11 Amazing Crystals for Confidence


Are you ready to channel your inner confidence?  Use these crystals for confidence to help.

Whether you suffer from low self esteem (hi, I’ve been there), self doubt or your lack of confidence prevents you from reaching your goals.

11 of the Best Crystals for Confidence and Reduced Anxiety

Sunstone | Strength & Revival

Sunstone carries the energy of Ra, the Sun God, which is why we recommend meditating with Sunstone during sunrise.

Tangerine Quartz | Imagination & Fearlessness

Children are fearless. They are creative, ambitious and don’t hold back. Tangerine Quartz will allow you to access your inner child and give you the confidence you once had.

Orange Calcite | Courage

With Orange Calcite, new ideas will flow freely to you, but not only that, this gemstone will give you the confidence and willpower needed to act upon all your wonderful ideas.

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