The Best Healing Crystals for Scorpio


Every zodiac sign has specific crystals that are best suited for them. These crystals help Scorpio with their weak traits and amplify their positive qualities.

Scorpio is represented by the constellation Scorpius. Scorpios are described to be mysterious as they are secretive, avoids public attention, are deep thinkers, and are very passionate.

10 best crystals for Scorpio

Blue Topaz or Golden Yellow Topaz

Blue Topaz in particular can aid in making sure that they will not say something that will be regretted later on, which is why it’s one of the best crystals for Scorpio.


This crystal for Scorpio is protective and transformative at the same time. It can be quite intense and a bit overwhelming to other star signs.


This dark stone possesses a certain softness within it. In ancient times this crystal is frequently used for spiritual rituals and other shamanic practices. 

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