8 Crystals to Protect You From Negative Energy


Crystals have been found to be a great way to protect our mind, body, and spirit from negative energy.

They have been around since the beginning of time and people have been using them in their everyday lives in order to feel at ease and protected from this type of harmful energy.

8 of the best crystals to protect you from negative energy



If you’re someone who feels physical symptoms of stress (like an upset stomach) Citrine can help as it will help you get through stressful situations without actually feeling symptoms from stress.



Pyrite is known for its ability to clear one’s aura. It will attract prosperity and good luck and will clear any negative energies that are floating around your aura.

Ruby Zoisite


Ruby Zoisite is a beautiful stone that has a positive effect on the body. Ruby Zoisite is known for its ability to create new life and help one to attract that new life.

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