How To Cleanse And Charge Tiger’s Eye

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Have you recently been drawn to the mesmerizing and mystical Tiger’s Eye crystal? With its beautiful bands of gold, brown, and red, it’s easy to see why. Known as a powerful stone of protection and insight, Tiger’s Eye is revered for its ability to help us see clearly and release fear and anxiety. 

But like any healing crystal, Tiger’s Eye needs regular spiritual cleansing and recharging to keep its energy vibrant. Cleansing removes any stagnant or negative energy that Tiger’s Eye has accumulated during use. Charging restores and amplifies its inherent healing properties. A cleansed and charged Tiger’s Eye will feel more energized, clarify situations, and boost your confidence.

Orange and brown stone

If you’re wondering how to cleanse and charge your Tiger’s Eye, you’ve come to the right place! You can use a few simple methods at home to keep your Tiger’s Eye crystal strong. We’ll review some easy techniques using common tools you likely have.

With just a little routine care, your Tiger’s Eye will be ready to support you on your spiritual journey.

Tiger’s Eye Crystal Properties 

Let’s do a quick rundown of Tiger’s Eye crystal properties. Knowing the attributes and meaning behind Tiger’s Eye allows you to work most effectively with its energy. 

Here’s an overview:

  • A grounding stone that promotes stability
  • Boosts courage, confidence, and willpower 
  • Helps manifest desires and heightens motivation
  • Stimulates taking action on goals
  • Enhances mental clarity and insight
  • Dispels fear, anxiety, and self-doubt 
  • A protective stone that blocks negative energy
  • Useful in stressful situations or significant transitions 
  • Promotes optimism and enthusiasm for life
  • The Spirit animal is the tiger – invoking that bold energy
  • Associated with the sacral chakra and solar plexus chakra
  • Corresponds to the astrological signs Capricorn, Leo, and Taurus
  • Ideal for careers/situations requiring discipline and strength
  • Helps release old “stuff” that’s holding you back
  • Brings optimism and abundance

Why Cleanse and Charge Crystals? 

Before we get into the how-to, let’s take a moment to understand why cleansing and charging are so crucial for crystals like Tiger’s Eye. As you use your Tiger’s Eye in meditation, crystal grids, or simply carrying it with you, it’s absorbing energies from its environment. This includes your own negative thoughts and emotions, stressful situations around you, and positive vibes. 

Over time, the buildup of chaotic energies can make crystals feel heavy or drained. Their healing benefits become blocked. That’s why it’s vital to regularly cleanse Tiger’s Eye and other crystals – to remove the congested energies. Cleansing is like hitting the reset button, allowing Tiger’s Eye to channel universal energy once more. 

Charging brings your crystal’s energy back up to an optimal level. After cleansing away the negative, charging fills your Tiger’s Eye with positive energy to work at its highest vibration. You’ll notice a charged-up piece of Tiger’s Eye feels lighter, almost buzzing with crystalline energy!

Keep in mind that crystals are like sponges. They don’t discriminate when soaking up energy. That’s why even crystals that are sitting unused need occasional cleansing and charging.

Signs Your Tiger’s Eye Needs Cleansing and Charging

Suppose you have recently acquired a new Tiger’s Eye crystal or feel that your current one has been surrounded by stress, illness, or negativity. In that case, it may be beneficial to cleanse and recharge its energy.

Trust your intuition and pay attention to the following signs that indicate your Tiger’s Eye requires some renewing:

  • It feels heavier or denser in your hand and may even feel cool to the touch.
  • You sense negativity or a “heaviness” around it.
  • It is not emitting its usual warm and energizing vibes.
  • You experience cloudiness, brain fog, or a lack of motivation when using the Tiger’s Eye lately.
  • Instead of its normal grounding vibe, the Tiger’s Eye seems to increase feelings of fear or anxiety.
  • When the light catches it, you notice a decrease in the flashy sparkle of your stone.
  • It has not been cleansed or charged for over a month of regular use.
  • The energetic purity of your stone may have been affected by exposure to stressful situations.
  • If you have obtained a new stone, resetting its energy before use is a good idea.

By regularly refreshing the energy of your Tiger’s Eye, even if you don’t use it often, you can ensure that it continues to fuel your highest good.

How to Cleanse Tiger’s Eye

When it comes to cleansing Tiger’s Eye, you have some great options for easy at-home methods. Here are five of my personal favorites.

Running Water

One of the simplest ways to cleanse Tiger’s Eye is by rinsing it under cool running water. The motion of the water moving over the stone helps whisk away stuck energies. Any lightly running water will do – the tap, a stream, or rain if you’re outdoors. 

Hold your Tiger’s Eye under the running water for 2-5 minutes. As you do so, set the intention that any negativity or heavy energies are being cleansed away. Visualize the stone being refreshed. Dry off your crystal once cleansed.

The nice thing about water cleansing is that you likely already have the source in your home. It doesn’t require any special tools or ingredients, just your Tiger’s Eye crystal and water. Quick and convenient for a cleanse!

Salt Bath

For a more thorough cleansing effect, dissolve sea salt or Himalayan salt into some water and let your Tiger’s Eye have a salt bath. The purifying salt helps draw out clinging energies and reset the stone. Plus, salt is very grounding, which is stabilizing for Tiger’s Eye. 

Dissolve 1-2 teaspoons of salt per cup of water. Place your Tiger’s Eye in the saltwater solution. Allow it to soak anywhere from an hour to overnight. When finished, rinse off any salt residue under cool water. Wipe dry.

This method is extra helpful after heavy use of Tiger’s Eye or when it needs an energetic boost. The extended salt water soak really recharges its vibrations!


Smudging with sacred smoke is one of the most popular ways to cleanse crystals. Many use palo santo, sage, cedar, or sweetgrass. Pass Tiger’s Eye through the smudging smoke, allowing the dense smoke to carry away impurities.

You can hold Tiger’s Eye in your hand or place it in a bowl. Move it slowly through the smoke for 1-3 minutes. Set your cleansing intention while smudging. When finished, visualize the new lightness and clarity of Tiger’s Eye.

Smudging brings an extra element of spiritual purification to the cleansing process. Just be sure to obtain your palo santo, sage, or other smudging herbs from ethical and sustainable sources.

Singing Bowl

If you have a singing bowl, its pure tones make for ideal crystal cleansing. The vibrations of a singing bowl shake off dense energies from Tiger’s Eye. Plus, the harmonic sounds recharge it with positive energy.

Place your Tiger’s Eye near the singing bowl. Run the mallet slowly around the bowl’s rim to generate clear tones for 1-3 minutes. Allow the sounds to wash over Tiger’s Eye, restoring purity and light. You will find a singing bowl that cleanses crystals very efficiently!


Lastly, you can allow the sun’s natural light to cleanse and energize your Tiger’s Eye. Sunlight purifies and recharges crystals in a gentle yet powerful way. However, avoid more than an hour of direct high noon sunlight, which may overheat Tiger’s Eye.

Early morning or late afternoon sun is best. Place your Tiger’s Eye on a window sill or outdoors where it can bathe in warm sunlight for 20-60 minutes per side. Visualize the light cleansing away any dense energies. Allow the light to bring vibrancy back to your crystal.

The Benefits of Charging Tiger’s Eye

Once cleansed, you’ll want to follow up by charging your Tiger’s Eye. Think of charging as the fortifying part of the process. While cleansing removes impurities, charging replenishes your crystal with positive energy to work at optimal strength.

A charged Tiger’s Eye has a stronger and purer vibration. You’ll notice it feels warmer, almost buzzing with energy. A fully charged Tiger’s Eye promotes clearer thoughts, courage, and insight into situations. Here’s a quick look at the key benefits of charging Tiger’s Eye:

  • Restores vibrancy after cleansing 
  • Amplifies the inherent properties of Tiger’s Eye stone
  • Strengthens the positive energies so they flow better
  • Allows Tiger’s Eye to work at its highest potential
  • Makes the effects of Tiger’s Eye more noticeable
  • Keeps your crystal free of energetic debris for longer  
  • Enhances metaphysical activities done with Tiger’s Eye
  • Makes Tiger’s Eye feel solid, energized, and stable 

The difference between a cleansed crystal and one that is charged is quite noticeable. Think how recharged you feel after some time of renewal, charging does the same for your crystals!

Methods to Charge Tiger’s Eye

Much like cleansing, you have some great simple options to charge up your crystals at home. Choose whichever Tiger’s Eye charging method resonates with you.

Nighttime Recharge

One of the most effortless ways to charge Tiger’s Eye is letting it sit out overnight, preferably under the moonlight if possible. After a long day of crystal work, the night provides an opportunity for your Tiger’s Eye to rest and recharge its energies.

As the sun sets and night falls, visualize your crystal soaking up the peace and stillness of the night. Place it on a windowsill where it can gather lunar energy if the moon is visible. In the morning, when you pick up your crystal again, sense the strong charge it has regained. Easy!

Sunshine Boost

We talked about using sunlight to cleanse Tiger’s Eye. You can also place Tiger’s Eye in the morning sun for 10-30 minutes to further charge it with solar energy. Just leave it in the noonday sun for a short time. The UV rays can damage the Tiger’s Eye. Early morning and late afternoon sun is best for charging.

Visualize the light infusing your Tiger’s Eye with warmth and positivity as it sits in the sunbeams. Feel it come alive with the high vibration of sunlight. Sun energy always charges up crystals wonderfully.


Your own energy and intention can charge up Tiger’s Eye during meditation. Sit calmly with your crystal in hand. Breathe slowly to enter a meditative state. Visualize your positive energy and light transferring into the crystal. See it filling up with your intention for clarity and courage. Send the crystal love from your heart space.

Even 10-15 minutes infuse Tiger’s Eye with focused energy that magnifies its power. This is a favorite charging method of mine that relies solely on your spiritual vibration. Try it out!     

Burial in Nature

Connecting directly with the earth is very recharging for crystals. Bury your Tiger’s Eye about 1 foot into some soil for several hours or overnight. This infuses it with grounding earth energy. Just be sure to mark where you buried it! 

Dig up your “renewed” crystal, brush off the soil, and visualize its strong earth-charged vibes. You can even amplify the effects by burying near a tree, which boosts the stable earth energies.

Singing Bowl Sound Bath 

As we discussed for cleansing, singing bowls are also ideal for charging up crystals. The harmonic tones realign subtle energies and fill Tiger’s Eye with vibrancy. 

After cleansing, place Tiger’s Eye near your singing bowl again. Run the mallet around the rim, allowing the pure tones to recharge Tiger’s Eye for 1-3 minutes. Feel the power being amplified. The singing bowl sound is perfect for energizing stones.

Those five of my favorite charging methods work well with Tiger’s Eye. Experiment with which feels best for your crystal. You may even come up with your own charging techniques too! The key is filling Tiger’s Eye with stable, high-vibration energy so it can operate at full power.

Storing Tiger’s Eye

Proper crystal storage is an ongoing way to keep Tiger’s Eye charged up. Choose an uplifting place to keep your Tiger’s Eye between uses. Avoid storing Tiger’s Eye near technology and wifi, which emits energy-scattering frequencies.

Instead, keep Tiger’s Eye on an altar, spiritual bookshelf, or tabletop dedicated to crystals. Tiger’s Eye pairs well with high-vibration stones like citrine, carnelian, and sunstone. Surrounding Tiger’s Eye with these energizing minerals maintains its amplification.

You can place Tiger’s Eye near a Himalayan salt lamp overnight to gradually recharge it. Or keep Tiger’s Eye on a windowsill that catches occasional sunlight and moonlight. These habits make a difference over time!

To avoid picking up each other’s energies, be sure to store Tiger’s Eye separately from crystals that need frequent cleansing, like Hematite, Flint, Obsidian, etc. That keeps Tiger’s Eye charged up between cleansing sessions.

How Often Should You Cleanse and Charge Tiger’s Eye? 

There’s no exact timeline for how often to refresh your Tiger’s Eye. It depends on how frequently you use it and what kinds of energy it encounters. At a minimum, though, It is recommended to cleanse and charge it every 1-2 months with moderate use.

Here’s a helpful guide:

Usage LevelRecommended Frequency
Occasional light useEvery 2-4 months
Moderate/medium useEvery 4-8 weeks
Heavy useEvery 2-4 weeks
Daily useWeekly
Use in chaotic environmentsWeekly
Brand new Tiger’s EyeBefore first use

For frequent crystal workers who use Tiger’s Eye daily or in stressful situations, aim for cleansing weekly. That really keeps the energy fresh and hitting hard! Of course, listen to your intuition. If Tiger’s Eye ever feels heavy, recharge it right away.

How To Use Tiger’s Eye In Crystal Healing 

This beautiful crystal has many applications in crystal healing work thanks to its potent energetic properties. Here are some of the most common ways to harness the power of the Tiger’s Eye:

  • Carry it in your pocket or purse for courage/confidence throughout the day. It energizes your solar plexus chakra, which rules personal power.
  • Hold or place it on your sacral chakra during meditation to sharpen mental clarity and insight into situations. Excellent for releasing fears.
  • Wear Tiger’s Eye jewelry over your solar plexus chakra as a talisman of bravery and self-assurance. 
  • Place it in your home or office to cut through mental confusion or emotional “fog.” Creates an energizing vibe.
  • Add it to a crystal grid focused on grounding, setting healthy boundaries, or taking disciplined action toward goals. Invokes the tiger spirit!
  • Use it with Carnelian crystals for extra courage and motivation during important meetings/events. Amplifies leadership skills.
  • Combine Tiger’s Eye with Citrine in your workspace to enhance concentration, productivity, and drive. Also stimulates prosperity. 
  • Help children carry or wear Tiger’s Eye on the first day of school for confidence and reduced anxiety.
  • Gift Tiger’s Eye to friends going through difficult life transitions for strength and stability. The perfect crystal of reassurance.

There are endless ways to incorporate Tiger’s Eye crystal healing into your life. It’s an ally during times of change or whenever boldness and clarity are needed.

How to Care for Your Tiger’s Eye 

Caring for Tiger’s Eye properly ensures it remains charged up and keeps serving you for a long time.

Here are some care tips:

  • Store Tiger’s Eye safely so it doesn’t get scratched or damaged. Use a fabric pouch or place it on a soft surface.
  • Keep Tiger’s Eye away from direct high heat or sunlight, which can cause cracking.
  • Only use room temperature water when cleansing Tiger’s Eye. Hot or cold water can shock or fracture it.
  • Avoid harsh cleaning chemicals that may erode Tiger’s Eye. Mild soap and water are best for removing oils.
  • Don’t drop it or subject it to sharp blows, which can chip its surface. It has a Mohs hardness of 6.5-7.
  • Check on buried Tiger’s Eye periodically if charging outdoors. Cycles of rain/dryness can weather Tiger’s Eye over time.
  • Avoid charging in electromagnetic zones, which may disrupt Tiger’s Eye. Televisions, computers, and outlets emit EMFs.

With occasional cleansing, charging, and proper care, your Tiger’s Eye crystal will remain energized for many years. The time invested pays off in the long run!

Is Tiger’s Eye Safe in Water?

This is a common question for mineral rock hounds! The answer is yes, Tiger’s Eye is generally safe in the water. Short-term exposure to water will not harm or alter Tiger’s Eye. As discussed, water can be very effective for cleansing it.

However, prolonged submersion or temperature extremes should be avoided. Like other crystals, Tiger’s Eye contains microscopic fracture lines, and faults water can seep into and expand gradually. This is the cause of “cleavage,” where crystals crack apart in layers. 

Sudden temperature changes from hot to cold water can also create damaging stress. Lukewarm purified or spring water is best for a Tiger’s Eye water bath for charging purposes. Limit soaking time to an hour or two for safety.

Using water judiciously to cleanse Tiger’s Eye is fine. Just prevent extended pooling or temperature shocks that might cleavage this crystalline structure over time. Handle your precious stone with care so it persists as your spiritual ally.


These tips gave you a great starting guide on how to care for your Tiger’s Eye crystal. Regular cleansing, charging, and energy maintenance will keep your stone thriving for years to come. 

Remember to always listen to your intuition. When Tiger’s Eye stops feeling as warm or heavy or starts exhibiting murky energy, you’ll know it’s time for an energizing refresh.

Working with a vibrant piece of Tiger’s Eye sharpens your mind, builds courage, and inspires you to harness your greatest inner power. Cultivating a practice of clearing and amplifying its energy will let Tiger’s Eye fully support you on your spiritual path.

Nothing we provide for you here is intended to replace any form of competent professional advice in any form. Please read our Terms & Condition for more information.

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