Crystals for Creativity, Energy & Imagination


Dorothy Parker said that “creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye.” Creativity and discipline go hand in hand.

Everyone can benefit from crystals, but if you are looking at it from a purely creative perspective, certain crystals will help more than others.

The Best Stones for Creativity

Tiger’s Eye | Creativity, Willpower & Sharpness

The Tiger’s Eye is the perfect stone for when you need to ignite your inner fire. It's great for times when you are lacking creativity and inspiration.

Orange Calcite| Creativity, Motivation & Courage

This powerful orange crystal is incredibly cleansing and will remove any creative blocks that are stopping you from reaching your full creative potential.

Blue Apatite | Motivation & Ambitiousness

Blue Apatite is a great crystal for manifesting your desires, dreams and goals. It will help you unlock a new level of your creativity and expand your knowledge.

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