scared my husband will wake up a day after using it and be like ” I’m out “. I have been struggling with some childhood trauma, anxiety and abandonment issues and he’s been my rock through it all. He’s actually on his own spiritual journey and trying to reach enlightenment, this in turn has caused me to look more inwards and start my own journey as well to become the best version of myself.

    Ah this sounds so silly even as I type this all out but I guess I’m just looking for any words of comfort or wisdom here (As he is definitely not worried haha). But I know as your article and many others state that Moldavite will never to anything to harm someone. It’s always for the highest good. Just have to put my faith in it I guess right? Thanks in advance for any insight. 🙂

    • Hi Jen! You’re definitely not alone in those thoughts. So many people message me and leave comments worried that Moldavite will wreck their relationships. If your relationship is going well, and you have no doubts, then there’s nothing to worry about! Moldavite will always work in your best interest. Keep positive and enjoy the ride that Moldavite brings – it’s worth it!

  21. Hi I work in a metaphysical/spiritual shop and have been there about 5 years, I have handled Moldavite since I started at the store but took heed of advice from those working there with much more experience and held off buying a piece until I had handled and was more familiar with crystals and their energy. After about 2 years I purchased a Moldavite ring.
    My first experience was an eye opener and consisted of what’s called the Moldavite flush. it was the hot flash on over drive which lasted about 15 mins.
    Next up was the case of energy drinks in one swallow which went on for about 2 and a half hrs. after that I didn’t feel a lot so finished my shift.
    I wore it for several days not feeling anything different like I had that 1st time. Until I suddenly understood what I was doing.
    I tend to lean toward the sarcastic normally but wearing this makes me feel 10 ft tall and bullet proof so to speak. and the little voice in your head that says ” maybe you shouldn’t say that” goes on vacation somewhere.
    Now I wear it sparingly and carefully. I can get in enough trouble on my own. but I often use my experience as a caution to customers looking to purchase the stone. Knowing what it can do I always advise care when making the decision to purchase.

  22. Recently in a crystal store, I was standing in front of a display of Moldavite pieces behind glass. Suddenly I felt disoriented and nauseated. Also, the backs of both eyeballs started hurting. These feelings disappeared as I moved away from the display. Has anyone else experienced similar? Especially the eyeball pain?

    • Very interesting symptom – especially since you weren’t even holding the Moldavite!

  23. Just today I used my moldavite for the first time. As I held it all I felt was that it was very warm that was it. I only have three wishes and my first was to heal my body from the pain of Osteoarthritis. My legs automatically started to tingle. Then I placed it on my heart and asked to open my heart chakra. Nothing. I placed it on my third eye to let me see more. Nothing. I then asked for the only wish I’ve been praying to change, my luck. I prayed for luck and prosperity. We shall see. I am very spiritual, dealt with all my demons years ago so no crying. I use a pendulum and speak to my spirit guides. Right now my body is still tingling. So I think the stone did my one wish. I need to stop smoking too and asked for help with that. We shall see. I’ve never had any good luck, well maybe once when a white witch did reiki on me and removed all the curses put on me. That lasted 10 years. I hope my stone helps me with my pain, smoking and prosperity. Those are the only wishes I need help with. But I’m looking forward to working with my stone again. Question, do I keep asking for the same things or do I just meditate with it and see what happens. I really don’t know how else to use it. I want all my chakras opened, don’t know if they are closed. How should I use my stone next time?

    • For your chakras, I recommend reading my beginner’s guide to Chakras, and then from there, reading each subsequent guide to learn how to unblock and work on each individual chakra! Under each chakra it will say: “More: root chakra stones” (for example). Click on those and then learn which stones unblock which chakras. Let me know how you do!

  24. How do you store molds it’s when you’re “taking a break” from it? I sore my crystals in a wooden box but saw the note about wood amplifying its energy so curious about alternative storage…

    • You might want to try something like clothe pouch and placing the pouch in a closet or drawer away from where you sleep.


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