How To Cleanse And Charge Smoky Quartz

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If you own a Smoky Quartz that feels lackluster, it might be time for some cleansing and recharging. Smoky Quartz, a favorite among many for its grounding energy and protective properties, can lose its power over time and with regular use, much like any other crystal. 

Brown stone
Smoky Quartz

But the good thing is that the process of cleansing and recharging Smoky Quartz is relatively uncomplicated. Although, there exist certain strategies to carry it out efficiently. 

This guide provides all the details to effectively cleanse and recharge your Smoky Quartz, enabling it to radiate its powerful energies anew.

Why You Should Cleanse and Charge Smoky Quartz

Before we get into the how-to, let’s talk about why cleansing and charging are essential for crystals like Smoky Quartz. Crystals absorb energies from their surrounding environment. 

Over time, they can accumulate negative or stale energies that dull their vibrations. Charging replenishes a crystal’s power, while cleansing removes any built-up negativity. 

It’s like when your phone gets low on battery or builds up storage from apps and photos. You need to plug it in to recharge and clear out old stuff you don’t need anymore. The same goes for your smoky quartz!

Cleansing and charging revitalize your crystal so it can work at its highest vibration. Smoky Quartz benefits from occasional cleansing because it’s often used to protect and absorb negative energy. You want to keep it fresh and functioning optimally.

How Do You Know When to Cleanse Smoky Quartz?

Smoky Quartz is pretty hardy and doesn’t necessarily need frequent cleansing. But there are some signs that your crystal is due for an energy refresh:

  • It feels heavier or denser in your hand 
  • Its coloring looks more dull or cloudy
  • It doesn’t feel as warm or tingly when you hold it
  • You notice more negativity around you when using it
  • It’s been in a stressful environment or handled by many people

Trust your intuition too. If your smoky quartz lacks the vibrancy it used to have, it’s probably time to cleanse and charge. I like to cleanse my frequently used crystals at least once a month. Follow your gut!

The Best Ways to Cleanse Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz, a popular variety of quartz that ranges in color from a light brown to a deep, smoky gray, is often used for its purported healing and grounding properties. The best ways to cleanse Smoky Quartz include a saltwater bath, smudging, natural elements like the sun or earth, and sound vibrations.

There are a few different methods you can use:

Salt Water Bath

One of the most popular ways to cleanse crystals is by soaking them in a saltwater bath. The salt helps remove negative energy while the water washes it away. 

  • Prepare a mix using 1 cup of warm filtered water and 2 teaspoons of Himalayan pink salt. Ensure the salt is properly dissolved.
  • Submerge your Smoky Quartz entirely in the prepared solution.
  • Allow the Quartz to soak in this mixture for around 1 to 3 hours, depending on how deep you want the cleansing to be.
  • After the soaking period, remove the Quartz from the solution.
  • Rinse it under cool water to wash off any residual salt.
  • Lastly, gently pat the quartz dry using a soft cloth. Voilà, your Smoky Quartz is cleansed!

You can reuse your salt water a few times before replacing it. Just make sure the water stays clear. If it looks dirty, time to change it.


Smudging with Sage or Palo Santo is a highly effective method for purifying Smoky Quartz. Hold the crystal in one hand while waving a smudge stick around it with your other hand. As you do this, visualize the smoke carrying away any stagnant energy. Spend about 20-30 seconds smudging each side of the crystal.

You can also perform this cleansing ritual with the Smoky Quartz placed in front of you, allowing you to cleanse both yourself and the crystal simultaneously. Move the smudge stick in clockwise circles around your space to do this. Imagine the smoke spiraling out and drawing out old energy as it moves.

After completing the smudging process, allow your Smoky Quartz to sit in a well-ventilated area for at least an hour. This will let any residual sage or Palo Santo scents dissipate. Once the process is complete, your crystal should feel lighter and rejuvenated!

Note: When considering smudging practices or selecting herbs, such as sage, it is crucial to be mindful and respectful of Indigenous cultures. Certain types of sage, such as white sage, hold sacred significance to these cultures. In order to prevent cultural appropriation and promote cultural sensitivity, we strongly encourage you to explore alternative options to white sage and conduct thorough research before choosing a specific type of sage for smudging purposes.

Sound Bath

Sound baths are an incredibly effective method for cleansing crystals. The vibrations from sound can break down dense energies, returning the crystal to its balanced, clear state. For smoky quartz, consider holding it near your phone’s speaker or a tuning fork, then play cleansing frequencies. I suggest using the 528 Hz solfeggio tone.

Alternatively, percussion instruments such as a singing bowl, bell, or gong can be used. This involves either waving your quartz through the sound waves or placing it directly on the instrument. The exposure to these reverberations will help shake off any lingering, undesirable vibrations.

For best results, a sound bath session should be about 3-6 minutes long from start to finish.


Think of it as a sun salutation for your Smoky Quartz! Allowing your Smoky Quartz to bask in direct sunlight for 30-60 minutes helps purify and enhance its energy. Be sure to place it on a clean surface to ensure it only absorbs positive energy. 

You can also combine sun exposure with the cleansing power of water. Simply place your Smoky Quartz under a gentle stream or in a wooden bowl filled with a bit of water, and set it on a sunny windowsill. 

This double-cleansing method amplifies the purification process. However, refrain from leaving colored crystals like Amethyst in direct sunlight for too long, as they may fade. Rest assured. Your Smoky Quartz can safely enjoy its sunbath.


For a gentler approach to cleansing, consider harnessing the magic of moonlight. Situate your Smoky Quartz outdoors or on a windowsill during an evening of a full or waning moon. This immerses it in calming lunar energy and eliminates any obstructions without being overly harsh. 

By morning, your crystal will be rejuvenated and ready for use! Keep track of moon cycles for the best results. Don’t worry if you can’t synchronize with the lunar phases perfectly. Even a bit of moonlight can do wonders.

Incense or Palo Santo Wood

Pass your Smoky Quartz through the smoke of burning Palo Santo wood or cleansing incense like Sage, Sweetgrass, or Cedar. Frankincense and Myrrh, purifying resins, also promote healing vibrations. 

This fragrant smoke will lift away negative energy. For about 5-7 minutes, allow your Smoky Quartz to be exposed to the smoke. But remember, safety is paramount. 

Always extinguish your incense stick or Palo Santo wood in water once you’ve finished.

Recharging Your Smoky Quartz

Once cleaned, it’s time to recharge your smoky quartz so it pulsates with vibrant energy again. Here are some charging methods:

Crystal Grid

Place your Smoky Quartz at the center of a grid, and surround it with the termination points of generator crystals such as Citrine, Carnelian, and Quartz. Arrange these in a geometric pattern on a cloth. 

Generator crystals are known to boost energy, which will then be channeled into your Smoky Quartz. Ensure to leave your grid undisturbed for at least 4 hours, but ideally for 24 hours. To conclude, carefully dismantle the grid from the outside in, gradually moving towards your central Smoky Quartz. 

After this process, your Smoky Quartz will be full of charged and amplified energy.

Master Crystals

Position your Smoky Quartz next to a large, terminated master crystal such as Elestial Quartz, Tibetan Quartz, Selenite Towers, Citrine, or Amethyst. These crystals have a powerful energetic structure that can transfer energy to your Smoky Quartz over a period of 12 to 24 hours. 

Choose master crystals that will amplify the attributes you wish to enhance in your Smoky Quartz, such as grounding from Hematite or courage from Carnelian. Be specific in your selection!

Other Crystals

Combine your Smoky Quartz with complementary crystals that resonate with the energy you wish to imbue. Carnelian can instill passion and confidence. Blue Lace Agate is known to alleviate stress, and Citrine is famous for enhancing creativity and motivation. 

Select between one to three charging crystals and let them interact. Arrange them in a grid pattern, place them collectively in a dish or pouch, or hold them in unison during meditation. 

After a period of 12 to 48 hours, your Smoky Quartz will be energized, carrying the amplified properties of the selected crystals!


Sunstone possesses an astonishing ability to rejuvenate other crystals. Place your Smoky Quartz alongside a piece of Sunstone overnight, and experience the recharging marvel. By dawn, your crystal will be restored to its peak vibration. 

Sunstone seems to create and emit energy to nearby stones, making it the perfect choice for revitalizing your crystals!


Recharging a crystal is a simple process that can be achieved through meditation. Begin by holding your Smoky Quartz in your hands or resting it in your lap. Close your eyes and concentrate on the rhythm of your breathing. 

Visualize your crystal radiating with a vibrant, glowing light. Project positive energy from your heart towards the crystal, imagining it absorbing this radiant light. Just 5-10 minutes of meditative focus can significantly rejuvenate the crystal’s energies.

After your meditation, hold the Smoky Quartz to your heart and take three deep breaths. Feel the crystal being energized with your personal energy.


One of the simplest methods to recharge any crystal is using your personal energy field. Grasp the Smoky Quartz in your hands for a duration of 5-10 minutes each day, focusing your mind on transferring energy and enhancing its potency. 

Consider carrying it in your pocket throughout the day for continuous energetic recharging. Your body’s inherent electromagnetic field stimulates its capabilities.

Crystal Sphere

One of the simplest methods to recharge any crystal is using your personal energy field. Grasp the Smoky Quartz in your hands for a duration of 5-10 minutes each day, focusing your mind on transferring energy and enhancing its potency. 

Consider carrying it in your pocket throughout the day for continuous energetic recharging. Your body’s inherent electromagnetic field stimulates its capabilities.

Chakra Placement

Place your Smoky Quartz on either your Root or Sacral Chakra while you sleep or meditate. Chakras are energy centers in our bodies. Positioning a crystal close to one can absorb the specific energy throughout the night. 

When you wake up, your crystal will be filled with fresh vibrations aligning with the chakra. For Smoky Quartz specifically, focus on the two lower chakras to enhance its grounding effects.

Moonlight and Sunlight

Smokey Quartz can be energized by exposing it to sunlight or moonlight for a certain period. These solar and lunar energies will enrich it with amplified vibrations. While any duration is beneficial, letting it soak in for 8-12 hours yields excellent results. 

The morning sun energizes, while the evening moonlight soothes and nourishes. Position your crystal accordingly! For colored crystals, it’s best to use moonlight to prevent color fading. Enjoy the process of bathing your crystal in natural light.

How Often Should You Cleanse and Charge Smoky Quartz?

Consistency is essential when it comes to maintaining your crystals. Make this a part of your routine! However, keep in mind that each crystal has unique requirements and it’s important to understand different crystals and their Uses. Some are delicate and need frequent care, while robust stones like Smoky Quartz can endure longer intervals between sessions. 

Here are some suggestions for taking care of your Smoky Quartz:

  • Cleanse it 1-4 times per month, based on usage. Trust your intuition.
  • Charge it 1-2 times monthly or whenever the energy seems low.
  • Always cleanse and charge a new stone before gifting it or whenever you feel it’s necessary.
  • Occasionally, deep cleanse your Smoky Quartz under running water for more intensive cleaning.

Remember to find a routine that suits your lifestyle and Crystal’s needs. Make it regular and consistent. Doing this ensures that your Smoky Quartz will always emit the strongest vibrations possible!

Signs Your Smoky Quartz Needs Cleansing 

Keep a close eye on your Smoky Quartz for signals that it might need a recharge. Here are the primary indications that your crystal requires cleansing:

  • The color of the Quartz appears dull, or it loses its luster
  • It feels dense or heavy energetically
  • You sense increased negativity when utilizing it
  • After emotional release, trauma, or absorbing challenging energy
  • If you haven’t cleansed it in over a month
  • The crystal doesn’t feel as warm or tingly when you hold it
  • It appears cracked or damaged
  • After it has been buried or stored away for an extended period

Even if none of these signs are evident, it’s crucial to make cleansing and charging a regular habit. Preventive measures are as vital as corrective ones! This will ensure that your Smoky Quartz vibrates at its peak performance.

Storing Your Smoky Quartz

It is important to understand how to properly store your Crystals. Because proper storage is essential for maintaining your Smoky Quartz’s energy. Choose a location that is:

  • Dry
  • Dark
  • Free of other items and clutter

Also, consider the vibrational quality of the area. It’s best to avoid storing it near electronics or EMFs as these could disrupt its energy.

Dedicating a special pouch or box solely for your crystals is a good idea. To minimize any energetic interference between crystals, keep your Smoky Quartz wrapped in a silk or cotton cloth to prevent it from touching other stones.

Don’t forget to let your crystals breathe! Regularly open your storage boxes or bags and allow fresh air to enter. This action prevents energy stagnation.

By practicing mindful storage, every time you use your Smoky Quartz, it will feel freshly energized.

Using Your Charged Smoky Quartz

Your Smoky Quartz is now cleansed, charged, and ready for use! Here are some tips on how you can benefit from its renewed energy:

  • Meditate while holding it for better grounding.
  • Keep it in your office or workspace to promote focus.
  • Sleep with it under your pillow or on your nightstand for added protection.
  • Adorn yourself with it as jewelry, specifically over your root chakra, to foster stability.
  • When you need solace, carry it in your handbag or pocket.
  • To shield against EMF, place it near electronics or Wi-Fi.
  • When engaging in spiritual practice, utilize it to remain centered on your purpose.
  • For prosperity, pair it with Citrine in a grid under your bed.
  • If a friend is experiencing grief or significant transformations, consider gifting it to them.

Smoky Quartz is a versatile stone with an array of applications. Now that yours is freshly energized, integrate it into your life. Feel the enhanced strength and balance when you have it on you. Remember, a cleansed crystal means a content crystal and a content human!


Keeping your Smoky Quartz cleansed and charged is essential for maintaining its protective and grounding properties. Just like a phone that needs regular recharging and decluttering, your Smoky Quartz also requires periodic energy refreshment. 

Be it through a feeling of heaviness, a dimmed appearance, or a lack of its usual warmth. Your crystal will let you know when it’s time for a cleanse and recharge. 

Trust your instincts and ensure your Smoky Quartz is always ready to serve you with its full potential. Regularly cleansing and recharging your crystal enhances its functionality and strengthens your relationship with it, making your journey of personal growth more fruitful.

Nothing we provide for you here is intended to replace any form of competent professional advice in any form. Please read our Terms & Condition for more information.

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