Everything You Need to Know About Rainbow Hematite

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Have you ever heard of Rainbow Hematite? This iridescent mineral is so stunning that many people wonder if it exists or is a myth.

But let me tell you that the beautiful Rainbow Hematite is not only real but also an essential tool for spiritual healing. It will stun you with its natural beauty and heal your mind, body, spirit, and Chakras. Today, let’s find out all about the mineral that brings to life all the colors of the rainbow—Rainbow Hematite.

Rainbow Hematite Meaning

Many chunks of iridescent stones.
Rainbow Hematite, when polished, gets a beautiful shine. Note: this iridescent shine isn’t natural and only occurs after being polished.

Rainbow Hematite, famous for its magical iridescent finish, is formed when Hematite and Goethite mix to form this multi-colored mineral.

Technically, it is an iron oxide mineral. Like some other forms of Hematite, such as the Specular Hematite, it has marvelous iridescence resulting from the Aluminum Phosphate particles. With various shades of the colors of the rainbow, this iron oxide mineral is often associated with each one of the seven Chakras. It can absorb negative energy and infuse the positivity you need to embark on a spiritual journey.

This paramagnetic stone has been gaining popularity more recently as mystic healers recommend and choose this mineral for its grounding and balancing powers. Because of its spectacular look and rarity, many people keep it as an ornamental stone. But as you’ll also learn, it has many healing benefits.

Where Can You Find Rainbow Hematite?

Several centuries ago, Rainbow Hematite could be found globally. After all, like most of the other Iron Oxide minerals, this crystal occurs in the earth’s crust. However, over time, the extraction and mining of this mineral have been pushed to certain regions only.

Earlier, this mix of Hematite and Goethite was found near the surface of the earth. However, miners now have to dig deeper to retrieve the crystal from nearly all metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. The biggest deposits of Rainbow Hematite are in Brazil. It is one of the world’s leading suppliers of the stone.

Other regions of the world where Rainbow Hematite is commonly found include New Zealand and China. Cumberland in England and Minnesota in the US also have major Rainbow Hematite deposits. Apart from that, this Iron Oxide is found in small amounts almost all over the world.

Is Rainbow Hematite Manmade?

The beauty of Rainbow Hematite is such that most people who do not know much about natural stones seem to believe that it is a manmade stone. But Rainbow Hematite is a creation of Mother Nature, i.e., it is a naturally-occurring mineral. It contains Hematite and Goethite, both natural crystals. Goethite is the most abundant component in rust and the second most common iron oxide after Hematite.

The natural stone doesn’t present a fixed pattern of luster. They have different dominant shades like red, brown, black, or silver, with a metallic finish. However, some of Rainbow Hematite stones are manmade. Manmade Rainbow Hematite brings you a fantastic luster, but it comes from an artificial shiny coating.

The synthetic version of Rainbow Hematite is often sold by the name Hematine or Hemalyke. This type of fake Hematite looks similar to the real mineral and is often used by jewelers. But if your goal is to experience crystal healing, you have to be careful about buying the original stone as some sellers may peddle you fake Hematine in place of Rainbow Hematite.

How to Know if Your Rainbow Hematite is Real or Artificial

As Rainbow Hematite contains Iron Oxide minerals, some samples might be slightly magnetic. But this magnetism is insignificant. On the other hand, manmade Rainbow Hematite has magnetic physical properties. This is the key difference between the two and should help you tell real Rainbow Hematite from the fake ones.

You can test the stone at the time of purchase by checking if two specimens are getting attracted to each other or any other metal. If you see this attraction, it signifies that the stone is not real. Another method of testing is by rubbing it with sandpaper. The stone should be colorful beneath the surface, as well. It should also have a considerable weight in your hands.

Rainbow Hematite: History and Overview

Rainbow Hematite, once found around the world and now mined in specific parts of the world, has not been too popular as a healing crystal until recently. Though it has been present in the world of geology and has played a prominent role in ancient cultures, many healers now recognize its grounding benefits and transformative energy.

Some specimens of the stone were found near Nizhnyaya Tunguska in Siberia in 1844. Thus, the stone was named Turgite, and the name was used for a century. Later, in the 1920s, it was found that Turgite is not some unique crystal, as geologists figured out the composition of this stone. Soon, this mineral made its way to the world of crystal healing. Crystal healers and collectors love this crystal.

Metaphysical Properties of Rainbow Hematite

Rainbow Hematite is believed to have metaphysical properties, and its healing abilities have made it a coveted crystal. It can improve the health of your mind and body, but that’s not all. It can also go beyond the physical realm to help you recognize your higher purpose.

One of the main properties of Rainbow Hematite is its ability to ground your mind. This is particularly helpful if you get distracted easily. Crystal healing experts suggest using this stone to improve focus and quell anxiety. If your imagination tends to run wild and causes a negative impact on you, Rainbow Hematite will channel your mind in the right direction without killing your imagination.

Thus, you will become more productive. It can be an excellent medium for harnessing the power of the earth element. This will give you the strength to welcome spiritual awakening and remove negative energies to make space for positive healing energy. This iridescent crystal is also believed to be a powerful shield against electromagnetic fields.

This crystal can expel all darkness from your soul and bring balance to your life by enhancing your spiritual and emotional wellbeing. In fact, most crystal healing experts, holistic healers, and crystal healers say that the healing properties are evident from all the colors of the stone.

Inside out, this is a pure enigma, with a dark core but a colorful surface that represents positive energy. The impact of the stone on your emotions is similar, as it will help you dispel dark thoughts like self-doubt, fear, anger, etc., which you may have held on to for a long time.

It will dig deep into your soul and pull out the negative energy to let more light in. It is also a great natural cleanser that can enhance the natural detoxification of your mind, body, and spirit, and fill your soul with renewed positive energy and a balance of thoughts and feelings. Just like its appearance, it can make your life iridescent and teach you to focus on the positive meaning of every situation.

Healing Properties of Rainbow Hematite

Crystal healing experts believe that this stone, loaded with the benefits of Iron Ore, is internally charged, which is why it causes bodily reactions to EMF exposure. Rainbow Hematite protects you from the negative effects of EMFs.

Thus, this stone is believed to strengthen you from within. It can even fight off insomnia, providing restful sleep so that you wake up feeling well-rested and focused. It also boosts memory, concentration, mental calmness, inner peace, and self-confidence.

This crystal can enhance your consciousness level and improve your vibrations. It can be a great tool for clairaudient communication. Its physical healing properties, along with the removal of negative energy from your auric field, can bring the perfect balance to your mind, body, and spirit.

Rainbow Hematite and Zodiac Connection

Rainbow Hematite’s properties can suit every zodiac. But, according to healers, it is particularly helpful for people born under Aries and Aquarius. Both signs can enjoy the crystal’s grounding abilities. Aquarians, enjoy all things new by mixing things up. However, their constant need for something new can bring instability to their lives.

Rainbow Hematite can fix this problem and increase confidence. It infuses a sense of familiarity, which can make Aquarians feel safe though they may not admit this. Arians, who are hot-tempered and impatient due to the influence of Mars, benefit from using this crystal. Arians often feel frustration and imbalanced emotions. Rainbow Hematite restores balance and calmness during pressure.

But do you need to be either Aries or Aquarius to see benefits from Rainbow Hematite? Absolutely not! Every zodiac sign can benefit from using Rainbow Hematite.

Connection with Seven Chakras

The seven colors of Rainbow Hematite sync with the colors of the seven chakras of your body. It connects with the Solar Plexus Chakra and offers a grounding impact on users. It also helps you in difficult situations. It is one of the most powerful crystals for the Root Chakra. Thus, it absorbs the energy of the earth and acts like your foundation.

That’s not all, however. It also resonates with the Crown Chakra. This Chakra is responsible for your connection with the spiritual world. It triggers your universal consciousness and helps you connect with the cosmos, thus helping your step your first steps towards a transcendental journey.

Rainbow Hematite in Jewelry Uses

If you are more into the physical beauty of crystals, Rainbow Hematite is an excellent store for you. When polished, this mineral has the ability to beat the beauty of many other gemstones. If you like the natural finish of minerals, you can choose the unpolished version of this iron oxide in which the crystals present themselves in the form of rough grains.

Several gold bracelets with a rainbow stone in the middle of each bracelet.

Because of its colors, Rainbow Hematite matches well with different styles and colors of outfits. Experts suggest wearing a piece that highlights this stone in the form of a large cut instead of choosing small pieces of the stone. It is usually worn occasionally, depending on the event and outfit.

It is often used in pendants, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and more. Jewelry pieces studded with Rainbow Hematite can be a thoughtful and unique gift for someone special, and can instantly become one of their favorite items.

Best Combination to Use with Rainbow Hematite

When it comes to jewelry or other ornamental pieces, Rainbow Hematite is often set in gold. This can be yellow-toned, white-toned, or rose-toned, though yellow gold is the most common. This is because gold can soften the black undertones of Rainbow Hematite. In fact, gold is popularly used with any type of Hematite on account of the same reason.

For spiritual purposes, Rainbow Hematite is often paired with Quartz. This combination acts efficiently as a natural cleanser, as Quartz enhances the properties of Rainbow Hematite. Other crystals popularly combined with Rainbow Hematite include Tsavorite, Tourmaline, Sapphire, Amethyst, or Apatite.

Final Words

Rainbow Hematite’s metallic surface and range of colors make it stand out in the crowd of crystals. It enhances your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Thus, it is the perfect example of beauty with a purpose.

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