Green Calcite: Healing Properties and Uses

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One commonly used crystal for crystal healing is Green Calcite.

It is reputed for its ability to provide guidance and support during challenging situations and assist in managing negative experiences.

In this post, you’ll find all the information related to Green Calcite. So, keep reading to find out if Green Calcite is for you or not.

Wat is Green Calcite?

Green and brown crystal.

Green Calcite is an opaque stone that resembles washed sea glass. It was first discovered in Egypt where Egyptians named it Green Calcite Agate. The stone was named so because it was abundant in the river Achates or Cirillo, located on the Mediterranean Island of Sicily.

Back then, the ancient people used Green Calcite in jewelry, home decor items, and healing.

The stone brings you positive energy and provides peace and calmness. It’s also known as the perfect stone for bringing pleasure, good luck, and riches.

Moreover, the stone contains healing powers as well. Green Calcite is especially helpful for people dealing with stress and anxiety who find it difficult to cope with complicated situations in life or are going through other tough times.

Having the stone nearby in these situations has been shown to be extremely beneficial. Additionally, the stone aids in the release of anything that no longer serves a purpose, allowing you to let go. It assists in forgiving both yourself and others for any past grievances, leading to positive change. Green Calcite liberates you from anything that may hinder your progress.

Healing properties

Healing crystals all have unique healing properties. Here’s what makes Green Calcite so special.

Spiritual healing

Green Calcite helps you get closer to your spiritual self. The complexities of everyday life have dissuaded us from practicing spirituality.

If you are facing the same struggle, this green crystal is here to help you. When you take the stone, it instantly brings a Zen vibe. You can keep the stone near you during meditation for a better connection with the higher being.

Emotional and mental healing

Emotional disturbance is quite common in today’s life. It may happen due to emotional fluctuations at work, family pressure, personal relationships, etc.

When you have a Green Calcite near you, you’ll feel less disturbed by these unwanted thoughts.

The stone blocks any unwanted thoughts that may induce any negative thoughts. Green Calcite also benefits people with anger issues.

Furthermore, Green Calcite stabilizes your chakras to not make you feel overwhelmed in all situations. It’s a heart chakra healer and puts your heart at ease by dispelling any negative feelings.

Anger issues are pretty common among teens. Using the stone will definitely help them reduce anger and other strong emotions.

Simply holding the Green Calcite or keeping it around you will reduce negative feelings.

When the stone is near you, it brings in calm, peaceful, and loving energies to soothe your mind. It puts you at ease, helping you relax your mind and body.

After using the Green Calcite for some time, you’ll notice more positive changes and enhance positive thoughts.

You’ll start appreciating the little wins. You’ll feel glad to meet someone or will be happier to go for coffee with your friends.

These little things bring pure joy and make you feel great.

Furthermore, Green Calcite is also known for bringing mental sanity. It increases your understanding of any situation so that you can judge every situation with compassion and a broader perspective.

Physical healing

If you’re someone who struggles with insomnia or other sleep-related issues, then incorporating Green Calcite into your nighttime routine may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Green Calcite is an excellent crystal for sleep, as it’s a calming stone that can soothe any anxiety or stress that may be keeping you up at night. By holding the stone or placing it under your pillow, you may find yourself feeling more relaxed and peaceful, which can help you drift off to sleep more easily.

Green Calcite is also believed to have a positive effect on the nervous system, which can help to calm the mind and body. This, in turn, can lead to deeper and more restful sleep.


People have used Green Calcite for years because it draws money and fortune. By increasing the positive vibrations around you, the stone attracts success and abundance to your business and home.

Plus, the stone blocks negative energy around so that low vibrations can’t hamper the flow of good fortune near you.


Green Calcite is particularly useful in providing strength to those going through some type of loss.

This crystal can offer emotional strength, assisting you in overcoming the pain of separation. With Green Calcite’s support, you can regain your usual emotional balance and return to your daily routine without feeling upset over your seperation.

Green Calcite healing can assist you in coping with various emotional challenges beyond romantic relationships, such as loss of a loved one or repairing damaged relationships. It has the potential to restore hope, serenity, peace, and love to your heart.

With the help of Green Calcite, you may gradually come to understand the reasons behind certain life events. You’ll develop an awareness that everything happens for a reason, and that ultimately, it’s for the best.

The crystal’s healing properties can also teach you to let go of things that may be causing you pain. You’ll come to realize that holding on to such things for too long can hinder your ability to find happiness. By releasing negative emotions and embracing the positive energy that Green Calcite offers, you may find yourself on a path to emotional healing and renewal.

How to use Green Calcite for…

Attracting money and abundance

To attract money and abundance, meditate every morning with your Green Calcite stone. You can also try keeping the stone inside a jar of coins or in the cash register attracts more money, abundance, and growth.

Ward off negative energy from strangers

When you wear Green Calcite, it keeps you protected from unknown people. If you’re going somewhere where you don’t know lots of people, keep in on you so you can ward off any negative energy.

Better sleep

Incorporating Green Calcite into your bedtime routine is simple. You can hold the stone in your hand and focus on its calming energy, or place it under your pillow to experience its benefits throughout the night.

Alternatively, you can keep a Green Calcite crystal on your nightstand or in a nearby location to promote a peaceful and restful environment.

Protecting your home from negative energy

You can also keep the Green Calcite in different corners of your home. This makes the stone soak up all negative energies and bring more positivity.

Your plants

This healing crystal is also a beneficial crystal for plants. Keeping a Green Calcite in your garden will allow them to grow faster and healthier.

Green Calcite is formed by sediments buried for years, establishing a strong connection with nature. This is the reason Green Calcite aids in plant growth as well.

Pairing Green Calcite With Other Stones

A wooden box with crystals.

The following crystals combine best with the Green Calcite:

Green Calcite, Rose Quartz, and Fluorite

This is the best crystal combination to promote peaceful sleep. If you’re struggling to sleep peacefully at night, bring these three crystals room at night.

All three crystals contain calming elements that are great for inviting a peaceful night of sleep.

Green Calcite and Diopside

Green crystals of Calcite and Diopside are best for attracting positive energy and getting rid of old energy patterns in the workplace. This particular crystal combination helps boost productivity.

Diopside contains stimulating effects, and when you combine it with Green Calcite’s calming energy channels, it brings you the best results.

These two stones will always keep you motivated, enthusiastic, and productive.

Final Thoughts

emotional healing. It’s also known for its capacity to attract financial abundance.

One of the key benefits of Green Calcite is its ability to clear away stagnant energy and improve energy flow surrounding your home or workplace. This crystal can remove any toxic or negative energy, promoting a more positive and revitalized environment.

Furthermore, Green Calcite’s connection to the heart chakra can help to strengthen your emotional resilience, promoting a sense of calm and balance. This crystal can soothe anxieties and help to release any emotional blockages that may be hindering your personal growth and progress.

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