The Best Crystals for Aquarius


As everyone tries to live their lives more meaningfully, they also strive to live more carefully by having faith and wisdom that there are healing powers and guidance that could offer ultimate protection.

Among these healing powers and guidance lies within the celestial alignment of Aquarius and the Aquarius crystals—which serve as a beacon to eliminate negative and dangerous energies.

10 Best Healing Crystals for Aquarius


This wonderful blend of water and fire energies gives Aquarians a special combination of patience and enthusiasm that serves them well in achieving their goals.

Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz is famously known among the Aquarius Crystals as the choir of angels singing in harmony. By using Spirit Quartz, Aquarians can get in touch with their inner selves.


Hematite is a mystical power among the Aquarius crystals. As a crystal of the Root Chakra, it is especially strong in grounding and balancing the body’s energy.

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