How To Cleanse And Charge Jasper

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Jasper is a unique variety of quartz, celebrated for its vast range of colors and mesmerizing designs. The extraordinary crystal is commonly regarded as the “ultimate caregiver” because of its inherent capacity to offer solace and encouragement in difficult times. It helps heal and strengthen all aspects of oneself, including physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Jasper can do more than heal. It can help with creativity, courage, protection, and healing. In order to fully unlock the potential of your Jasper crystal, it is crucial to learn the proper techniques for cleansing and charging it.

This article will discuss how to cleanse Jasper, charge it, and store it for the best results. So, let’s start.

Understand the Basics of Jasper

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Understanding Jasper’s basics is important to use it effectively and get the most out of it.

Jasper is a semi-precious gemstone from the quartz family, showcasing various colors and types. It has been utilized for centuries to promote healing, safeguarding, and spirituality.

From a physical perspective, Jasper contributes to enhanced digestion, optimal elimination, and fortified physical strength. It further facilitates a profound connection with one’s inner self, paving the path toward greater spiritual consciousness.

Charging Jasper can be accomplished by positioning it in direct sunlight or moonlight for a substantial duration. This approach cleanses the stone and revitalizes its vibration, making it even more potent.

Alternatively, you can charge Jasper’s energy level by situating it near water or burying it underground. To further enhance the energy of your Jasper stone, one can use a quartz crystal cluster or other mineral stones like Citrine or Rose Quartz during the charging process. These crystals harbor powerful amplification properties, significantly enhancing the power of your Jasper.

However, it’s crucial to remember that regular cleansing and charging, ideally once a month, are key to maintaining the high efficiency of your Jasper. 

Regularly cleansing your Jasper ensures the removal of any attached negative energies. At the same time, consistent charging guarantees the maintenance of strong, positive energy flow through it. By doing this, you can continually benefit from all the remarkable capabilities that Jasper has to offer!

Cleanse Your Jasper

Cleansing is integral in maintaining your Jasper’s healing energy, eliminating any undesired energies or vibrations that may have accumulated on the crystal.

To cleanse your Jasper, you must first identify the most suitable method. The favored methods for crystal cleansing encompass smudging, running water (or saltwater), or utilizing moonlight.

Smudging, the practice of burning herbs like sage and directing the resulting smoke over the crystal, is widely accepted as an effective crystal cleansing method. The herb smoke carries curative energy, purifying and revitalizing the crystals.

The next simple method involves running water over your Jasper for several minutes to dislodge negative energies from the stone. Remember to use either natural spring or purified drinking water for this method. Always avoid using tap water as it may contain potentially damaging chemicals like chlorine. Alternatively, you can immerse your Jasper in a bowl of saltwater overnight. Sea salt is ideal for this purpose, though rock salt can also serve the purpose.

Another fantastic method to cleanse your Jasper is by leaving it under direct moonlight overnight! Moonlight carries powerful cleansing properties and, when utilized intentionally, can effectively restore crystals back to their original vigor and power.

You’ll know whether the cleansing process was successful or not. With a successful outcome, your Jasper’s colors will shine brighter and become even more vibrant than they were before.

Note: When considering smudging practices or selecting herbs, such as sage, it is crucial to be mindful and respectful of Indigenous cultures. Certain types of sage, such as white sage, hold sacred significance to these cultures. In order to prevent cultural appropriation and promote cultural sensitivity, we strongly encourage you to explore alternative options to white sage and conduct thorough research before choosing a specific type of sage for smudging purposes.

Charge Your Jasper

To charge your Jasper, leave it directly exposed to sunlight or moonlight for at least 30 minutes. 

The sun’s energy is vibrant, powerful, and intense, whereas the moon’s soft, calming rays have a soothing effect. Sunlight is a perfect choice if you would like to recharge your Jasper’s energies quickly. On the other hand, if you want to provide a calming and relaxing effect, moonlight is more suitable.

Place in Sunlight

Directly exposing the Jasper to sunlight is an incredibly powerful technique to infuse it with energy. The strong energy of sunlight enhances Jasper stone’s vibrations when exposed to it. 

This energy can remove negative energy absorbed from previous owners or environments. Besides enhancing the stone’s natural powers, it also aids in reestablishing a connection to spiritual realms, allowing for a deeper understanding of yourself and others.

More sun exposure means better charging. A couple of hours may be enough, but a longer time might be needed if your Jasper is very low on energy. 

Remember to avoid putting your Jasper stone directly in the sun for too long as it may cause heat damage or color fading due to UV rays. By handling and understanding it correctly, you will be able to observe favorable outcomes with your activated Jasper!

Place in Moonlight

Harness the potency of the night as you position your Jasper under the moonlight. This act connects you to spiritual realms and aids you in achieving a deeper understanding of yourself.

Moonlight is renowned for its powerful mystical properties, carrying energies from realms beyond our physical world. Allowing your Jasper to interact directly with these energies can cleanse and charge it, increasing spiritual awareness.

Moonlight calms us down and helps us be in touch with our inner selves without any disturbances. This helps us connect more deeply with the energy source of Jasper when we cleanse and charge it.

Placing your Jasper under the moonlight can help you connect more deeply with your truth and find clarity for any confusion during cleansing and charging. To read more in detail about how often you should charge your crystals, check out this article.

Connect with Your Jasper

To establish a deeper bond with your Jasper, take a moment to relax, clear your mind and connect with it by closing your eyes and taking a deep breath.

Experience the vibrant energy that surrounds you. Jasper, a stone known for its grounding properties, empowers and rejuvenates the one who possesses it. Connecting in this way enhances its impact on your overall energy flow.

  • Hold Jasper close to your body while focusing on its properties and purpose. Jasper vibrations create an energy field that allows you and the stone to benefit from each other’s energy through direct interaction.
  • Using Jasper as a meditation aid is a well-known practice that helps cleanse the mind of negative thoughts and emotions, providing insight and aiding in difficult decision-making.
  • To establish a connection with Jasper, focus on taking deep breaths and reciting positive affirmations, such as “I am connected” or “My energy is powerful.” By implementing this strategy, you can establish a stronger line of communication with Jasper, allowing it to work wonders on your behalf.
  • Imagine yourself surrounded by a powerful white light shielding you from negative energies while strengthening the already profound connection between you and Jasper.
  • Now, immerse yourself fully in this connection with Jasper.

Notice how much stronger you feel now that you are connected with another part of nature. See things more clearly and enjoy the calm that comes with spiritual unity. Working together brings great power and vitality, much more than struggling alone.

Store Your Jasper Properly

After connecting with your Jasper, be sure to store it properly so that its energy and vibrations remain potent. The type of storage may depend on the size and shape of the stone, but there are some general guidelines that should be followed.

It is important to keep all crystals away from direct sunlight or any kind of artificial light; this includes window sills or other areas where light could come in contact with the stones for long periods of time. Furthermore, it is essential to store Jasper in a cool, dry place since humid environments can affect the stones’ energy levels adversely.

Additionally, many people choose to wrap their crystals in a soft cloth before placing them inside a box or container for storage; this prevents dust and dirt from settling onto the crystal’s surface.

If you’re storing multiple types of crystals together, we recommend that you don’t let them touch directly; instead, separate them using packaging materials like tissue paper or cotton balls. Additionally, if there are certain crystals that you feel have become overly charged or energized over time, storing them separately from more neutral pieces helps ensure that their energetic influence does not spread beyond their own vibration field and interfere with other energies around them.

It is also beneficial to periodically cleanse your Jasper after using it for spiritual activities such as meditation or healing practices; doing so helps maintain strong positive vibes associated with these activities and prevents any negative influences from lingering within its energy field.

To do this effectively, take advantage of nature’s elements: bury your stone in soil overnight or place it near running water (e.g., a stream) during daylight hours while visualizing purifying white light pouring into its core. These two techniques will help cleanse any unwanted residue that may have accumulated over time.


It’s important to cleanse and charge your Jasper regularly in order to get the most out of its healing properties. By taking the time to do this, you’ll be able to develop a strong connection with your stone that will last for years.

You should also take care when storing your Jasper. keep it away from direct sunlight or any heat sources as they could affect its energy.

With proper cleansing and charging, you can make sure your Jasper is working hard for you and helping keep your life balanced and positive.

Nothing we provide for you here is intended to replace any form of competent professional advice in any form. Please read our Terms & Condition for more information.

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