How To Cleanse Selenite

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Selenite is a powerful spiritual tool that can help us tap into our inner wisdom.

It’s known to be one of the most potent stones for cleansing and clearing negative energy, making it an essential part of any crystal healing practice.

If you’re looking to cleanse your selenite properly, then look no further: I’m here to give you all the tips and tricks you need.

With these simple steps, you’ll learn how to use this beautiful stone to its fullest potential and unlock its true power within yourself.

Let’s get started.

What Is Selenite?

Selenite, the crystalline form of gypsum, has been used to cleanse and purify since ancient times. It is said that its ethereal energy can bring light into dark places—both physical locations and within one’s own heart. Connecting with selenite thus allows us to tap into a source of inner power, while also creating an environment in which we feel safe, secure, and inspired.

A major part of unlocking this potential lies in properly cleansing selenite before use.

By clearing away negative energies from the crystal itself, it becomes easier for us to access our inner strength without resistance or distraction. This practice can be done through many traditional methods such as smudging with incense, passing over smokey quartz crystals, burying it under earth overnight, and placing it near saltwater or sunlight for several hours.

After cleaning your selenite, you’ll notice the difference immediately.

Cleansed selenite helps connect with deeper levels of understanding, allowing us to see greater truths about ourselves and what’s possible in life. As if being drawn out by a magnetized force field of positive vibrations, we become aware of specific patterns that have kept us from reaching our full potential, enabling us to break free from them once and for all.

One need only experience the transformative properties of cleansing selenite to understand why so many seek its healing powers: after undergoing this ritualistic process oneself you may find yourself feeling lighter than ever before, charged up on newfound motivation ready to take back control of your destiny and create lasting change in the world around you.

Why Cleanse Selenite?

Selenite is a powerful cleansing stone, and when used correctly, it can help you to cleanse your aura and energy deeply. By regularly using Selenite in your spiritual practice, it can open up new pathways for self-growth and development. It also has the potential to aid with physical healing by helping to remove negative energies from our bodies.

But why should we go through all the trouble of cleansing selenite?

Well, firstly, because its properties are so great, if left uncleansed, they could have an adverse effect on us. For example, if your selenite is filled with negative energy, it may pass a bit of that negative energy onto you whenever you use it.

Secondly, cleansed selenite stones will be more effective at releasing trapped emotions, allowing us to move forward with greater clarity and peace of mind.

Thirdly, Selenite can help protect against psychic attacks or other forms of energetic manipulation.

Cleansing selenite opens up many possibilities both spiritually and physically which means that the responsibility lies entirely with us how far we wish to use them for our own personal growth.

This ritual allows us to honor ourselves while connecting with something much larger than ourselves—something primal yet profound that carries within it ancient wisdom beyond our comprehension. By committing to working consciously with these special stones we gain access to deeper levels of understanding about what is happening inside us—opening up channels of transformation that lead directly into realms most people never even knew existed!

How To Cleanse Selenite

A single piece of selenite left in a room overnight will absorb all the negativity present within its environment. Impressive!

But because it will absorb so much negative energy, it’s crucial to cleanse selenite so it doesn’t transfer the energy back to you and can work effectively.

In order for one’s experience with selenite to be as effective as possible, it should be cleansed regularly. Doing so helps ensure that it remains strong enough energetically to effectively do its job of clearing out negative energy from your space or the crystals around you.

There are many ways we can go about cleansing our selenite: some may prefer more traditional methods such as smudging; others might opt for options like moonlight charging or sound healing techniques.

Here’s how to cleanse selenite using four different methods.

1. Visualization

One easy way to cleanse selenite is through visualization. This technique involves focusing on the intention of clearing away any unwanted vibrations while holding the stone close and visualizing a bright white light radiating throughout it and pushing out any impurities along with it. You can also use this same method even when not physically touching the stone—focus on sending positive waves of energy toward your selenite until you feel it vibrate with peace and clarity once again.

2. Smoke

One way to cleanse and energize selenite is by using smoke or smudging. This involves burning incense or herbs and allowing the smoke to pass over the crystals as they lay on a flat surface.

The smoke helps clear away any negative energy that has built up in the stones while also putting positive energies into them simultaneously. It’s important not to leave them sitting in the smoke too long, though—just a few passes should do it!

3. Sound

To cleanse Selenite with sound, begin by setting the stone in a safe place. Next, play some healing music or use a sound healing tool such as a singing bowl or tuning fork.

As you play the instrument, visualize the sound waves traveling through the stone and purifying it.

After a few minutes, pause and thank the stone for its healing energy.

4. Moonlight and Sunlight

The final option available when looking to cleanse and energize selenite is charging under moonlight or sunlight depending on preference. This practice dates back thousands of years as people believed that exposing their crystals directly to natural light sources would fill them with healing powers from above. Whether this belief holds true today remains debatable but there’s no denying that after being charged this way, your stones will have been given new life!

By combining these three techniques together, you’ll be able to ensure that your selenite crystals remain free of harmful energies while simultaneously infusing them with beneficial ones instead!

With this knowledge now firmly in hand, let us move onto discussing tips for working with selenite so that we may get even more use out of these amazing gifts from Mother Nature herself!

Should you cleanse Selenite in water?

Many first-time crystal owners try to cleanse Selenite in water: after all, there are plenty of crystals you can cleanse in water, so why not Selenite?

Selenite is a type of gypsum crystal that is water-soluble, meaning that it will dissolve in water. This makes it unsuitable for cleansing in water as it can be easily damaged.

Benefits Of Cleansing Selenite

Selenite cleansing is not only a powerful practice, but one that can bring forth tremendous rewards. Many may think of it as merely an aesthetic gesture or something for spiritualists to participate in—but the truth is far more complex and multifaceted than this.

In fact, by regularly cleansing selenite, you open yourself up to immense energy benefits that will help you feel mentally strong. Through regular selenite cleansing, your body’s natural energies are restored and strengthened due to the special properties found within the stone itself.

By allowing yourself to become deeply connected with these vibrational frequencies, your own vibrations rise up in frequency too—thus making way for greater mental clarity and energetic balance throughout your life! This helps you stay true to yourself while keeping any negative influences at bay.

You may also find that through regular selenite cleanses, your problems start becoming easier to solve. That’s because when we cleanse ourselves energetically, our minds naturally become more intuitive and clear-headed, allowing us to have deeper insights into whatever situation we’re dealing with—helping us make decisions quicker and often with greater accuracy too!

Cleansing selenite allows us tap into inner wisdom which was previously clouded by emotional turmoil or stress from external sources. As such, it offers a safe haven from life’s chaotic moments, providing guidance and insight whenever needed so we can live life on our terms armed with confidence, power and strength ready for anything that comes our way!


Selenite is a powerful stone to work with and it’s important to cleanse it regularly. Cleaning selenite helps clear away any negative energy that has built up over time, allowing it to recharge and retain its healing properties.

It can be likened to taking a bath—the cleansing process restores balance in your spiritual body just like a bath does for your physical one. Cleansing selenite requires dedication, but it’s easy once you understand how best to do it.

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