The Best Crystals for Meditation and Relaxation


There are so many science-backed benefits of meditation, from reduced anxiety and stress to longer attention spans and focus.

If meditation isn’t something you’ve begun to incorporate into your daily routine, now is the perfect time to start.

The Best Crystals For Meditation

Clear Quartz | Balance, Clearing & Revitalization

Clear Quartz is an incredibly versatile healing stone. A suitable crystal for beginners, it’s able to heal many ailments. You can use Clear Quartz to connect you with your higher self.

Desert Rose | Calm & Clarity

Desert Roses are powerful Heart chakra stones. A stone that looks like a beautifully carved rose, Desert Rose can provide you with an emotional meditative experience.

Hematite | Balance, Grounding & Stability

Hematite will shift your thinking and help you see the good in things around you. You’ll be able to develop positive habits when you regularly incorporate Hematite into your life.

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