Your Ultimate Guide to Angel Numbers

Everything about angel numbers.

We have all felt the presence of some superpower around us that guides us in our difficult times, gives us a helping hand and clears our minds. But such angelic powers do not communicate with us in simple ways. They show us mysterious signs and uncanny synchronizations that we tend to ignore at times. Angels … Read more

Top 17 Crystals for Plants: Grow a Vibrant Garden

Image with text that reads: the best crystals for plants.

If you enjoy using healing crystals, you probably have a few stones around your wrist, in your pocket, or on your work desk to help you. Crystal users vouch that the healing energies of different stones can help keep your plants healthy. But how do crystals work for plants, and what are the best crystals … Read more

24 Best Crystals for Anger Management

Purple image with text that reads: the best crystals for anger.

Crystals are known to keep you calm and quell negative emotions. Experts suggest using healing crystals for anger management, as well. But do crystals for anger actually work? How do they work to change our mood and behavior and the way we portray ourselves? Let’s find out all about the effects of healing crystals for … Read more

How to Cleanse Malachite

Image with text: How to cleanse malachite.

Malachite is a green gemstone celebrated for its grand appearance. Perhaps that’s why the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg has a Malachite room. It features the stone as wall columns, fireplace decoration, furniture, and urns. Malachite is also a healing crystal, but it needs proper care, which is why today, I’m teaching you how to … Read more

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