The Ultimate Guide to Crystals for Beginners

image with text overlay: the ultimate guide, crystals for beginners.

Crystals can be overwhelming and confusing for beginners. One of the reasons that Divine Twist was created was to help beginners get started along their crystal journey. In this guide, Crystals for beginners, you will be walked through everything you need to know to get started with healing crystals and stones. First, let me add … Read more

The Best Crystals for New Beginnings

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New beginnings, changes and transitions can sometimes wreak havoc on our emotional, physical and mental well-being. It’s completely natural to feel stressed and overwhelmed when a new change is coming your way. But you don’t have to go through any major changes alone. There are many different crystals for new beginnings that will guide you … Read more

Crystals for Creativity, Energy & Imagination

image with text overlay: the best crystals for creativity and imagination

If you find yourself lacking momentum and creativity to move forward in life, you may benefit from using some of the below crystals for creativity. Dorothy Parker said that “creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye.” Creativity and discipline go hand in hand, which is why the below stones are perfect for enhancing … Read more

10 Crystals for Focus & Concentration

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Do you find yourself lacking focus and concentration? When you lack focus, it’s impossible to complete tasks and remain productive. Even worse, a lack of focus can hurt your self-esteem, prevent you from achieving your goals, and stifle your creativity. Yikes! It’s no wonder that more people are turning to crystals for focus and improved … Read more

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