Which Crystals Cannot Be Charged In Moonlight?

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The mystical energy of the moon has long been believed to imbue certain crystals with healing and spiritual properties. Many crystal healing practitioners recommend leaving stones and minerals out under the full moon’s light to cleanse and recharge them.

However, not all crystals respond favorably to moonlight. Direct moon exposure can diminish the energetic properties of some crystals. This blog post explores which crystals are incompatible with moon charging and why.

The different moon phases all beside one another.

Whether you’re new to crystal work or a longtime practitioner, read on to learn which crystals are best kept away from moonlight so that you can care for your collection properly.

Explanation of Moonlight Energy

Here is a draft paragraph further explaining moonlight energy:

According to ancient traditions and mystical schools of thought, the moon emits a special energetic vibration that can be harnessed for spiritual practices. The moon’s waxing energy is believed to be at its peak during a full moon. Moonlight exhibits a subtle magnetic pull that can influence crystals’ energetic and metaphysical properties.

The type of crystal determines how it will interact with lunar energy. For many stones, moonlight is thought to remove stagnant energies and infuse the crystal with vibrational cleansing and healing. However, other crystals can become energetically overloaded or drained from overexposure to full moonlight.

Their beneficial properties may diminish if left charging too long under a full moon. Selenite, for example, is self-cleansing and does not require recharging from external light sources.

Moonlight’s effects on crystals tie into its long-held mystical associations with new beginnings, growth, creativity, and healing. Harnessing this energy is intended to amplify the innate power of crystals.

Crystals that Cannot be Charged in Moonlight

Although lunar energy is revered for its recharging capabilities, some crystals are sensitive to the powerful vibrations of moonlight. Overexposure can weaken the stones’ metaphysical attributes.


Selenite crystal, also known as “moonstone,” is unique because it does not require moonlight for charging. Here are some reasons why moonlight should be avoided when it comes to Selenite crystal:

  • Selenite crystal has the ability to cleanse itself and other crystals, making it unnecessary to rely on moonlight for charging. It vibrates at a high frequency, effectively clearing negative energy and amplifying the energy of other stones.
  •  Selenite crystal is formed from gypsum, a soft and water-soluble mineral. This makes it highly sensitive to moisture and susceptible to damage when exposed to water. Moonlight, especially during the full moon, can increase humidity in the air, potentially leading to the dissolution or cracking of the selenite crystal over time.

To preserve the integrity of Selenite crystal, it is recommended to keep it away from direct moonbeams. Instead, place Selenite crystal in a dry and safe location where it can receive natural or artificial light. It does not require direct sunlight, as it can absorb light from any source.

If you want to cleanse and charge other crystals, you can use a Selenite plate or wand. Place the crystals on top of the plate or wand overnight, and they will be cleansed and charged by the Selenite crystal’s energy.

By understanding and respecting the unique properties of Selenite crystal, such as its sensitivity to moisture, you can enjoy its benefits for an extended period without compromising its quality.


Orange crystal stone

Because of their fiery nature and energetic properties, Carnelian crystals cannot be charged via moonlight. Moonlight has a yin or feminine energy that is passive, receptive, and intuitive, which contrasts with the active and dynamic yang energy of Carnelian.

Charging Carnelian with moonlight may diminish its fiery qualities and weaken its connection to the sun, which is an important aspect of its energy.

Furthermore, moonlight resonates with the third eye and the crown chakra, which are centers of psychic abilities and spiritual connection. Charging Carnelian with moonlight may disrupt its balance between the lower and higher chakras, making it less effective for grounding and manifesting. It may also affect its vibrant color and luster, potentially diminishing its overall energetic properties.

Instead, it is recommended to charge Carnelian crystal with sunlight or other sources of fire energy. Direct sunlight for a few hours or placing it near a candle flame for a few minutes can enhance its properties and benefits for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Other methods of cleansing and charging, such as smudging, burying in salt or Earth, or placing on a Selenite or Quartz cluster, can also be used. Using these methods, you can maintain the Carnelian crystal’s beautiful orange color and shine while maximizing its energetic potential.


Orange and white polished gemstone

Due to its chemical composition and structure, Citrine cannot be charged via moonlight. It is a form of quartz that has been thermally altered, changing its color from purple to yellow. When exposed to moonlight, Citrine can absorb ultraviolet rays and heat up slightly, causing the iron atoms in the crystal to shift positions and alter the stone’s color. Over time, this can lead to fading or a brownish hue.

Furthermore, Citrine is more susceptible to cracking due to thermal stress compared to regular quartz. As the crystal changes temperature, it changes volume slightly, creating tension or pressure within its lattice. Moonlight can cause temperature fluctuations that may damage the integrity of the crystal, leading to fractures or cracks.

Therefore, if you want to charge your Citrine crystal, it is advisable to avoid using moonlight as an energy source. Instead, you can consider alternative methods such as sunlight, sound, intention, or other crystals compatible with Citrine.

These methods will allow you to enjoy the benefits of Citrine without compromising its quality or risking damage to the crystal.


Purple polished stone

Amethyst crystals cannot be charged via moonlight because they are sensitive to light and heat. Exposing Amethyst to moonlight for extended periods can cause it to fade or change color over time. The lunar rays can potentially damage the crystal’s color and structure, diminishing its overall appearance and properties.

Therefore, avoiding charging Amethyst through moonlight is important if you want to preserve its beauty and power.

Alternative charging methods can be used to maintain the energy and effectiveness of an Amethyst crystal. One common approach is burying the crystal in the Earth, allowing it to connect with the natural energy of the Earth and recharge.

Another method involves placing the Amethyst on a bed of salt or brown rice, which can help cleanse and recharge the crystal without risking any damage to its appearance or properties.

By understanding the sensitivity of Amethyst to light and heat, crystal enthusiasts can ensure that they properly care for their Amethyst crystals and prolong their lifespan.

Choosing alternative charging methods, like burying the crystal or using a bed of salt or brown rice, can help maintain the beauty and effectiveness of Amethyst for a long time, allowing it to continue providing its calming, soothing, and protective qualities.

Black Tourmaline

Black stone.
Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is highly regarded for its grounding properties and ability to absorb negative energies. Some practitioners caution against charging Black Tourmaline under moonlight for several reasons:

  • Black Tourmaline is believed to have strong absorbent qualities, and it’s thought that charging it under moonlight may overwhelm the stone with energy, potentially causing instability.
  • Since Black Tourmaline is associated with the Earth’s energy and the Root Chakra, some practitioners feel that it aligns better with the energy of the Earth rather than the moon or sun.
  • There is a concern that charging Black Tourmaline under moonlight may interfere with its inherent ability to absorb and transmute negative energies, as it may instead take on the moon’s energies, which might not serve its intended purpose.

It’s important to note that these beliefs vary within the crystal healing community and are not scientifically proven.

Smoky Quartz

Brown stone
Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz crystal cannot be charged via moonlight because it is sensitive to both light and heat. The unique smoky color of Smoky Quartz is derived from exposure to natural underground radiation from granite deposits. This radiation gives the crystal a powerful connection to the Earth’s elements and a grounding effect on its users.

However, excessive exposure to sunlight or moonlight can cause the crystal to fade or lose its smokiness, affecting its appearance and energy.

To preserve the color and power of Smoky Quartz, it is important to avoid charging it via moonlight. Instead, alternative methods should be used. For example, one can charge Smoky Quartz by burying it in the Earth for a few hours or overnight. This allows the crystal to reconnect with its energy source and absorb the Earth’s vibrations.

Additionally, placing Smoky Quartz on a cluster of clear quartz or selenite, which are crystals known for their amplifying and cleansing properties, can also be used to charge it effectively. Lastly, holding the crystal in your hands and setting an intention for it can also be a powerful way to charge Smoky Quartz.


grey shiny stone

Hematite is a unique crystal that cannot be charged or cleansed by moonlight. Unlike most crystals, exposing Hematite to water or moisture can damage its properties and appearance. Hematite is a type of iron oxide with a metallic sheen and ranges in color from reddish-brown to black. It has a hardness of 5-6 on the Mohs scale and is associated with the root chakra.

Hematite carries various benefits, including promoting positive thinking, courage, and strength and protecting against negative energies. However, its compatibility with water and moisture is limited.

To properly care for your Hematite crystal, it’s important to avoid exposing it to moonlight, which contains water elements and has a cooling effect that is counterproductive to Hematite’s warming and energizing properties.

Instead, you can use alternative methods to charge or cleanse your Hematite crystal, such as smudging with Sage, Palo Santo, or incense, burying it in salt or dry rice, placing it on a Selenite or Quartz cluster, using sound vibrations from singing bowls or bells, or visualizing white light or fire surrounding the crystal. These methods can help remove unwanted energies and restore the vitality and power of your Hematite crystal.

Remember to handle your Hematite crystal with care and respect, avoiding water or moisture. By following these guidelines and using alternative charging and cleansing methods, you can enjoy the benefits of Hematite for a long time.

How to Charge the Other Crystals in Moonlight

You can follow these steps to cleanse and charge other crystals in the moonlight:

  1. Cleanse Your Crystals: Before charging your crystals, cleanse them to ensure they’re free from negative energy. You can rinse them in pure water or smudge them using herbs like sage.
  2.  Prepare for Moonlight Charging: Choose a safe, outdoor place that will get plenty of moonlight. If you can’t leave your crystals outdoors, a windowsill that the moonlight directly hits will also work. You might like to place your crystals on a natural surface like grass or soil, but a dish or cloth is fine too.
  3.  Set Your Crystals Out: Lay your crystals out individually. If they touch each other, their energies can mix, and they may not charge properly.
  4.  Leave Them Overnight: Allow your crystals to bathe in the moonlight overnight. If possible, aim to do this during a full moon, as this is when lunar energy is at its most potent.
  5.  Collect Your Crystals: Gather your crystals in the morning, mindful that they shouldn’t be left out in strong sunlight as this could fade their colors.
  6.  Tune Into Your Crystals: Hold each crystal one by one and tune into its energy to ensure it’s been effectively cleansed and charged. It should feel vibrant and full of energy.

Remember that different crystals have different needs, so it’s always important to research your specific crystal to ensure you’re caring for it in the best possible way.

Benefits of Charging Crystals in Moonlight

Charging your crystals with moonlight, a practice dating back to ancient civilizations, unlocks their magical potential and transforms them into potent manifestation tools. Moonlight is considered a natural source of energy that intensifies crystals’ healing properties and aids in releasing any absorbed negative energy. It aligns them more closely with lunar cycles.

This ritual of charging crystals in moonlight can also instill clarity, foster positive vibes, and offer profound insights into our lives. It is believed to facilitate access to our inner spiritual strength and higher consciousness levels, enabling more purposeful living.

Moonlight harmonizes crystals’ feminine and masculine energies, enhancing their unity and wholeness. When charged in moonlight, crystals can powerfully amplify your intentions and desires due to the moon’s infinite growth potential.

Whether for personal transformation or manifestation, crystal charging under the moonlight is an empowering practice, offering us a unique connection with our intuition and the universe’s mysterious energies.


In conclusion, not all crystals respond favorably to moonlight charging. Crystals such as Selenite, Carnelian, Citrine, Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, and Hematite should be kept away from direct moon exposure due to their sensitivities.

Alternative methods such as sunlight, sound vibrations, intention setting, or using compatible crystals can be used to cleanse and charge these crystals. It’s important to research each crystal’s specific needs and respect their individual properties for proper care.

Moonlight charging is a traditional practice that enhances the energetic properties of crystals and aligns them with lunar cycles, offering clarity, positive vibes, and spiritual insights.

Remember to choose the appropriate charging methods to maintain the beauty and effectiveness of your crystals for long-term use.

Nothing we provide for you here is intended to replace any form of competent professional advice in any form. Please read our Terms & Condition for more information.

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